Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 418: Let Me Tell You, I Sell my Skills, Not my Body!

Chapter 418: Let Me Tell You, I Sell my Skills, Not my Body!

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"I really didn't do it on purpose..." Han Xiner frantically bowed apologetically.

"Forget it Xiao Yang, come out with me to get changed. Write down her name and send her the bill, there's no need to make things more difficult for her," the woman known as 'Yi Jie' said gently. On the surface she seemed to be understanding towards Xiner's mistake, but in reality, she had no intention of letting her off easily.

'Send her the bill'!

A dress like this, even if Han Xiner worked on her current salary for the next ten years, she wouldn't be able to pay for it.

Han Xiner's face turned pale, "Why don't I wash it for you..."

"Wash? You want our Yi Jie to wear something washed and wrinkly? Which agency are you from? Call your boss over. Are you a hotel staff, perhaps?" The woman had no idea of Han Xiner's identity, so it was reasonable for her to ask for her boss under these circumstances.

Han Xiner looked at Bei Chendong hopelessly. She originally thought he hadn't noticed what was happening, but to her surprise, he immediately walked over and stopped beside her.

Meanwhile, Tangning who had been watching for a while, continued to enjoy the show from the sidelines.

"What happened?"

Hearing Bei Chendong's question, the woman immediately revealed a smile, "Oh, it's Dong Ge. This waitress destroyed Yi Jie's dress, so we are currently dealing with it. Thank you for your concern."

"Who's concerned about you?" Bei Chendong responded coldly. He then lowered his head and looked at Han Xiner, "Tell me, what happened?"

"I saw people trying to force you to drink, so I tried to hurry over to stop them. But, I accidentally ran into these two...I mean Yi Jie. Yi Jie said I need to pay for her dress, but..." can I afford it?

Han Xiner swallowed her last few words...

The two women froze, curious what Han Xiner's relationship with Bei Chendong was.

To their surprise, Bei Chendong directly poured the glass of wine in his hand on Yi Jie's dress as well and said, "I don't like it when other's bully my people. I'll pay you for this dress, it now belongs to me. Since I own it, I can do whatever I want with it..."

"Dong...Dong Ge," the women were speechless.

"Have a good look at this face. She is my assistant, not some random waitstaff. Next time you want to threaten someone, know who you're dealing with first," Bei Chendong hooked his arm around Han Xiner's neck as he spoke in a cold tone. And before the two women could respond, he dragged her out of the banquet hall.

As he walked out, he said to Mo Ting, "I don't like places like this. I'll be leaving first."

Mo Ting squinted his eyes at him. Did he just come here to cause trouble?

But, as he turned and saw the smile on his wife's face, he realized Bei Chendong had just treated them to a good show.

As long as Tangning enjoyed the show, that's all that mattered...

"Ting...when do you think Xiner will realize what's going on?"

"She may not be oblivious. She's just pretending not to know," Mo Ting replied as he turned back to the crowd.

Han Xiner wasn't Lu Che. Even Lu Che pretended to have a low EQ at times, let alone someone as sensitive as Han Xiner.

In reality, Tangning also suspected Han Xiner was playing dumb. Perhaps, she wasn't willing to believe Bei Chendong, so she pretended not to know anything...

Meanwhile, as soon as they stepped out of the hotel, Han Xiner loosened herself from Bei Chendong's grip and held onto a tree on the side of the road, "I only just saw Ning Jie and you're already dragging me away!?"

"As my assistant, you allowed yourself to be bullied. Are you that stupid that you didn't know how to fight back?" Bei Chendong pulled her towards him again, "If I ever see someone insult you again, I will directly smash my wine glass on their head."

"Since we've come out, let's go meet with the director for your next film. I've already organized a meeting with him," Han Xiner suddenly suggested.

"I'm not going!" Bei Chendong felt like Han Xiner was constantly challenging his patience.

"I've already made a promise that you'd show up, don't make me seem untrustworthy."

"I helped you pay for the dress tonight. First tell me how you plan to repay me," Bei Chendong suddenly remembered he had lost a fair bit of money tonight, so he crossed his arms and questioned Han Xiner.

"How do you want me to repay you?" Han Xiner gripped onto her clothes. "Let me tell you, I sell my skills, not my body!"

"You have skills to sell?" Bei Chendong stared at her with a slight smile. "I won't make things difficult for you. Come to my home and help me wash my underwear for a month and we'll call this even."

"Are you a pervert? Don't you know how to wash your own underwear...?"

"I'm lazy..." After speaking, Bei Chendong took a few steps forward. Seeing that Han Xiner wasn't following him, he turned around and asked, "Aren't we going to go see the director?"

"Of course!" Han Xiner scoffed, pretending to be angry. But, in reality, she was trying to hide her blushing cheeks, "Telling me to wash your underwear. Pfft, you might as well tell me to warm your bed, you perverted old man."

In reality, if someone was to ask Han Xiner to explain her relationship with Bei Chendong, she actually wouldn't be able explain it.

Her life had always been simple. She had never expected anyone to be attracted to her. Especially since she didn't know if her body would ever be unwell again.

All she wanted was to live her life well...

During the time she spent with Bei Chendong, she of course was not oblivious to the way he treated her different to everyone else. Although he appeared lazy, in reality, he had already made a lot of exceptions for her. She was well aware of this.

But, she never felt that she was good enough for such a big celebrity. She didn't want to give up everything, only to have Bei Chendong tell her in the end that he was merely playing around with her.

So, she played dumb and oblivious. Even though she almost couldn't contain the feelings she actually had for him.

Spending every single day with the same man, let alone a man that treated her so well; how could she not develop feelings for him?

But, she understood her position well: she was merely just a fan.

She wanted to protect her heart and aim to leave behind something noteworthy on the Earth like Tangning did. So, she still intended to try for the position of PR manager at Hai Rui someday. But, of course, that would be after Bei Chendong no longer needed her.

"What are you daydreaming about? Let's go," Bei Chendong suddenly hooked his arm around Han Xiner's neck and pulled her away with him.

This had already happened a few times. So, Han Xiner was starting to get used to his excuses for physical contact.

But, with her status, there was no way she'd ever be able to marry into the Bei Family. So, it was best for her to stop dreaming!

Could Bei Chendong sense her hesitation? For a lazy person like Bei Chendong, he would perhaps never notice what others thought, right?

"If you keep looking at me, I'm going to eat you up," Bei Chendong could sense Han Xiner looking at him, so he threatened her.

He did not plan, in this lifetime, to ever let Han Xiner go. All he had was time to slowly work on his relationship with her.

He wasn't good at understanding other people, but he really wanted to know what Han Xiner thought, so he tried his best to understand her.

If one year wasn't enough, he was going to wait two years. If two years wasn't enough, he was going to wait ten years. He was sure there'd be a day that the little creature would open up to him.

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