Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 417: Only You Can Get Close to Him

Chapter 417: Only You Can Get Close to Him

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The next morning, Mo Ting was working in his office when Lu Che suddenly started knocking on the door. He quickly scurried over and whispered something in Mo Ting's ear.

Mo Ting put down the diamond studded pen in his hand. After a moment of surprise, he chuckled, "Whatever he wants to do, just pretend you didn't notice..."

"But...what if the old chairman makes things difficult for the Madam?"

"You don't think my wife can handle him?" Mo Ting asked in seriousness as he lifted his head and looked at Lu Che.

Lu Che quickly shook his head, "I'm just afraid the Madam might suffer."

"Does the old man think this is ten years ago when he first left Hai Rui? He made such a big fuss, like he's out on a huge trip. It's almost like his afraid the whole world doesn't know about it," Mo Ting couldn't help but shake his head. "Don't worry about anything else, just take note of his safety..."

Mo Ting decided to not tell Tangning what was happening. He wanted to wait and see what the old man had planned.


Tangning was absolutely unaware of Elder Mo's arrival because she was so focused on her audition for 'The Lost Relative'. The film had indeed sent her an invite, but she wasn't the only one. So, the female lead was yet to be decided.

This time, attending the auditions was also the actress that Lin Sheng's fans had previously mentioned, Gu Heng.

At this time, Tangning had no time to care about their difference in qualifications. She simply wanted the role. All they could do was present what they had to offer and let the director and producer make the final decision.

That night, Mo Ting returned home to find Tangning sitting on the sofa practicing her script. He then thought about the old man's arrival in Beijing.

What tricks did he have planned for his wife?

Mo Ting's lips suddenly curved into a smile...

"Before your audition, we still need to hold a celebration dinner for 'Stupid'. When the time comes, you need to make sure to attend," Mo Ting kept the issue with Elder Mo a secret and sat down beside Tangning.

"Must I go?" Tangning had already become consumed in studying the script.

"It's been a while since you've interacted with your fans. It's good to keep a low profile while filming, but you still need to get a decent amount of exposure."

Tangning sat up and thought about it for a few seconds before nodding her head, "You're my manager, so I'll listen to you."

Mo Ting pulled her into his embrace and kissed her lovingly on the forehead because he knew a weird old man was about to appear and make things difficult for her. Although he couldn't bear to see her go through it, it was a hurdle she had to jump over herself.

"What is it? Today..." Tangning noticed there was something odd about Mo Ting's actions.

"It's nothing. What do you want to eat? I'll go cook..." After speaking, Mo Ting let go of Tangning, rolled up his sleeves and headed towards the kitchen.

Tangning smiled, gesturing that she had no preference. So, Mo Ting nodded and walked in. A moment later, Tangning followed in as well and hugged him from behind.

This was her favorite way of hugging him, "President Mo, you sure are virtuous."

"So...which one of my strengths are you most pleased with? My cooking? My ability to make money? Or my stamina?"

Tangning buried her head into Mo Ting's back. After a few seconds, she replied, "The third one..."


"I said the third one," Tangning repeated as she peeped out from behind him. The couple's interaction had gotten a lot more shameless over time.

"I knew it was the third one...You won't ever be able to leave me now..."

Tangning giggled as she accompanied Mo Ting while he prepared dinner. But, by the time dinner was ready, it had already taken 2 hours...


As promised, as soon as 'Stupid' exceeded $1 billion in the box office, Hai Rui immediately held a celebration dinner. Their results completely overthrew the predictions previously made by experts and entered them into the ranks of most outstanding film.

That night, Mo Ting hosted a large-scale celebration inside a 5-star hotel and invited many famous celebrities to attend. With their first wave of promotions for 'W.H.' done, Bei Chendong was also invited. Of course, the only reason he agreed to attend was because of his little assistant.

Hai Rui's celebration dinner was naturally studded with stars and superstars.

At this time, as per Mo Ting's arrangements, Tangning appeared dressed in a glamorous gown. She weaved her way through the crowd in a long ocean blue patterned dress like an elegant woman of classical beauty.

However, her identity at this celebration was no longer a model...but an actress...

As soon as Han Xiner stepped into the banquet hall, she ran straight over to Tangning, completely ignoring the displeased expression on the man behind her.

But, Tangning noticed Bei Chendong's expression straight away. It was such an obvious expression. Did Han Xiner never notice there was something special in the way he looked at her?

"Ning Jie...I've missed you so much!"

"You better stop hugging me," Tangning could feel the murderous intent from Bei Chendong's eyes.

An almighty national treasure actor was following behind a small assistant. The thought of it was quite embarrassing.

Especially as he watched Han Xiner run towards Tangning, Bei Chendong felt like he had been keeping an ungrateful soul by his side for the past few months. So he grabbed a glass of champagne from the tray of a passing waiter and started sipping from it unhappily.

At this time, plenty of women approached to flirt with him.

If it was in the past, he would never pay attention to other people, let alone attend events like this. But, seeing that Han Xiner treated him like he didn't exist, Bei Chendong turned and started chatting to the people beside him.

Tangning wanted to laugh, but couldn't. So she turned and asked Han Xiner, "How does it feel to be Bei Chendong's assistant?"

"His laziness is killing me. I've never met anyone more lazy than him," Han Xiner couldn't help but complain.

"You don't like him?"

"Let's just say, I've gotten used to him," Han Xiner replied without holding back. "Actually, he's quite easy to manage. Most of the time he is fairly obedient."

Han Xiner was the one that was supposed to be tamed, but why was Bei Chendong always the one to compromise?

Who was actually taming who?

"Xiner, haven't you noticed? Out of everyone in this world, only you can get close to him. Whereas, those that wish they could get close to him, could form a queue around the world." Tangning watched as Bei Chendong rejected the advances of another woman and said with a deeper meaning, "Men like him are lazy to the bone. You better be his assistant for life, or else, he might suddenly find someone else that interests him."

"He simply thinks I'm easy to bully," Han Xiner scoffed.

"A man like him can't be bothered to meet new people and has a weird personality. You better take good care of him."

"Don't worry, I've got it under control," Han Xiner said in confidence, "He's about to start a new film, all thanks to me."

"Then you should hurry over and help him with his drinks, there are so many women surrounding him," Tangning said as she pointed to Bei Chendong with her chin.

Han Xiner looked over and immediately complained, "He can't drink too much..." After speaking, Han Xiner immediately stormed over, but on the way, she accidentally bumped into someone.

The wine glass in the woman's hand tipped all over the woman's body. Han Xiner stopped in her track and immediately apologized, "I'm so sorry, I didn't do it on purpose."

"Which agency are you from? How come I've never seen you before, you clumsy little b*tch!" Two women glared at Han Xiner. They appeared to have quite an influential background. "Do you know how expensive Yi Jie's dress is? Now that it's covered in wine, she can't wear it anymore."

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