Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 416: I'm Here to See my Granddaughter-in-law!

Chapter 416: I'm Here to See my Granddaughter-in-law!

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In this world, there are bound to be people that one can't please...

If this was in the past, or perhaps, if this happened to someone else, Mo Ting would not give it a second thought, because he knew it was impossible to please everyone.

Even when it came to money, there were people in the world that disliked it.

But, when people doubted Tangning, Mo Ting had the urge to show off what his wife was capable of. So, after discussions with An Zihao and others, Mo Ting decided to place trailers for 'W.H.' before the screenings of 'Stupid'.

According to the production schedule for 'W.H.', it was due for release early the next year. But, the film was still a secret. If they took advantage of 'Stupid's' hype to release the trailers for 'W.H.', it would be their first wave of promotions.


"Dear God, what film is this? It's packed full of suspense. I can feel all my hairs standing on end!"

"It's a disaster film! And oh my God, it's also produced by Hai Rui...I want to watch it, I want to watch it!"

"Wow, the male lead is Bei Chendong! My Dong! Seeing him act as a psycho is so exciting!"

"Did you guys notice that the female lead looks very familiar? Isn't that Tangning?"

Within one night, 'W.H.' went from zero mentions to the top 10 of search rankings. Someone even recorded the trailer on their phone and posted it online. The short 35 second clip was enough to keep film fans hanging for more. Some even bought tickets to watch 'Stupid', just so they could see the trailer in better quality and experience the atmosphere created by the onset of an epidemic disaster...

As Tangning braved the weather onscreen and acted with all her heart, plenty of film fans cheered.

"Bei Chendong's films are a must-watch. That weirdo only ever accepts good scripts. Plus, Tangning's acting doesn't seem to be dragging him down. How exciting! I look forward to it!"

"Lin Sheng's fans immediately received a slap to the face. Hai Rui couldn't even be bothered to say anything...they simply let the film speak for itself. Who said Tangning can't act as a lead character? This result is much to satisfying, haha!"

"It feels like Tangning's acting path is getting better and better. I'm glad she hasn't accepted scripts casually just because of a little bit of fame."

"No wonder Tangning had gone missing for the last few months. It turns out she was filming in secret. I like that she gets her work done without making a fuss!"

No one expected that Hai Rui had this hidden up their sleeves...

If 'Stupid' and 'Devil Shooter' could not be compared because of their difference in genre, then 'W.H.' was surely a lesson that 'Devil Shooter' should learn from...

After seeing a preview of 'W.H.', the storyline for 'Devil Shooter' looked even more like child's play...

Meanwhile, 'Stupid' and 'W.H.' continued to benefit each other as the box office sales for 'Stupid' continued to rise. People in the industry were shocked.

"It appears the celebration dinner will definitely happen." The first thing Huo Jingjing did upon returning to China was go see 'Stupid' and meet with Tangning, "President Mo's decision was indeed correct from the start. Tangning, you are well-suited to being an actress."

"And, even if you decide to back out halfway and return to the runway, the path is still open for you. Look at how well your man prepared everything for you."

Tangning looked at Huo Jingjing and smiled, "But, all this isn't enough. I still want everyone to acknowledge that I, Tangning, am a representative of good films."

"You have always been so ambitious," Huo Jingjing teased. "You always seem to set a clear target for everything you do."

"If there are no results to show, then I might as well not do it," Tangning said as she put down the script in her hands. "Although 'The Lost Relative' has sent over their script, they still need to hold auditions for their female lead. And there are quite a few candidates."

Tangning knew she'd have to work extra hard.

"At the rate you're going, the award for Best Actress will soon be coming home with you. When that time comes, what would you do then? Change paths again to singing?"

Tangning shook her head and replied firmly, "Mo Ting and I are planning to have a child. new mission is to take on the role of a good mother."

When it came to children, Huo Jingjing was actually stuck in a predicament. Regardless of the fact that she was a model, her and Fang Yu already had Xiao Yue at home. Since Fang Yu had never mentioned having another child, if she was to mention it first, would he feel like she didn't consider Xiao Yue as her daughter?

Seeing her fall into silence, Tangning could tell that Huo Jingjing had something on her mind, "Are things not going smoothly with Fang Yu?"

"Of course they are. Actually, the truth is I want another child, but I'm not sure how to tell him," Huo Jingjing replied as she put down her wine glass. "I don't know what he thinks about it. If he loves me, he should want me to bear him a child, right?"

"Perhaps he hasn't mentioned it because he cares about your career," Tangning guessed.

Huo Jingjing thought about it carefully and agreed it could be a possibility, "You've successfully made me feel a lot better."

"Find a suitable opportunity to ask him..." Tangning suggested.

Befriending someone with a high EQ, definitely made one's worries fade away...


That very night, a man dressed in a black suit escorted a 70-something-year-old man out of Beijing airport. The old man was dressed in a black traditional shirt; full of energy with his arms behind his back. He appeared to be keeping a low profile, but his unique presence naturally attracted attention.

When he was young, he was very popular with the ladies!

"Go do what I've instructed. Be careful, if Mo Ting finds out, you might as well say goodbye to your job and go home to fend for yourself," the old man said to his assistant as his gaze remained focused in front of him.

"But Chairman Mo...Young Master isn't easy to trick..."

"I don't care what you do! I'm here to see my granddaughter-in-law. Who told him to keep her hidden for so long?" the old man scoffed. Everytime he phoned Mo Ting, Mo Ting would always find an excuse to brush him off. He was doting his wife ridiculously. Did he no longer care about the rules of the Mo Family?

"But...this film is really dangerous and your health.." the assistant was worried.

This Chairman Mo was none other than Mo Ting's grandfather; the founder of Hai Rui. Before he created Hai Rui, he was once an experienced actor.

So, his plan for getting close to his granddaughter-in-law was to join the cast of 'The Lost Relative' - and keep it a secret from Mo Ting!

Within the film, there was an old beggar with a messy costume. If he played this role, no one would recognize him.

His assistant sighed helplessly...

He actually knew deep down that the old man's acting cravings had kicked in. On the surface, he appeared to be joining the cast simply to see his granddaughter-in-law, but in reality, it was the perfect excuse to satisfy his other desire.

But, it was an action film...

Would his set of old bones be able to handle it?

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