Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 415: I'm Not Afraid of Anything

Chapter 415: I'm Not Afraid of Anything

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Unexpectedly, at this time, the luxury commercial Tangning previously shot for Fearles was released in a famous magazine; it caught Tangning by surprise.

She had been so focused on filming that she had practically forgotten about it. She had almost forgotten that she even shot those photos. But, looking at the email sent by Fearles of the magazine front cover, Tangning suddenly felt overcome with emotions. Because of Tangning's filming, Fearles had also missed out on the Autumn/Winter Fashion Week.

While Tangning was still looking at the email, Hai Rui had already posted up a photo of her front cover online and attracted plenty of attention.

It was almost like the character from the film actually existed in real life and shot a commercial for a famous designer.

Film fans looked at the magazine and compared it to the film. At this moment, they were truly convinced by Tangning. With Mo Ting around, there was no way the fashion industry would ever forget about her. She always had the option of returning to the runway because Mo Ting always kept a backdoor open for her. The commotion stirred up by Fearles was the best proof.

'Stupid' was scheduled to enter the Western Market. It was expected, at that time, Fearles' would definitely become even better known.

It was rare for a model to also be a serious actress. So whenever her own countrymen mentioned her, they were full of pride. She had used her own abilities to open a doorway to the international market.

"Looking at Tangning's commercial, I can see that she is still the same Tangning. The Tangning that ignited the Oriental Trend and made LM's name a huge hit. I always thought it was a pity for her to become an actress. But after seeing 'Stupid', I feel that I was wrong. I really hate that Tangning can't be split into two people: one for the runway and one for film."

"I agree. As her fan, I find her so amazing. In future, no matter what she does, I will support her without a doubt. Even if she decides to release an album, I will cheer for her."

"According to Tangning's current level of acting, after a bit of practice, she will definitely reach the same level as someone like Lin Sheng. I hope she continues to work hard. Someone that appears glamorous on the surface but can also handle tough conditions behind-the-scenes, deserves a lot of fans!"

"I feel that after she married President Mo, her life truly started! It's so sweet to see the couple face the world together."

Seeing that so many people acknowledged her acting, Tangning suddenly had the urge to cry. She wasn't a born talent. Over the years, she had endlessly studied the public's reactions to gain a lot of opportunities during her time on the runway.

All along, she thought, changing career paths meant the runway was no longer something she could think about. Who would have thought, Mo Ting would use this method to show her her status was at a level where her modeling path would always be open.

"Ting...I am truly thankful," Tangning looked at her husband with tears in her eyes.

Mo Ting made a huge print of Tangning's commercial and placed it in the living room; he knew it meant a lot to her.

Mo Ting pulled Tangning into his embrace and placed his chin on top of her head, "Even though you never mentioned it, I know this has always been an issue that you've been avoiding. That's why I want to tell you right now, you still have the ability to walk on the runway, because the fashion industry will always have a place for you."

"The fashion industry has not closed its doors on you, you've simply found something better."

Tangning nodded, "I never thought you'd use Fearles' commercial in this way."

"Because you deserve the best." After speaking, Mo Ting lifted Tangning's chin and placed a kiss on her lips. "Don't be afraid of anything. As long as you want something, I can deliver it straight to your hands."

"In that case, let me act in 'The Lost Relative'," Tanging said in seriousness, "I like the storyline and I like a good challenge."

"It will be dangerous."

"I'm not afraid of anything..."

In the end, Mo Ting gave up, "You know I can never refuse any of your requests."


[After 15 Days of Screening, 'Stupid' Has Already Surpassed $500 Million!]

[Top Actor Lin Sheng to Compete for Best Actor With His Role in 'Stupid'...]

[Hai Rui to Hold a Celebration Dinner Once 'Stupid' supasses $1 billion...]

"Haha, $1 billion is nothing. Even $1.5 billion is possible." After seeing the entertainment news, Long Jie was so happy she couldn't shut her mouth. Although she was no longer Tangning's manager, seeing Tangning's success still made her happier than winning an award herself.

"Now that you have no more worries, are you finally ready to have a baby?" Lu Che asked as he sat down on the bed beside her.

Long Jie's face turned slightly red as she put down the newspaper in her hands and looked at Lu Che, "When did I ever say I wasn't ready?"

"In that case...I won't use protection tonight!"

"Lu Che! When can you improve on your EQ? No one says stuff like this out loud..." Long Jie complained as she covered her burning cheeks. Lu Che flipped over and pressed his body on top of Long Jie's, "The timing is just right. I checked your fertility calendar. These next few days have a high chance of pregnancy."

"Then what are we waiting for?"

The couple had already met with Lu Che's parents. Although they didn't say much, Long Jie could feel that they weren't completely happy with her.

Since Lu Che liked her, they didn't want to interfere. So, if they were to have a child... would cheer them up, wouldn't it?

"Lu Che, is it because your parents want grandchildren that you are doing this to shut them up?"

"Can your brain think about other things?" Lu Che glared at her, "It's not like we are famous celebrities; I don't need to worry about your plans the way that President Mo does for the Madam. We are simply a small family and I simply want a child of our own. I want a child not because of any outside factors. Don't be ridiculous."

"OK," Long Jie nodded her head. But after a short moment, she added, "But, your parents..."

"I told you a long time ago, I am the person spending a lifetime with you, not my parents. Stop dwelling on that thought," Lu Che sighed as he ran his fingers through Long Jie's hair. "The industry is a mess, I simply want to protect you and allow you to live a peaceful life, free from worries and cares."

Long Jie smiled as she buried her head in Lu Che's embrace. It didn't take long before she fell asleep in his arms.

Long Jie was actually quite capable in her own ways. For example, her sources were sometimes quicker at gathering information than even Hai Rui.

Out of those that were close to Tangning, if Huo Jingjing was the representation of courage, then Long Jie was the representation of loyalty. These were the reasons why their respective men were mesmerized by them.


Of course, with praise came complaints. For example, since Hai Rui's PR released articles that mainly involved Tangning, Lin Sheng's fans began to feel upset.

"I knew this would happen. Our Sheng Sheng has been treated like a stepping stone."

"No matter how good Tangning's acting is, I refuse to like her, especially since her role was just a supporting character. She deserves praise only after she becomes a main lead! Could Hai Rui not overlook our Lin Sheng's status..."

"Tanging is overrated. If we were to compare her to some of the more experienced actresses, like Wang Runxin and Gu Heng, she wouldn't stand a chance!"

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