Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 112: Why The Rush?

Chapter 112: Why The Rush?



Tangning did not know what Lan Xi had planned, but she guessed it must have something to do with Yang Jing and Luo Hao.

"After this incident, I will arrange the best manager for you, don't worry."

Tangning smiled through the entire conversation; she indeed needed a capable manager. However, Lan Xi insisted on keeping it a secret and did not organize for them to meet straight away nor did she give her a name.

In reality, Lan Xi had arranged for Tangning to appear in the show because firstly, she wanted to confirm Tangning's abilities and secondly, she wanted Yang Jing to bring her newcomers so she could see how they didn't compare to Tangning.

Of course, her plan could not be known by Tangning nor Yang Jing just yet.

She had spent so many years putting trust in Yang Jing and Luo Hao. In the end, she had made them too courageous. Since this was the case, she was going to make them understand that by losing a model like Tangning they had thrown away all their luck.


The sun slowly set outside the floor-to-ceiling window...

While Yang Jing was auditioning the newcomers, she couldn't avoid running into Luo Hao. Just as the work day was about to finish, Yang Jing finally called Luo Hao over to have a chat in her office.

"Thank you for not letting President Lan find out about the incident with Tangning."

"But, Tangning knows..." Luo Hao paused for a moment. He leaned against the office table and continued, "After standing in her way so many times, she will definitely plan something else; she's not the type to easily give up."

Yang Jing thought carefully for a moment before looking seriously at Luo Hao, "As long as we work together Tangning won't get the chance to join this company. I can't deal with President Lan on my own, I need your help. Can you still do what you used to do and help me out?"

"Me? Help you out? And watch as you kick me down?" Luo Hao responded coldly. His tone was filled with ridicule, "It's fine for you to forget that you've previously stabbed me in the back, but it is impossible for me to forget. I will never trust a word you say ever again."

Yang Jing was stunned for a moment; she had words stuck in her throat that she couldn't say. In the end, she nodded her head in defeat as she adjusted her glasses, "Ever since President Lan returned this afternoon, she's been locked up in her room talking on the phone. I heard from her secretary that she wants to bring An Zihao back. In terms of abilities, you and I need to combine our powers to go against him. Although he stopped being a manager because of what happened all those years ago, it doesn't mean he is willing to just stand on the sidelines."

"Even if he comes back, he is useless!" Luo Hao wasn't concerned by An Zihao at all. He was more interested in the results of today's auditions, "Did you find anyone good today?"

"There were a few."

"Then quickly train them up. We need to draw President Lan's attention away from Tangning as soon as possible."

The two would have never imagined, in reality, Tangning had already signed on with Cheng Tian, and Lan Xi had personally brought the contract to her. Of course, Lan Xi was not going to let Tangning suffer; she had been a model before herself, so she knew at this point in her career, what Tangning needed the most and what she was missing.

Because the news of Tangning signing with Cheng Tian had not been announced to the public, everyone was extremely curious about who Tangning would sign with. However, Tangning kept too low of a profile. On top of that, she lived in Hyatt Regency, there was no way the paparazzi had any opportunity to sneak photos of her. So, there weren't many people that knew of her situation.

Meanwhile, Star Age finally released an announcement: Lan Yu was officially joining them and she would be known by the nickname, Mini-Tangning.

In the end, this 16-year-old girl succeeded in winning a favor from Star Age by acquiring a contract.

With that, the cheers for Tangning increased: even her 'substitute' had found a new home, when would she make a move too?

"This Lan Yu really does resemble you on the outside. If it was night time, it would really be hard to tell the two of you apart."

What Long Jie had casually said made Tangning freeze while watching the interview on TV. If even Long Jie found it hard to differentiate between them, if something went wrong with Lan Yu, then she would be affected as well.

"By the way Tangning, everyone is curious about who you will sign with. It's too bad we can't announce that you've signed with Cheng Tian. I would love to give Yang Jing and the other guy a shock."

Tangning squinted her eyes at Long Jie as she smiled. It's not that she wasn't going to get revenge, but it wasn't time yet.

On TV, Lan Yu looked extremely childish as she sat on the sofa accepting an interview. The reporter asked, "Everyone says that you are a Mini-Tangning and you are using Tangning's fame to create hype for yourself. Is there anything you want to say to that?"

Lan Yu's manager looked at her, reminding her to think before she spoke. But after thinking carefully, Lan Yu still decided to speak honestly, "I reckon when I get to Tangning's age, I will be more successful than her..."

Afterwards, some words appeared at the bottom of the screen: [Little Tangning Challenges The Original: Believes She is Better Than Tangning and Wishes Her Senior All The Best in Finding a New Home].

Upon seeing this, Long Jie was angry. But Tangning reached out her hand to reassure her, "Are you so easily angered?"


"She is obviously waiting for us to make a response and help her create hype. Do you still want to go help her?"

Long Jie was surprised and speechless.

"If a 16-year-old child says stuff like this, people will simply feel that she is inexperienced, but I can't do the same. It's more important for me to mind my own business..." It's not that Tangning didn't mind what Lan Yu said, but...the fact that someone was using her to create hype, was proof that she had some value in the industry.

Plus, Cheng Tian was bound to make an announcement sooner or later, so...why the rush?

That night, after Mo Ting returned home from Hai Rui, he noticed Tangning lying on the sofa waiting for him. He felt a bit bad as he asked, "Why aren't you sleeping in the bedroom?"

Tangning sat up as she shook her head, "When I'm at home, I want to wait up for you and see you return home. Ting...tomorrow night I will be attending a show, so...I want to use tomorrow's opportunity to wait up for you, tonight."

Mo Ting placed Tangning's head on his lap so she could sleep more comfortably.

"It's OK, tomorrow night I won't be home early either..."

"Huh?" Tangning looked at Mo Ting questioningly.

"Tomorrow night, I just so happen to have some spare time. So, I'm going to go watch my wife's show..."

"So, you're saying you'll be going too?" Tangning appeared excited. She couldn't wait to see Mo Ting while at work, even if it was just for the few minutes she was on stage...

"Uh huh," Mo Ting gently replied as he leaned over to kiss Tangning's rosy lips; it seemed no matter how much he kissed her, it wasn't enough.

"As long as it's something you want to do, then go ahead and do it. I will accompany you. It's that simple."

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