Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 413: Mo Ting Will Still Win

Chapter 413: Mo Ting Will Still Win

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Late into the night, Mo Ting was still sitting in the study room. Lu Che acted faster than expected, in just 5 hours he managed to find out the exact location of Xia Jingyi's brother. It turned out, he and his friend had lost their phones and couldn't remember their families' phone numbers, so had lost contact for a while.

He was currently safe.

After receiving this news, Xia Jingyi let out a sigh of relief. Her and Tang Jingxuan were still inside the practice room. Inside the dimly lit room, they looked at each other and smiled.

"President Mo sure is amazing. He was able to see what was actually going on straight away," Xia Jingyi praised.

"Of course. Did you think an average person could marry my sister?" Tang Jingxuan smiled as he held onto his guitar. "Since your brother is fine, let's sit back and see how this Chairman Zhou will end up."

Xia Jingyi smiled and nodded her head.

"Come, since I'm still fairly awake, help me play some accompanying music."

"OK," Xia Jingyi agreed as she walked over to the piano and sat down...


The next morning, inside the CEO's office, Mo Ting successfully looked through the information left on his desk about Chairman Zhou.

"Chairman Zhou was a troublemaker when he was young and always acted arrogantly. But, he has one weakness."

"He's not afraid of anyone or anything, except for one man called Father Li. Sources say that this was the man that helped him get to where he is today, so he's extremely fearful of him."

Lu Che stood beside Mo Ting and talked him through all the information he had found so he could save some time.

"Although Chairman Zhou isn't a good person, Father Li has a very good reputation and is known as an honest and righteous person. The only issue is, he doesn't leave the house often these days."

Mo Ting flipped open the information on Father Li and looked at the photo attached. He then placed the information aside and instructed Lu Che, "Help me arrange a meeting with this Father Li..."

"I've already made contact, we should get a response by midday," Lu Che replied with respect.

He had already forgotten how many times he and Mo Ting dealt with similar issues.

"Also invite Chairman Zhou..." Mo Ting instructed coldly, "...and prepare for negotiations..."

After their brief chat, Mo Ting placed the information aside and returned to dealing with Hai Rui's other matters.

"Tomorrow is the third pre-screening for 'Stupid'. I have already invited the last category of people to go watch it..."

This time, Mo Ting did not need to say anything. Lu Che already knew, the remaining category of people were famous news reporters, entertainment reporters and influential people in news.

His motive was simple. The next time anyone from 'Devil Shooter' dared to say that Tangning's acting wasn't as good as their cast members', the reporters would know better.

Needless to say, managing a film was indeed difficult.


Midday. Lu Che received notification that Father Li had agreed to meet for dinner that very night.

To prevent Tangning from getting worried, Mo Ting did not tell her he was going out for negotiations, he simply told her he'd be home late.

Tangning immediately knew something wasn't right, so she secretly gave Lu Che a phone call to confirm her suspicions. In the end, she decided to personally drive over and pick her husband up after the meeting.

7pm. Inside a high-class country club.

Father Li and Mo Ting had already met and greeted each other. Father Li was well aware of the reason for the meeting, so he suggested beside the pool, "Young man, care for a competition? Let's see if you can beat this old bag of bones."

Mo Ting knew of this man's background, so he nodded his head, "It would be my pleasure."

After changing into a pair of swimming shorts, Mo Ting dived into the pool. Father Li couldn't help but praise his muscular body, "When a person has the capability to manage their body so well, it's no shock they can manage the entire entertainment industry."

The two men started swimming across the pool. After 2 laps, Mo Ting fell slightly behind. Father Li could tell that Mo Ting was only using half his strength, so he gave an acknowledging laugh, "That Xiao Zhou has been an embarrassment."

A moment later, a waiter approached the two men and told them Chairman Zhou had arrived. So, they got out of the pool and headed for the VIP room.

"Let's all sit. You too Xiao Zhou, sit," Father Li said in an accommodating manner. "Since everyone is here today, let's be honest with each other. Xiao Zhou, why did you threaten one of Hai Rui's artists?"

Chairman Zhou's expression did not look good as he placed an extremely complex gaze upon Mo Ting.

Mo Ting's lips curved into a smile as he initiated a conversation, "Chairman Zhou appears to not have much confidence in his film."

"You took advantage of your control over the entertainment industry to block my path to fortune. So of course I had to cause trouble for you in return," Chairman Zhou responded straightforwardly.

"That's because he's capable. You can't use dirty methods in return. Don't you feel embarrassed?" Father Li asked as he dried his hair.

"Since Chairman Zhou said I am blocking his path to fortune, how about this, since the two films are released one day apart, let's not get involved with the operation of the theatres. Let them decide how they want to distribute the two films. Are you happy with that?"

"Hmmph, how could I not get involved with their distribution process?" he needed to make money, how could he hold back because of so-called fairness.

"OK then. You can get involved all you like, I'm going to stay out of it. You happy?" Mo Ting raised an eyebrow as he asked. The king-like presence on his body made even Father Li feel a little intimidated.

"Would you be that nice?"

"I, Mo Ting, always do as I say. But, regardless of the results at the Box Office, you will promise to leave Hai Rui alone," Mo Ting pointed at the man opposite him and continued with his warning, "Otherwise, Hai Rui will take you down with them. I'm sure Chairman Zhou is smart enough not to put his real estate business in a risky situation just because his film isn't making enough money."

"I've already given Father Li enough face. If Hai Rui experiences another similar situation where our artist is threatened, I will hold you completely accountable."

"You are welcome to try out my methods."

After hearing Mo Ting's words, Father Li already knew who had won the negotiations.

"Xiao Zhou, are you still not happy with President Mo's offer?" Father Li asked. "Not only has he vowed not to interfere with film distribution, he has vowed not to stop you from interfering. This is a huge gift of sincerity. If you continue to do anything underhanded, then I will just have to pretend that I never knew you."

Being pressured from all corners, Chairman Zhou eventually nodded his head, "Fine, you said it."

"Of course," Mo Ting also nodded.

"I'm sorry for what happened with Xia Jingyi and I promise not to touch Hai Rui again. Father Li will be our witness," Chairman Zhou vowed.

Mo Ting's lips curved upwards without anther word.

"OK, since we have come to an agreement, let's eat."

"No need, Father Li. I still need to go home and keep my wife company," Mo Ting stood up as he spoke to Father Li, "A million thanks for today."

"You're welcome. President Mo's wife is a very lucky woman."

After their chat, the men went their separate ways. Mo Ting exited the club with Lu Che and spotted Tangning's car parked outside.

He was a little surprised. As he walked over and discovered Tangning sitting inside, his expression suddenly changed, "Why are you waiting here?"

"Of course to escort you home in victory," Tangning smiled, "You've come to an agreement, right?"

Mo Ting turned and said to Lu Che, "Do what I told you earlier. Also, drive the car back."

"Yes, President Mo." After nodding his head, Lu Che turned and left.

Of course, since he said he wasn't going to interfere with distribution process, he was going to keep his promise. Even if Chairman Zhou was to get an 80% distribution rate, it didn't matter.

Mo Ting was still going to win.

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