Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 410: How Dare You Help Me Decide?

Chapter 410: How Dare You Help Me Decide?

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"Tangning, this time you can hold your head high!"

Tangning's fans gave a sigh of relief after watching her second pre-screening. Tangning did not disappoint and gave those that supported her a reason to be proud.

Although her role was essentially a supporting character and didn't have that many scenes in comparison to the other characters, she left a lasting impression and stunned everyone.

As discussions about Tangning's acting was reignited and there were plenty of positive film reviews to go with it, the negative post from early on ended up being mentioned again. The so-called 'insider' was exposed as a common trick used by rivals that everyone in the industry knew about.

Following on from the second pre-screening, although ticket sales did not exceed $10 million, the attendance numbers doubled from the first event and exceeded the attendance numbers of 'Devil Shooter'.

As predicted, their rival did not dare to hold a second pre-screening since the first event had already highlighted an obvious contrast between the two films. Compared to the standout performance of 'Stupid', the few hundred million dollar investment paired with special effects typical of a huge production, could only attract pre-existing fans. It no longer had anything worthy of attracting others to watch it.

Mo Ting always advanced at a stable rate. After the two pre-screenings, 'Stupid' was already showing signs of a reversal and was giving out faceslaps to those that doubted it in the industry.

Of course, this progress wasn't enough!

After all, 'Stupid' was not a mainstream film. So even up to this point, it still wasn't clear who would ultimately walk away with victory. They still had to wait and see the box office results for the official release.

But, with Mo Ting's tactics, no one in Hai Rui felt worried at all about 'Stupid's' results.

Because Mo Ting was a legend.

This was also the reason why Mo Ting could spend a lifetime with Tangning; their instinctive nature was too similar.

No matter how anxious the outside world was, they would always remain calm and make the right decision quickly, surprising everyone with a shocking outcome.

As expected, after the second pre-screening, Tangning received an influx of messages from directors

With her background and her acting, one would be stupid not to go looking for her!

However, their ultimate move was yet to come: 'W.H.' had not been announced to the public yet...

Mo Ting was confident that the announcement of 'W.H.' would stir up the public even more!

Long Jie, Lu Che and Fang Yu found some spare time to check out Tangning's film. Although they already expected Tangning's acting to be good, they didn't know it would be good to this extent.

Long Jie was especially surprised. Although she had observed Tangning when she was filming, seeing the completed film, still gave her quite a shock.

After finishing the film, the trio walked out of the theatre speechless. After quite some time, Fang Yu finally turned and asked Long Jie, "Did Tangning secretly study acting?"

"No f*cking way, how could she possibly have time to study? However, I know she's always enjoyed practicing until she masters something. Haven't you guys noticed? Every single film and commercial she's been in, she completely loses herself in her role. This is what you call a gift from God!" Long Jie scoffed at Fang Yu.

"Well, it's my first time witnessing God's miracle!" Fang Yu was completely convinced by Tangning.

"She's put in a lot of effort. She can even recite every single line in the script! Has Jingjing seen the film yet?"

"When she returns tomorrow I will take her to watch it, don't worry." Fang Yu then turned to Lu Che, "Hurry and take your wife home, she talks too much."

"Are you trying to start a fight?" Lu Che immediately stuck up for his wife.

"You guys are bullying me because my wife isn't here!" Fang Yu laughed in defeat. "Anyhow, I finally know why the President had such confidence towards 'Stupid'. To be honest, back when they had the test screening, I couldn't be bothered to go because I didn't have much interest in it even though I trusted in the President's judgment. Now that I think about it, this film is really not bad."

"Our Tangning can finally give everyone a slap in the face. Come on...let's go home and celebrate."

Fang Yu couldn't stand Long Jie's noisy chatter. Even though, in reality, Huo Jingjing wasn't any better...


Meanwhile, in the back row of a small theatre across town, Bei Chendong was hiding himself under a cap as he watched a screening of 'Stupid' with Han Xiner.

Of course, he was dragged here to accompany her.

Although he didn't have much interest in this genre of film, he couldn't deny that Lin Sheng and Tangning's acting was quite impressive.

As an actor, he sincerely recognized those that were serious about acting. So he felt, Tangning and Lin Sheng were in the same category as him.

This was the reason why he was willing to accept Tangning from the start.

He could tell she was serious about playing a character and wasn't aiming for fame and fortune.

People like her were hard to come by in the film and television industry.

It didn't take long before the two-hour film finished. Han Xiner was in a crying mess as she blew her nose, "As expected, Ning Jie is amazing and the film was great. The person I like is finally on the big screen."

"What are you crying about?" Bei Chendong asked in an irritated tone, "You'll see more of this in the future."

"That's true," Han Xiner dried her tears and looked at Bei Chendong, "This makes me look forward to 'W.H.' even more. Ning Jie is the female lead and the scenes she plays in are bigger and more exciting."

Bei Chendong glared at her.

Every word from her mouth involved Tangning...

In Han Xiner's eyes, was there only Tangning?

"Now that the film is finished, let's go home."

"Dong Ge...Why don't you cooperate with Tangning again? That way I can see her all day long..."

"I won't work with her again for the rest of my life," Bei Chengdong grumbled.


"I've already rejected all offers for the next half of the year. I need some rest." Bei Chendong waited until everyone left the theatre before he stood up from his seat and headed for the exit. Han Xiner quickly followed behind.

"You're not filming anything? And not attending any events? Are you just going to sit at home and eat away at your bank account?"

Little did she know, he didn't even get paid for 'W.H.'!

If he depended on acting to survive, he wouldn't be able to keep himself alive. He didn't produce many films and it always depended on his mood.

"Most importantly, if you don't do anything, what would I do? You can't expect me to play around with you all day, right?"

"You're right," Bei Chendong crossed his arms and looked at Han Xiner, "The weather's getting hot. I want to go to the north pole for a holiday. I'll take you with me!"

Han Xiner: "I like to work hard, I don't want to muck around with you all day. If you continue to be this lazy, then I don't want to be your assistant anymore. I hate lazy men..."

Bei Chendong: "..."

The heated discussion between the two quickly attracted the attention of passersby. To prevent himself from being discovered, Bei Chendong quickly hooked his arm around Han Xiner's neck and dragged her out of the theatre, "I'll work, I'll work, I'll soon as we get home I'll start looking through scripts."

Although Han Xiner was being hurried out of the theatre, she still managed to sneak in a smile.

"You should film one more film and one television series," Han Xiner tested her limits.

"You must be feeling brave. How dare you help me decide?"

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