Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 409: There's Nothing She Can't Do!

Chapter 409: There's Nothing She Can't Do!

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In reality, even Tangning herself had not seen the completed version of 'Stupid'. When the crew sat down for a test screening, she was in the middle of filming 'W.H.'. So, throughout the pre-screenings, her thoughts followed the flow of the public's reactions.

To her, it felt like 'Stupid' was struggling for survival.

"According to your progression, 3 films a year should be your limit. So, in the next half of the year, I will help you take on one more film. After that, you can wholeheartedly focus on preparing for a kid."

That night, the couple looked through scripts in the study room. Mo Ting browsed quickly through all of them and swept them aside.

"I'll do as you say..." Tangning replied as she leaned against Mo Ting's back, "I like the future you have planned for us."

Hearing Tangning's response, Mo Ting's lips curved upwards in satisfaction.

"I want you to go home with this year's Fei Tian Best Newcomer Award."

"You have that much faith in me?" Tangning put down the script in her hand and buried her head in Mo Ting's back. "How's 'Stupid' going, I really want to know its progress."

"Mrs. Mo, are you doubting your husband's abilities?" Mo Ting turned around and raised an eyebrow.

"Of course not. I'm just naturally anxious because it's not an industry that I'm familiar with."

"Relax," Mo Ting wrapped Tangning in his embrace and pulled her onto his lap. "You haven't watched it yet, have you? Wait until the second pre-screening, we'll go watch it together."

"Is it good?"

"The best critic in the industry has already stepped out to vouch for you. What do you think?" Mo Ting lifted his eyebrows slightly, "This is the first time you've been so unconfident."

"I can't control it..."

"Let me teach you how to control it," Mo Ting sat Tangning beside him and continued, "The film market isn't difficult to understand. Everything related to the entertainment industry is quite similar. You've simply been frightened by your rival's intimidation."

"Don't look at others. Just look at yourself."

"From the screenwriter, to the cast, to the director and production; we have the courage to hold three pre-screenings because we have confidence in our film. Hai Rui has always been a leader in its field. We don't care about comparing with our rivals, we simply focus on our strengths and utilize what we have around us."

After listening to Mo Ting, Tangning let out a gentle laugh, "Ultimately, your main point is that you have confidence in the film."

"Of course. I've always had a good sense of judgment."

As Mo Ting spoke, his eyes filled with confidence and his body emitted a king-like presence.

This was the Mo Ting that Tangning was most mesmerized by.

Her man's capabilities were never something to be questioned. So, towards 'Stupid', she slowly let go of her worries. Instead, her body now felt fully invigorated.


"Oh my God! Failed judgment! Tangning's acting is surprisingly good."

"I don't care about anything else. Let's just focus on 'Stupid'. All I saw throughout the film was the character Tangning played, there was no trace of Tangning herself. This film was surprisingly good..."

"I wouldn't say Tangning's acting ability was superb, but I admit it was enough to beat the rivaling film. Yet, she came from a modeling background!"

"I can tell that Tangning put a lot of effort into her acting. It's quite amazing that I couldn't find any trace of her true self within the film."

"If Tangning's character was given to one of the popular young actresses, the character would have made everyone want to slap her in the face. But, the way that Tangning portrayed the character was surprisingly likeable."

"It's clear to see that the person that defamed Tangning's acting earlier, did it with bad intentions. At least I didn't feel disgusted by her acting! I am definitely siding with 'Stupid'. I wish them the best."

All of a sudden online, those that had watched 'Stupid' were stepping out to vouch for Tangning. Compared to 'Devil Shooter's' exaggeration, 'Stupid' was well produced and thoughtfully executed.

Even though the two films still varied in popularity, the positive reviews for 'Stupid' helped them advance steadily...

Apart from the film itself being spectacular, Tangning was the most pleasant surprise. This was partly thanks to the defamation from 'Devil Shooter'.

If film fans did not have the lowest expectations for Tangning to begin with, how could they be so pleasantly surprised after seeing her on screen?

As a result, due to their curiosity towards Tangning, many people expressed their interest for the second pre-screening. But, the number of screenings did not change due to demand. This was all a part of Mo Ting's plan. He did not want to satisfy everyone too quickly. They would have to wait until the official release.

Two days later, the second pre-screening commenced. Just like last time, Mo Ting invited a few 'special' guests. This included business partners and famous directors. His motive was simple, he wanted those that doubted Tangning to see that there was nothing wrong with her acting and to give them the confidence to send over any offers.

Mo Ting was not affected by distractions from 'Devil Shooter'. As usual, he was quick at making decisions and worked efficiently.

During this 'special' screening, Tangning and Mo Ting were also sitting in the audience; this was Tangning's first time watching the completed film.

It was a strange feeling for Tangning. Especially when she saw her own name appear on the screen. The sense of honor was something she never felt as a model.

Next to Tangning sat Mo Ting.

He remained focused on the film the entire time. Even during Tangning's kissing scenes and bed scenes, he did not give much of a reaction.

This was because he did not think of the character on screen as Tangning.

This was a strange feeling for him...

The two-hour film was compact and after experiencing a few reversals, it was finally revealed that the embarrassingly stupid student turned out to be the athlete's son and was a genius at swimming...

Time passed quickly. It was not until the lights of the theatre turned on that everyone acknowledged the film had finished.

In the film, the son stood on the awards podium and revealed that his father had abandoned him multiple times. At this moment, the audience watching the film felt like the anger in their hearts had also been released. Especially when he announced his father's name in front of the whole world, everything finally felt like it came to an end.

This was not a film suited to the mainstream market. But, it was surprisingly entertaining.

It wasn't extremely attractive and did not feature any fresh good looking faces, but it was unforgettable.

Most importantly, even till the end, no one could believe that the tragic actress in the film was played by Tangning. It was only after the film ended and they checked the names of the cast that they confirmed it was really her.


How could a supermodel have such good acting ability?!

This was a huge slap to the face for all those that doubted her.

It seemed, whether she was a model or an actress, she could use reality to prove that there was nothing she couldn't do.

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