Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 405: There Are People Waiting Everywhere to Step on You

Chapter 405: There Are People Waiting Everywhere to Step on You

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After stepping off the stage, Tang Jingxuan's manager patted him on the shoulder. Of course, he had no idea of his relation with Tangning.

"You little rascal, you sure are lucky that Tangning and the President were present and that Tangning has always had a sense of justice. In the past, both Huo Jingjing and Fang Yu were helped by her, now it's your turn. I'm so jealous."

"Tangning is a great person."

"Of course, how could our President's wife not be a great person?" the manager grabbed onto Tang Jingxuan's arm and headed with him to the waiting room, "Hurry and get your makeup removed."

"OK," Tang Jingxuan pushed open the door of the waiting room as the three boys from K&G walked around him.

Tang Jingxuan did not give their actions a second thought as he sat down in front of the mirror and allowed the makeup artist to remove the light makeup he had on his face.

Not long after, some urgent footsteps echoed through the corridors of the backstage accompanied by chatter. Tang Jingxuan's manager tried to talk with the people that had gathered outside the waiting room but failed as a loud knock was heard on the door.

The makeup artist put down the makeup remover bottle in her hands and went to open the door. 4 policemen stepped inside.


"We received a report that an artist named Luo Xing has been involved with marijuana usage, so we rushed over immediately. Which one of you is Luo Xing?"

Tang Jingxuan was a little surprised, but he quickly realized what was happening as he glared at the three impulsive youngsters.

"That's him!" Han Xiang yelled as he pointed at Tang Jingxuan. "Go search through his backpack. We witnessed it with our own eyes!"

"We have no past grudges, why would you slander me like this?" Tang Jingxuan asked. At this moment, his manager approached him confusedly and asked, "What's happening here?"

"They are slandering me and claiming that I take drugs. They even called the police!" Tang Jingxuan said in a cold tone.

"Slander? Just like you said yourself, we have no past grudges, why would we slander you? Officers, arrest him! At this stage, you should be honest!" exclaimed one of the gold-haired boys called Rao Zihe as he pointed to Tang Jingxuan arrogantly.

"Luo Xing, tell me honestly, is this true?" his manager asked.

"No," Tang Jingxuan replied firmly without hesitation, "They can do a drug test on me at any time..."

"Just because you don't smoke it, doesn't mean you're not in possession of it," Rao Zihe added. "It's in his backpack. If you don't believe me, you should search it."

Tang Jingxuan looked angrily at the three boys. He then looked at his backpack and handed it straight to the police, "Search it if you want. I'm innocent anyway."

The police received the backpack and emptied out the contents in front of everyone. But, apart from Tang Jingxuan's usual personal items, there were no signs of any drugs.

More and more people gathered around to see what was happening. Amongst them, many famous celebrities quickly realized Tang Jingxuan had been framed.


...there was nothing in his backpack...

Everyone looked at the pile of items on the floor. Meanwhile, a confused expression swept across the three boys; how could there be nothing?

"Where's the marijuana you spoke of?" Tang Jingxuan's manager stepped up and spoke for him. "I am going to contact your boss. If Ice Age Entertainment don't give Luo Xing an official explanation, I will report this to our President and let President Mo handle it."

The three boys obviously did not expect this result as their faces changed from arrogance to guilt.

"This was all a misunderstanding. Just a misunderstanding..." the three boys suddenly changed their attitude as they spoke politely to the police and Tang Jingxuan's manager, "We misunderstood Luo Xing..."

"Since I was searched, I think it's only fair if they got searched too," Tang Jingxuan suggested to the police.

"Who are you kidding? We've never touched that kind of stuff!"

Everyone looked at the three boys, including the police...

In the end, they had no choice but to hand over their backpacks to the police, "Search our bags if you don't believe us!"

The police received the backpacks and started emptying the contents. However, a shocking scene played out in front of everyone. Three suspicious bags dropped out of their backpacks...

Their expressions changed dramatically. Even if the people around them didn't know what these bags contained, there was no way they wouldn't know what it was and there was no way the police didn't know.

"What's this? This is impossible! These were supposed to be in his backpack, I put them in personally..."

Put them in personally...

Rao Zihe was indeed an impulsive youngster. Just like that, he revealed their intention to frame Tang Jingxuan.

Everyone present was surprised...

What a scene! These three 17/18-year-olds were indeed evil..

"No, that's not right, this has nothing to do with us."

The three boys started denying their involvement. But, there was no way the police would give them a second chance as they stepped forward and arrested them, "Come with us."

"No, no..." the three boys resisted. In the end, they were knocked out by the police.

It could have been a normal awards ceremony. But, while the audience sat on one side of the stage, the backstage was in a complete mess. The reporters were in for a treat.

"Are you OK?" Tang Jingxuan's manager immediately checked.

Tang Jingxuan nodded his head, but his eyes contained a sense of confusion. If these three had indeed schemed against him, then who took the drugs from his bag and placed it in theirs, causing their plan to backfire

Now that he thought about it carefully, he was a bit frightened by what happened.

"Don't think about it too much. This type of stepping on others to get ahead is common. You will come across it a lot more in the future," his manager comforted. "You sure are lucky today. First, Tangning saved you. Afterwards, God watched over you. You little rascal, if you don't become famous, this experience would go to waste."

Tang Jingxuan knew it wasn't God that was watching over him!

"These three idiots got their just desserts."

The three boys were quickly taken away and all those that were watching dispersed. Tang Jingxuan thought carefully about what happened as he removed his makeup. In the end, he sent Tangning a message, "Sister Three, the incident with K&G, were you the one that helped me?"

After Tangning saw the message, she did not deny her involvement, "If I hadn't done something, how did you think you'd argue your way out of this mess? I told you early on that this industry isn't as simple as you think. There are people waiting everywhere to step on you. Just the two incidents that happened today for example, if I wasn't around, either of these would have been enough to turn you back into a nobody - with no chance of revival."

Tang Jingxuan was speechless; so it really was her...

"But, how did you know..."

"After you complained to me the other day, I already started taking note of these three boys. Since they are your rivals, we should never let our guards down. Jingxuan, you need to remember, in this industry, where there is competition, there is danger. The more famous you get, the more people would have their eye on your spot. Those that smile to your face, could easily stab you in the back."

"The entertainment industry is ruthless and there is a limit to the amount of times I can help you."

Needles to say, Tang Jingxuan was truly shocked...

He just sent her a simple complaint and she was able to do so much. He never thought his Sister Three was this capable.

"Luo Xing, for the sake of shutting down any rumors, I think it's best that you go to the police station tomorrow and do a drug test to prove your innocence," his manager suggested.

"Yes, thank you Hua Ge!" Tang Jingxuan thanked. Afterwards, he promised himself that he would work towards being like Tangning.

But, did he ever realize that trouble always seemed to follow Tangning?

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