Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 404: Eye for an Eye, a Tooth for a Tooth.

Chapter 404: Eye for an Eye, a Tooth for a Tooth.

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"Hey, don't you guys think the two people sitting in the first row of the VIP section look a bit familiar?"


A fan started looking around.

"What normal person would wear sunglasses and a hat at night?"

"Quick, look at those legs...Could that be Tangning?" someone guessed. But, because of their distance, they weren't 100% certain. "The person next to her looks like president Mo...they must have come here together."

"Forget it, what kind of event do you think you're at? Out of the two of them, one is the Big Boss of the entertainment industry and the other is a famous model. It wouldn't make sense for either of them to come to a small music award ceremony like this."

"I guess I must be seeing things then."


A little while later, the awards ceremony officially started. The host was a witty speaker and quickly stirred the audience into fits of laughter. As for the awards like the Top Ten songs and best male and female singer, these were the upcoming highlights for the night.

Singers, actors and models were no different: they all needed exposure at different events so the audience could remember them and grow to like them. For singers, this started from guest appearances and small performances at events. Just like the fans had hinted earlier, the awards ceremony today was not very big nor significant, so there was no way someone like Mo Ting would take note of it.

But, this stage helped boost the dreams of many newcomers...

"K&G, time to prepare for going on stage," their manager said as he pushed open the waiting room door.

"OK," the three boys had on thick makeup and studded jackets. As they were to sing and dance on stage, they looked extra stylish.

In comparison, Tang Jingxuan was dressed a lot simpler because he was to sing a slow song.

The three boys glanced at Tang Jingxuan and left the room. Tang Jingxuan did not suspect anything, he was simply a little nervous about going on stage.

"Luo Xing, you will be heading on stage soon. Hurry over to the backstage," his manager patted him urgently on the shoulder as he held onto his phone, "Do your best, don't be nervous. Act like you normally do and you'll be fine."

Tang Jingxuan nodded his head as Tangning's confidence on the runway suddenly came to mind...

A moment later, he was waiting in the backstage...


"This year we have been blessed with some great new talent. First we had the popular boy band K&G and then we were introduced to the unique voice of Luo Xing. Next up, let's hand the stage over to Luo Xing: a youngster with a passion for the stage..."

As soon as the host's words left his mouth, the lights on the stage dimmed. All that could be seen were the twinkling of light sticks in the audience which resembled a sea of stars. Although there were only a few people within this audience who were here to cheer for him, the light sticks looked like they were all twinkling for him.

A soothing melody started playing as Luo Xing appeared in the middle of the stage and the spotlight focused on him. He suddenly felt a little nervous...

Tangning and Mo Ting also felt a little nervous because of his frozen expression.

Could the brother that constantly begged to enter the entertainment suddenly struck with stage fright?

"Ting...What should we do?"

"Do you know this song?" Mo Ting asked.

"Is it called 'Far in the future'? Yes, I know it," Tangning nodded. This was an inspirational classic. Back when she was in France, she often sang this song to encourage herself.

"Then, you should go on stage and help him!" Mo Ting suggested firmly.


"Go." After speaking, Mo Ting pushed her to stand up. Tangning was in the first row, so with her height, as soon as she stood up everyone turned their attention and started cheering.

With no other choice, Tangning walked onto stage and removed her hat and sunglasses. She then approached Tang Jingxuan, took the microphone from his hand and started singing along with the melody.

Tang Jingxuan was shocked...

Everyone was shocked.

The audience immediately erupted in discussion.

"Is that Tangning?"

"Yes it is! Who would have thought, someone at her caliber, would come show her support."

"What's so weird about that? Hai Rui's artists have always supported each other. It's quite reasonable for Tangning to make an appearance."

Tangning continued to sing as she slowly led Tang Jingxuan into the song. The host quickly realized what was happening and handed Tang Jingxuan another microphone.

With Tangning leading, Tang Jingxuan finally let go...

When it came to his singing technique and voice, he was much more professional than Tangning. As soon as he opened his mouth, it made people feel like they wanted to cry...

Tangning's voice slowly quietened down as she smiled and watched Tang Jingxuan become consumed by the song. His voice was indeed comfortable to listen to and full of life.

His technique and voice was enough to make him unforgettable to the other musicians present...

It didn't take long before the song finished and the stage once again lit up. The host immediately approached the two and said in a surprised tone, "Who would have thought that Tangning would attend this awards ceremony and even appear on stage with her agency junior. What a surprise and honor. Hello, Tangning..."

"Hello everyone. I hope you can forgive my lack of self control. Because I love this song, I turned up uninvited. This song represents the dreams of so many people and I'm sure everyone once started off as a newcomer with dreams like this. I think this song is well-suited to Luo Xing and well-suited to all those that are striving for their dreams."

What Tangning meant was: Tang Jingxuan was a newcomer and she hoped everyone would remember how they felt when they were newcomers.

So as soon as Tangning spoke, everyone below the stage started reminiscing about their past.

They suddenly became a lot more understanding towards Tang Jingxuan's moment of stage fright earlier...

"Don't be afraid," Tangning said to Tang Jingxuan.

"Since Tangning is here...Let's have a look around and see if President Mo is also here," the host suddenly piped up nosily. It had been a while since the couple appeared in front of the public, so they obviously drew a lot of attention and curiosity.

The cameras panned across the audience and finally spotted him in the audience. Mo Ting did not give much of a reaction, he simply nodded at the camera as a form of greeting to everyone.

"Who would have thought President Mo is actually here too. This couple sure goes everywhere together..." the host said admiringly.

"I would like to give my well wishes to Luo Xing and everyone below the stage." After speaking, Tangning bowed to the audience and left the stage.

As Tang Jingxuan watched her walk off the stage, his eyes began to get watery.

He had said he wasn't going to rely on family. But, at a time like this, Tangning appeared on stage to save him without hesitation...

Tangning had always been like this: regardless if they were family or friends, as long as she cared about them, she would protect them until the end.

Meanwhile, below the stage, Mo Ting received a phone call. His originally calm expression suddenly sharpened. As soon as he saw Tangning, he handed the phone directly to her. It was a phone call from Lu Che: he had a full grasp of Tang Jingxuan's situation in the waiting room.

"Madam, the rascals sure are brave! They wanted to frame Tang Jingxuan for taking drugs. They placed marijuana in his backpack and called the police."

"Then, let's give them an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth," Tangning replied coldly.

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