Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 403: You Need to Make up for it

Chapter 403: You Need to Make up for it

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After returning home, it was already 3am the next day. As she pushed open the bedroom door, Tangning was greeted with a floor covered in rose petals. She was a bit surprised. A moment later, Mo Ting approached from behind and wrapped her in a hug.

"Do you like it?"

Looking down at the candles on the floor and then up at the present sitting on top of the bedside table, Tangning nodded her head, "I haven't been home in a while and the hotel bed has been hard and lonely."

Mo Ting carried Tangning in his arms and placed her on top of the bed. He pressed his body on top of hers as his deep and sexy voice resounded in her ear, "Madam, it's bad for a man to resist his desires for so long. You need to make up for it."

Tangning giggled as she lifted her head and pressed her lips against Mo Ting's...

The passionate fire in the room was lit.

Perhaps it was because of the fragrance in the room, or perhaps it was because they hadn't been alone together for a long time, the couple's entangled bodies moved together intensely. Afterwards, they hugged each other for quite some time, unable to calm down.

"Give me your right hand."

"Huh?" Tangning lifted her hand curiously.

Mo Ting let go of Tangning and turned around to grab the box sitting on top of the bedside table. He then pulled out a pair of gold bracelets from the box.

"This is the last remaining set designed by the international jewelry designer, Lisa. There is only one set in the entire world. The design isn't extremely special, but it has a lovely meaning: 'Together Forever'. This was originally a present from Lisa to her husband. It was auctioned off in London and eventually ended up in my hands. I am now giving it to you."

This was created by Lisa in her later years. At that time, she was already old and had bad eyesight, so she could no longer create extremely detailed pieces. As a result, apart from making the bracelets resemble vines, she didn't do anything else to them.

"They're beautiful," Tangning cheered. She imagined how vines intertwined with each other and did not separate.

Mo Ting helped Tangning put on the bracelet and then Tangning helped Mo Ting put on the matching one. Afterwards, the couple clasped their hands, leaned on each other and chatted the night away.

"At the end of this year, I will take you to meet my grandfather."

"Why at the end of this year?"

"Weren't you thinking of having kids at the end of the year?" Mo Ting smiled. Let's finish filming and get everything in order. By the end of the year, when your career is steady and you take home some awards, we can go home and present my grandfather with news of a child. He will be extra happy."

"Did Yanshu tell you what I was thinking?" Tangning asked suspiciously, "And why can't me meet him now?"

"I don't want my family to hassle you about having a child and make things difficult for you. Would you be willing to have them pester you every 2-3 days about quitting your job? Since we are already on this path, I will walk with you until the end..."

In reality, Tangning had indeed worried about this before. If they went to meet with the Mo Family and they didn't like what she was currently doing, what would she do?

Mo Ting knew it was likely that she would give up everything for his sake.

But, in his heart, fulfilling her dream and satisfying his family need not clash. So he thoughtfully gave them a bit more time.

"Hubby, you sure are good to me."

"You've only just realized? It seems I will need to treat you even better in future."

Tangning lay on Mo Ting's chest as she absorbed his unique fragrance. This birthday was enough to make her forget all the past unhappy ones and her life felt like it had been reborn with new meaning and hope.

This man who had helped her with her career, given her a second chance at life and given her happiness, she was going to do all she could to keep him forever by her side...


The next day, plenty of friends showed up to give their birthday wishes. Long Jie also delivered a whole pile of presents. Huo Jingjing was overseas in France, so she sent over a video with her well wishes. As for Xia Yuling, she took the morning off and went over to Hyatt Regency to prepare breakfast for her daughter.

"Mo Ting and I prepared half each. These are all your favorite food. Now that you don't need to appear on the runway, eat a bit more. It's OK for you to gain a bit of weight."

Tangning looked at the huge spread of food and couldn't contain her tears, "Really?"

"Yes, from now on, don't hold back. You can eat whatever you want," Mo Ting said as he stroked the back of her head.

On the outside world, she was a strong and independent woman, but in front of Mo Ting and Xia Yuling, she was a simple little woman who was doted on.

"From now on, mom will come celebrate your birthday with you every year."

At this moment, Mo Ting reached into his pocket, pulled out a gift box and handed it to Xia Yuling, "Mom, this is for you."

Xia Yuling was stunned as she smiled, "I also get a present?"

"Her birthday is also a celebration of your motherhood. Thank you for bringing her into my life."

Xia Yuling opened the box. Sitting inside was a precious-looking Jade bangle. She quickly closed it back up, "Mo Ting, mom should be the one to thank you for showing Tangning so much love. I can see that you treat her as important as your own life. I hope you can continue living happily together. For this to happen, I would be happy to sacrifice anything."

"OK...enough talking. Today is Tangning's birthday. After breakfast, go wherever you guys need to go, I need to return to Tang Corp. for a meeting."

"Mom...are you getting used to being in charge at Tang Corp.?"

"Your mom did, after all, study finance. Although I haven't worked for many years, my knowledge is still there. It's just..." Xia Yuling suddenly paused and took back her words, "Don't worry, if there's something wrong, I'll let you know."

Actually, Tangning didn't have any real birthday wishes. In fact, it didn't really matter to her whether it was her birthday or not. She was already satisfied with last night and this morning and didn't want her two most loved people to continue making a big fuss over it.

After breakfast, Xia Yuling left. Mo Ting then got Lu Che to bring over all the presents that fans had mailed to the agency.

Mo Ting's social media page was also filled with messages from fans.

6pm. Mo Ting and Tangning arrived at the award ceremony wearing simple clothes and sunglasses.

The couple sat in the VIP section but kept a low profile. As the hall was dimly lit, not many fans recognised them...

Meanwhile in the backstage, Tang Jingxuan was also making preparations. However, within the same waiting room, the three boys from K&G were looking at the back of Tang Jingxuan with a sneer.

Tang Jingxuan was to appear on stage after K&G during the same part of the ceremony. Their appearances were only separated by a few minutes.

Just before the ceremony started, Tang Jingxuan sent Tangning a message, "Sister Three, I assume you couldn't make it, right?"

Tangning took a selfie of her and Mo Ting in the audience and sent it to Tang Jingxuan, "Your brother-in-law has made an exception for your sake. No other singer has had the ability to make him personally appear in the audience."

"Pffft, it's because of you, not me. Either way, happy birthday!" After sending his message, Tang Jingxuan saved the photo and put away his phone to prepare for his performance.

Although he had already debuted...this was his first appearance at such a big event, so he was a bit nervous...

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