Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 402: I Can Only Teach Them a Lesson

Chapter 402: I Can Only Teach Them a Lesson

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Long Jie's sources had always been accurate and fast. She had a circle of contacts that she had built over the years, maintained from the time she started in the industry until now.

What Tangning wanted to know wasn't something difficult to find out. Long Jie simply had to do a quick search and she got what she was looking for. Most importantly, Lu Che also helped her out. The couple quickly grasped onto the details of the two rich boys and found records of their time spent in drug rehabilitation facilities.

More importantly, Lu Che also found hints pointing to the possibility that they were back in the habit. From what he heard, they were currently looking for a seller.

They were much too brave. Whose industry did they think they were in? Mo Ting was firm on his opinion against artists doing drugs. He had zero tolerance!

So many police sacrificed their lives every year in the war against drugs. Who was going to bring them back to life?

So, it didn't take long before Tangning held the evidence she wanted in her hands. After all, she had access to the best information resource.

"Ning Jie...what do you plan on doing now?"

"I will have to wait and see what the three boys plan to do. As long as they leave Jingxuan alone, I'll let the police handle it quietly. But...if they do anything, I will have no choice but to teach them a lesson." Tangning paused for a moment and continued, "It will also be a lesson for Jingxuan."

"It's your birthday that day, though..."

"It's not as important as protecting Jingxuan."

Since she had promised her mother to take care of him, this was her responsibility...

"What if Luo Xing does something wrong?" Song Yanshu queried.

"We will talk about it when it happens... To be honest, I've heard him sing and it is really not bad. So, I'm looking forward to hearing him perform on Wednesday." After speaking, Tangning looked at herself in the mirror and laughed, "Actually, I haven't been a good sister or daughter in the past. Before I have children with Mo Ting, I want to play out these roles properly. I hope the child we have in the future will be optimistic, diligent and have a healthy mind and body."

"Have you decided when you would have children?"

"I'm thinking the end of the year. I'm turning 27 and Mo Ting is already 33; it's time we should have a child," Tangning replied.

"Does President Mo know this?"

"He always understands me without me saying anything," Tangning smiled as she continued to remove her makeup.

Of course, Tangning's words changed Song Yanshu's opinion of her once again.

Before meeting Tangning, she had thought she was just like any other celebrity: eating, drinking and playing around all day. She assumed, since she had a lot of money, food and clothes wouldn't be an issue. As a result, she would live quite a shallow life.

But, after getting to know her, she realized she was a person filled with emotion. In fact, she could be described as quite an interesting person.

She did not follow the crowd or keep up with tends.

She did what she wanted and loved who she wanted.

She was happy to step down from a high position at any time and wouldn't complain if she was stuck at the bottom.

She seemed quiet, but she maintained her strength. On the surface she appeared weak, but in reality, she knew exactly who her friends and enemies were.

That's how she gained Mo Ting's adoration...

A person should be able to handle both highs and lows.


This time, the set was located in a rainforest. As the conditions were harsh and it was night time, it didn't take long before Tangning and Bei Chendong ran out of energy to continue.

Because of standing continuously under the rain, Bei Chendong ended up with a fever.

Han Xiner ran around taking care of him, handing him medicine and an ice pack. In his fuzzy-minded state, Bei Chendong saw Han Xiner and mumbled, "If I knew you'd be this worried, I should have a caught a fever a few more times."

"Stop joking," Han Xiner punched him in the chest.

"Are you going to keep me company tonight?" Bei Chendong asked pitifully as he sat in his chair, looking nothing like a 30-something-year-old man.

"If I don't keep you company, who would? If I wasn't your assistant, what would you have done?"

"I still would have had to deal with it even if your on my own."

These words somehow tugged at Han Xiner's heartstrings, so her voice softened, "Won't you feel lonely with no family or friends by your side? Humans are social animals; it is impossible for someone to spend their entire life on their own - unless their ill."

Han Xiner understood this feeling well; only illness had the ability to push everyone away. Apart from this, there was no other reason why a person would prefer to be on their own.

"It's cause I can't be bothered!" After speaking, Bei Chendong closed his eyes and did not say another word.

Han Xiner still had a lot of questions: why did Bei Chendong insist on her being his assistant? Why couldn't he be bothered to do anything? And if he couldn't be bothered to do anything, then why was he so serious when it came to acting?

He definitely had a story to tell! Han Xiner was certain.


But, what could she do to make him open up to her?

In the middle of the night, Bei Chendong suddenly started shaking uncontrollably. Han Xiner was so frightened that she immediately covered him with a blanket. Bei Chendong took advantage of the moment to pull Han Xiner in for a hug, but she reacted with a slap across the face, almost breaking his nose.

"How could you take advantage of having a fever to get a hug, jerk!"

"How did you know I was fine?" Bei Chendong complained as he held onto his nose.

"You were overacting too much!"

"Really? Then I need to hold back a little next time," Bei Chendong took a deep breath and laid back down. "I've seriously got a headache, I'm not lying."

"When you got sick in the past, who took care of you?"

Hearing this question, Bei Chendong flipped over and mumbled, "You're disturbing my sleep... Go out."

"You moody b*stard."

But, the more he acted this way, the more Han Xiner was certain...

...he definitely had a secret.


It didn't take long before Tuesday night came around. On this day, filming stretched on late into the night, but Mo Ting arrived early and waited patiently on set. He wanted to be the first person to wish his wife a happy birthday as soon as the clock struck midnight.

Tangning completed her filming. Seeing Mo Ting's noble figure in the distance, she immediately ran over and placed a kiss on his cheek, "My first kiss after turning 27 is for my most loved."

"Mrs. Mo, I am here to present myself to you," Mo Ting took the opportunity to hug her waist and continued, "Will you accept this gift?"

"I thought I'd receive jewelry or a diamond ring..."

"I thought you'd be more pleased with my stamina."

Tangning joined Mo Ting in laughter. The couple's affection quickly attracted the attention of the cast and crew, especially Bei Chendong...

His eyes glowed as he observed them...

"Ning Jie, happy birthday!" the crew cheered.

"Tangning, happy birthday!" An Zihao also said as he smiled at her. He raised a thumb at her, "My present for you, is to give you a day off. Do you feel the love?"

"Thank you," Tangning pulled away from Mo Ting's embrace and bowed to everyone, "Thank you everyone. Is it OK for us to leave now?"

"Hurry and get going, President Mo has been waiting for you in anticipation..." the staff teased. Unbeknownst to her, they had all placed gifts in her room. But, she wouldn't find out until she returned.

Even Bei Chendong, under the coercion of Han Xiner, unwillingly prepared a gift for her. It currently sat amongst the huge pile in her room.

Of course, the biggest present was still Tang Jingxuan's performance on stage...

However, this music-filled night, was destined to be different from normal...

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