Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 401: She Never Hurt People, She Was Simply Cautious of Them

Chapter 401: She Never Hurt People, She Was Simply Cautious of Them

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It happened at an awards ceremony. As a newcomer, Tang Jingxuan received a rare opportunity to appear on stage.

Two days before the ceremony, Tang Jingxuan was invited to a rehearsal.

As he had entered Hai Rui without anyone knowing of his real identity, he was currently being managed by a manager with multiple artists.

The boy band K&G were also invited to the rehearsals. As they were all newcomers, they were arranged to share the same waiting room. However, during this time, one of the boys grabbed a magazine with Tangning on the cover and started scribbling on it and insulting her.

"So, this model is called Tangning, right? She must be really good in bed to have caught a big fish like the CEO of Hai Rui. Look at her legs...I reckon all men would love to give it a stroke."

"She's taller than you. Keep dreaming..."

"Pffft. If I get the chance, I'd make it so she wouldn't be able to get out of bed."


There was a loud slam on the table behind them. Tang Jingxuan stood up and glared piercingly at the boys sitting on the sofa, "Who do you think you're insulting?"

The three 17/18-year-olds stood up as their purple hair fluttered. They looked at the angry Tang Jingxuan, "We're talking about Tangning, so what?" one of the boys laughed in ridicule.

"Hey, don't cause trouble, he's from Hai Rui," one of the boys warned his arrogant bandmate with an obviously calmer voice.

The arrogant boy scoffed, "Does Hai Rui think they control everyone? Can't I insult Tangning if I want to?"

"Which agency are you from?" Tang Jingxuan asked.

"I told you not to offend Hai Rui," the leader of the band held back his bandmate and said to Tang Jingxuan, "He was talking without thinking, I hope you can forgive him."

Tang Jingxuan looked at the boys with a dark expression as he turned and left. After he left, the boys kicked the coffee table in front of them in anger.

"He is Hai Rui's new singer. His voice is not bad and his singing is professional; he is bound to become our biggest rival."

"Since he is a rival...let's find a way to screw him over."

The three boys looked at each other with understanding.

This was how one survived in the industry. Everyone stepped on each other and competition had always been fierce.

Actually, as he rehearsed, Tang Jingxuan felt he had overreacted a little. Although he mentally prepared himself, hearing people insult his sister in person was hard to bear. Anyone else would have said something too, let alone a man like himself.

Plus, Tangning wasn't someone they could afford to insult!

Thinking of this, Tang Jingxuan sent Tangning a message, "Sister Three, if you personally heard someone insulting you, what would you do?"

Actually, Tang Jingxuan wasn't the only one that reacted this way. In the past, both Huo Jingjing and Tangning had stuck up for each other in the same way. What the public thought, they didn't care, as long as they didn't hear it for themselves.

As soon as Tangning saw her brother's message, she could roughly guess what had happened. So she quickly replied, "Just ignore them. Remember their names and give it to me, that's all you need to do."

"Aren't you angry?"

"There's no point getting angry. But, the entertainment industry is small. One day, they are bound to fall into my hands..." she always destroyed people without them seeing it coming.

Seeing Tang Jingxuan did not response, she asked again, "Give me their names."

"As you know, I'll be appearing on an awards ceremony on Wednesday. Today I'm at the rehearsals and I came across the boy band, K&G. The boys were talking rudely about you, so I couldn't help it..."

"Don't be so impulsive from now on. The industry isn't as simple as you think it is."

Perhaps, at this time, Tang Jingxuan still had not fully understood the complexity of the industry. But, as soon as Tangning put down her phone, she immediately turned to Song Yanshu, "Give Long Jie a call. Ask her to look into the boys from K&G. Quick!"

"OK, focus on filming, I'll bring you the information as soon as I get it," Song Yanshu knew Tangning was loyal. Although she said she wasn't going to get involved with Tang Jingxuan's business, there was no way she'd completely not care.

She debuted at 17-years-old and had almost been in the industry for 10 years...

During this time, she had met all kinds of people. Under the current circumstance, she of course had to do all that she could to protect Tang Jingxuan.

3pm. Tangning had to relocate for her next scene. At this time, Song Yanshu demonstrated her speedy diligence by presenting Tangning with the information she got from Long Jie.

"This band has three members. Amongst them, Han Xiang and Rao Zihe are both from rich families. They seemed to have entered the industry for fun and are both troublemakers. Their families couldn't control them, so threw them into the entertainment industry. According to Long Jie's sources, they both have a history of marijuana usage. As for the band leader, he was discovered from a talent competition and is quite talented. His personality is relatively calm and doesn't have any bad habits."

"All three of them come from Ice Age Entertainment Agency and because of their good looks, have been quite popular lately."

"They are Luo Xing's biggest rivals."

They were rivals and also sons of rich families.

"Ask Long Jie if she can get a hold of any records regarding their marijuana usage," Tangning instructed calmly. "Jingxuan isn't prepared for it, but under these circumstances where he is sharing the same waiting room as his rivals, it is much too easy for them to plan something against him."

"OK, anything else you want me to do?"

"Tell Long Jie to speak to the band leader. Since he is a clear-minded person, he should know how to weigh the pros and cons."

Being in a band with two people that had bad habits; he was bound to be dragged down with them sooner or later.

She never hurt people, she was simply cautious of them.

She wasn't going to let anyone hurt her friends and family, especially not within the entertainment industry.

"OK, I'll start working on it now."

Tangning's precautionary work was quite scary, but it covered all bases, "I hope everything I prepared won't actually be put to use."

After hearing Tangning's words, Song Yanshu felt a little touched. When making a move, she was ruthless like her husband. After all, someone had trespassed into her territory. But in reality, she was truly aloof from the world. She barely chased after money and power and everything she did was for the sake of her closest people and loved ones. A woman like this was indeed interesting...

Not long after, Tangning arrived at her new location and resumed filming. The closer they got to the second half of the film, the more difficult filming became. Tangning and Bei Chendong focused all their energies on their scenes together, trying their best to give their viewers the most thrilling experience possible.

Of course, Song Yanshu reported Tangning's every move to Mo Ting and Tangning secretly allowed it. She knew Song Yanshu was hired by Mo Ting, so it was expected that she'd report to him.

After hearing about the situation with Tang Jingxuan, Mo Ting did not give much of a reaction. He simply said, "Do as she instructed."

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