Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 399: She Found Out That You Tricked Her Into Signing a Contract

Chapter 399: She Found Out That You Tricked Her Into Signing a Contract

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While Tangning acted with Bei Chendong, Han Xiner and Song Yanshu stood to one side. Han Xiner glanced at Song Yanshu and said, "Ning Jie is a really nice person, I hope you can take good care of her."

"Don't worry, I will." Song Yanshu had a small stature with facial features that gave off the scholarly aura of a Southern Chinese girl.

"You also need to take note of the things she dislikes!"

Song Yanshu smiled, "To be honest Xiner, I'm quite envious of you."

"Envious of me? Why?" Han Xiner was confused. "You shouldn't be envious of me. The first half of my life was filled with suffering."

"Actually, I would have loved to be Bei Chendong's assistant..." Song Yanshu said as she pointed to Bei Chendong with her chin. "But, he only wants you. You are the first assistant he's ever had. The only one."

"What do you mean?"

"What I mean is, I once applied to be his assistant back when he was still in a small agency, but he said that he didn't require one. It's almost been 10 years since that time and he indeed has not had anyone by his side until now. You have been the only one," Song Yanshu explained patiently.

"The only reason why I was asked to be Tangning's assistant is because Bei Chendong asked to take you from Tangning."

"Huh?" Han Xiner was shocked as Song Yanshu finished talking.

This...was Song Yanshu's way of getting revenge on Bei Chendong for disregarding her in the past.

Good luck, Bei Chendong! she thought


After the first scene finished filming, Bei Chendong's body was soaked in blood - real blood! The iron-like smell was beginning to make him feel sick, but his assistant was nowhere to be seen.

After covering Tangning with a light blanket, Song Yanshu turned to Bei Chendong and said, "Xiner was saying she wanted to leave..."

"Leave? Why?" Bei Chendong furrowed his eyebrows questioningly.

"She found out that you tricked her into signing a contract," Song Yanshu replied straightforwardly.

Tangning let out a laugh as she left with her assistant. Bei Chendong completely disregarded the blood on his body and immediately rushed over to the hotel to stop Han Xiner who was already dragging her luggage out the door, "Where are you going?"

"Home," Han Xiner replied angrily.

"You only signed your contact not long ago, how could you go home? You're not allowed..." Bei Chendong grabbed Han Xiner's luggage and dragged it back towards the set. But, because Han Xiner was in a rush and didn't zip her luggage up properly, it suddenly burst open and some​ of the contents came flying out. Worst of all, some of the undergarments she had packed neatly away, were now strewn across the floor...

Han Xiner's expression immediately changed. Meanwhile, a few members of the production crew held in their laughter as they looked at Bei Chendong's face. "Dong Ge, you dropped your underwear," one of them pointed out.

Bei Chendong froze and took a quick glance at the production crew before bending over casually and picking the underwear off the floor. He then continued walking ahead...

Han Xiner's face was as red as a pork liver as she chased after him and yelled, "Bei Chendong, give me back my stuff!"

"I'll give it back to you if you don't leave!" Bei Chendong said as he held onto her underwear.

"Can you be anymore shameless?" Han Xiner asked as she grinded her teeth.

"I only want results. Shame? I don't know what that is..." Bei Chendong replied calmly. At this moment in time, his expression was exceptionally calm. His face did not blush, nor did his heart race with embarrassment, "Do you still want your heart-printed underwear back?"

"You have no shame! Fine, I give up! Give it back," Han Xiner tried to jump up and grab her underwear. "Aren't you embarrassed for a 32-year-old man?"

"Let me ask you, what's so bad about working for me?" Bei Chendong held tightly to the item in his hand and placed it to his chest as he asked.

"Why must you insist for me to be your assistant?"

"Because you treat me like a psycho and successfully caught my attention."

"That sounds like something that would happen in one of the romance novels I read!" Han Xiner was frustrated.

"How did you know I've been taking tips from romance novels?"

Han Xiner: "..."

Deep down, Han Xiner was wondering why God wouldn't throw a lightning bolt down at this moment and rid the world of this monster. How was he not a psycho? Would a normal man hold onto a woman's underwear and threaten her with it?

"Why must I be an assistant for someone that always plays tricks on me?"

"How about I let you play tricks on me instead. Will you be my assistant then?"

"You must have paid someone money to do this!" Han Xiner glared at him, "You're shameless at the national level!"

"Enough. I'm going to count to three, if you won't agree to stay, I'm going to..."

"Stop!" Han Xiner grabbed her underwear from his hands and shoved them back in her luggage. "Go finish your filming. I won't leave, OK?"

"I'm going to hold onto your luggage."

"I said I won't leave, so I won't," Han Xiner groaned, "I'm not like 'some people'. I don't use dirty methods to get what I want. I can't believe you almost made me misunderstand Ning Jie..."

"How do you know she didn't give you to me willingly?" Bei Chendong asked as he lifted an eyebrow.

"Compared to you, I definitely believe in her." After speaking, Han Xiner grabbed her luggage and dragged it back into the hotel. Not long after, she returned on set holding Bei Chendong's jacket; how she wished she was holding his neck between her hands instead. How was he a national treasure actor? He was obviously a psycho! No wonder they got him to act in 'W.H.', the character was a complete replica of him. It was definitely more suited to him than the lord he previously played.

How could she have originally thought he was cool like a hidden expert...

She had completely overlooked him.

In the second scene of filming, the wife's friend was infected and came looking for help. However, her husband stopped the friend and warned her never to appear in front of his wife again.

His wife was confused because she was unaware of the situation in the village, so they ended up having a huge argument.

After their argument, the wife walked out and slammed the door. In the garden, she noticed one of her beloved pets were looking ill...

As she approached to have a look, her husband once again held her back.

As a result, the husband successfully prevented her from finding out what was truly happening...

The husband continued to try and save people. He did various research and tried different experiments, but they all ended in failure.

Like this, the dawn of a terrifying disaster was on the horizon...


The people on set watched as one scene after another was completed and felt extremely entertained. Tangning's realistic portrayal of emotions pulled them into each scene and Bei Chendong's acting made them feel like he was truly a carrier of a deadly virus. Even when they saw him off set, they felt goosebumps when they were around him.

Of course, Han Xiner was also one of these people.

Even when he was off set, Han Xiner felt a little afraid to get close to him.

"What are you doing?"

"I can't help it. Who told your acting to be so good. I keep feeling like you are carrying a virus and would spread it to me," Han Xiner explained.

"So, if I film animations from now on, will you find me cute?" Bei Chendong refuted. "I'm hungry, let's go eat."

"To be honest, I seriously think the film is good and...your acting is amazing," Han Xiner spoke from her heart.

Although she didn't say it, deep down she was completely convinced by his talent...

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