Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 397: Too Humiliating?

Chapter 397: Too Humiliating?

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As soon as she confirmed that Bei Chendong would be heading on set in 5 days, Han Xiner cheered in secret. However, Bei Chendong somehow found out and decided to confront her. His eyes squinted suspiciously as he looked at her, "I received word that you were happy to find out I'd be heading on set soon."

Han Xiner cleared her throat awkwardly as she looked at the icy cold man opposite her and smiled, "It's because I don't know anything and felt like I've been causing you trouble."

Bei Chendong looked away and replied, "I guess you have been quite troubling..."

This was because he constantly had the urge to kiss her...

"Well, once you're on set and filming has commenced, you won't feel troubled by me anymore," Han Xiner put down the script in her hands hoping to have an early night. She was going to relax and head out for a movie. But...was Bei Chendong actually going to let her go? "Your arm is pretty much capable of moving again, so, I was hoping to go home early tonight."

"Do you have someone to go home to?"

"No..." Han Xiner replied. "But, it's been a while since I've had some time to myself. I want to do some shopping and go for a walk."

"I'll come with you," Bei Chendong suddenly offered.

"Huh?" Han Xiner was surprised, "You? The national treasure actor? You want to go shopping with me? Let's not. I don't want everyone to be looking at me."

"Don't you like being with me at all?" Bei Chendong asked as he pointed to himself. "You'd rather spend time with Tangning than to stay here, wouldn't you?"

"Well, that's because I like Ning Jie..."

"Are you trying to say that you don't like me? Does it feel like torture to spend time with me?"

Han Xiner was a little dumbfounded. Did she ever say that? Bei Chendong was almost 33; a few days older than Mo Ting. But, why were his thoughts not as mature and sensible as someone of the same age?

"I want to go watch a movie..."

"I'll go with you. Don't worry, after I disguise myself, no one will recognize me." As soon as he finished speaking, Bei Chendong rushed into his bedroom to put on a disguise. Not long after, a man with a beard appeared in front of Han Xiner, "Can we go now?"

"If you're not careful, the news headlines tomorrow will be about a messy relationship between a small assistant and a superstar!" Han Xiner looked at him in fear, still reluctant to go with him.

"Fine, go by yourself then..." Bei Chendong admitted defeat as he sat down on the sofa. Without hesitation, Han Xiner hurried out in fright. Was he really that scary?

With a dark expression, Bei Chendong made a phone call to Mo Ting, "Get Tangning on the phone for me..."

Mo Ting lifted one eyebrow curiously; had Bei Chendong swallowed dynamite? However, he still handed the phone to Tangning.

"Your assistant is a little stupid...No, let me rephrase, she's VERY stupid."

Tangning burst out laughing. Judging by Bei Chendong's tone, Han Xiner was definitely driving him crazy. He tried his best to pursue her, but Han Xiner kept running away like she had absolutely no idea.

"When dealing with Xiner, you need to target her compassionate side. In other words, you have to do something to gain her sympathy."

"You keep appearing in front of her like an almighty superstar demanding for her to take care of you. Of course Xiner would brush you off."

"Plus, it's not like she's never seen a handsome face before; the man I have at home is stunning enough. So, you have to let her see your good side and cater to her interests, understand?"

"He's so lazy, as if he would cater to other's interests," Mo Ting commented as he sat to one side. "He's the type of person that wants to sleep with someone on the first date and marry them on the second. Slowly pursuing someone? He has no patience for such a tedious process. That's why no woman would ever want to marry him."

Bei Chendong felt a little hurt by Mo Ting's words, so he hung up the phone. Although he didn't admit it, he was indeed the way that Mo Ting described - he hated dragging things out. In fact, on a few occassions, he almost grabbed onto Han Xiner and asked her to be with him. But, he knew Han Xiner would reject him, so the words never left his mouth.

Tangning suggested he target her compassionate side.

There were plenty of fans that chased after celebrities their entire lives to find they couldn't even get a glimpse. Yet, here she was, spending day in and day out with a national treasure actor. Didn't she ever consider taking advantage of him and admiring his attractiveness?

Bei Chendong simply couldn't understand.

He was a top actor. Was it too humiliating for him to chase around a small assistant all day long?


Preparations for 'W.H.' were nearing completion. During this time, Tangning had disappeared from the limelight to focus on studying her script. But, two days before heading on set, she received news that 'Stupid' had settled on an official release date. This was the first movie she ever participated in, so it meant a lot to her.

"It will be released in June. You are expected to take part in promoting it."

"Of course..." Tangning smiled. "By the way, I heard you actually signed Jingxuan up to be a trainee for Hai Rui?"

"His name is now Luo Xing, it's a stage name that he picked for himself. It appears he actually has the intention to separate himself from the Tang Family."

"Don't you dare open a backdoor for him!"

"My expectations have always been strict, even with you. So he is no different," Mo Ting said as he hugged his wife. "No one can expect immediate success, I'm sure Tang Jingxuan understands this. But I must say, his voice is very unique."

"Don't worry, I will definitely present you with a satisfactory result for 'W.H.'"

"There are a lot of explosion scenes in the film - be careful," Mo Ting reminded. He then added as he kissed her, "Bei Chendong has taken Han Xiner, so I doubt you'll be getting her back. As for Long Jie, her and Lu Che are currently trying for a baby, so I don't think she can continue running around with you either. So, I will try my best to find you another assistant."

"I just need someone that knows what they're doing," Tangning didn't have high expectations for her assistant.

She didn't need someone with a temper nor someone that talked too much. In fact, if she didn't need to place her energy on the film, she would not need an assistant at all.

"You don't know how badly I want to go with you..."

"With Bei Chendong and Zihao around, you don't need to worry."

Mo Ting did not respond. He simply hugged her tighter.

"President Mo, you are becoming more and more childish...I'm only going out to film for a while."

"But, without you by my side, I can't eat and can't sleep...I've already gotten used to having you in my life," Mo Ting replied gently. "Hurry home after filming is completed. I'll visit you on set when I have time."

Tangning was helpless around him. "I'll leave my mother and Jingxuan in your hands then."

"We are husband and wife. I would do it even if you didn't ask me to..."

Meanwhile, fans of Tangning hadn't seen her for a while and were missing her dearly. So, they began leaving messages on Mo Ting's social media page.

"President Mo, hand over our Little Miss Tangning, we haven't seen her for a long time!"

"Could they be making babies?"

"What up-and-coming projects will Tangning be involved in, President Mo? We really miss her."

Seeing these messages, Tangning couldn't help but take a photo of herself. She then posted it onto Mo Ting's account with the caption, "Little Miss Tangning is right here."

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