Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 396: I Want to Stick by Your Side Every Day!

Chapter 396: I Want to Stick by Your Side Every Day!



"So, you don't want to be the Fourth Master of the Tang Family, instead you want to go act as a dead body?" Mo Ting raised an eyebrow slightly. "If that's your dream, I'm happy to fulfill it."


"If you truly want to be an extra in your sister's film, you will need at least 3 months of training before you can even act as a dead body."

"What's my sister's new film about? Even a dead body needs training?" Tang Jingxuan questioned.

"It's a disaster film. The type where everyone dies and there is one sole survivor..." Tangning replied, "But, I think you should focus on your postgraduate and stop thinking about entering the entertainment industry."

"You haven't even heard me sing before, how could you turn me away like this?" Tang Jingxuan refuted, "Sister Three, you were also doubted once, but in the end, didn't you prove yourself? Why can't you give me a chance? I may not be worse than some of the singers already at Hai Rui. Even grandfather isn't against it..."

"Jingxuan, let auntie convince them for you. Go home with Yichen first."

Tang Yichen couldn't stand Tang Jingxuan's groveling expression, so she grabbed him by the collar and pulled him to the car.

"Auntie, don't forget to convince them."

"Yichen sure is a cold child."

"She's actually cold on the surface, but warm on the inside," Tangning sighed as she hooked her arm onto her mother's, "Come, stay at my place tonight. You promised..."

Xia Yuling nodded her head; she didn't have another choice.

Mo Ting escorted both his wife and mother-in-law to the car and the family of three quickly returned home.

After arriving home, Tangning went to have a bath while Xia Yuling sat in the living room flipping through Tangning's script. Seeing that her daughter put so much effort into writing notes and marking reminders on the script, Xia Yuling sighed: she had never thought that her daughter would someday become an actress."

A while later, Tangning stepped into the living room and smiled, "I'm going to pour Mo Ting a glass of milk. Wait for me a moment. I'm afraid he might be hungry..."

"Why don't I make you guys supper?"

"No need mom... He's not used to having supper." Tangning quickly rushed off to take care of her husband before returning to Xia Yuling's side. "So how do you plan on convincing me to let Jingxuan into the entertainment industry?"

"Everyone has something they aspire to. Don't you understand Jingxuan yet? He's stubborn. Even if you don't help him, he will find another way to get into the entertainment industry."

Tangning remained silent for a moment before replying, "But...this industry..."

"Mom understands. Why don't you get him to hide his identity and not use the Tang Family name. Let him experience the harshness a little and perhaps he'll come running back home."

Tangning laughed without saying another word. In reality, she knew...once Tang Jingxuan entered the industry, there was no turning back. But, how was she to explain to Elder Tang? And who was left to take over the Tang Family business? Even so, Tangning knew her mother's plan was still a good idea. Plus, she could always think of a way later down the track to convince him to return home...

"Fine, I'll go with your idea. But, he won't receive any special treatment. Business is business." Tangning did this because she didn't want Tang Jingxuan to arrogantly think he had Hai Rui or herself backing him up.

"I'm sure he knows this better than you do. This child has a strong sense of pride." After Xia Yuling finished speaking, she let Tangning lean on her shoulder and asked, "How long has it been since you last leaned on mom like this?"

"A long time..."

"You can continue looking at your script. Mom will watch television."

Tangning nodded her head. The mother and daughter stayed like this until late into the night. This was something Xia Yuling never even dreamed of doing. She never imagined her daughter would forgive her, let alone lean on her like this.

A few hours later, Tangning fell asleep. But, Xia Yuling's arm started getting numb and painful.

Just as she was about to wake her daughter up, Mo Ting appeared behind them and said gently, "Mom, let me take over. You go to sleep first, the guest room is ready." After speaking, he gently lifted Tangning's head with his hands.

Xia Yuling nodded her head and stood up to leave the room. Meanwhile, Mo Ting gently rested Tangning's head on the sofa so she could lie horizontally.

"I'll leave you to keep her company then." After speaking, Xia Yuling entered the guest room. However, just as she shut the door, she saw Mo Ting lean over to carry Tangning in his arms. Her lips subconsciously curved upwards.


"Huh?" Mo Ting carried Tangning back to the bedroom and lay her on the bed.

"I want to kiss you," Tangning suddenly opened her eyes, hooked her arms around Mo Ting's neck and presented him with a passionate kiss... She then said seductively beside his ear, "I also want you!"

The bodies were inseparable: combining with an unfathomable force and held together by an undying affection. But, even this was not enough to fully demonstrate how deeply they loved each other.

After their moment of pleasure, Mo Ting held Tangning in his arms as they calmed down. Although their bodies were covered in sweat, they still hugged each other tightly...

They had already been married for over half a year, but their love for each other had not faded the tiniest bit. In fact, it had grown stronger.

How strong?

Their love was already at the stage where either of them would give up their life for the other without hesitation... long as the other person loved them back...

"I'm about to start filming. Until then, I want to stick by your side every day!"

"OK," Mo Ting smiled as he ran his hand gently down Tangning's long hair.


Late at night. At the Zhong family home.

Tang Xuan barely appeared with her husband in front of her in-laws. But, she had nowhere else she could go. The Tang Family refused to let her step foot into the family home and had even thrown her belongings out on the street...

"Mom...keep Xiao Xuan company. I still have work to do," Tang Xuan's husband said as he grabbed his jacket and left.

Tang Xuan looked at her mother-in-law cautiously; she was, of course, a little nervous...

Mother Zhong glanced at Tang Xuan and smiled, "No need to be nervous. I've already heard about what happened at the Tang Family home..."

"Xiao Xuan, it's not that I want to nag, but, if your stomach acted accordingly and had given you a son or daughter, Elder Tang would have gone easy on you for the sake of the little one."

Although she knew that Mother Zhong's words held a deeper meaning, she couldn't deny that it was a good way to solve her problem.

"Mom, don't worry, I will give you a grandchild as soon as possible."

"Good," Mother Zhong patted her on the arm as her expression softened.

If she jumped back into the Tang Family battle with a child, she would have an extra chess piece in her hands...

At that time, no one would care whether she was legitimate or not.

Obviously, Mother Zhong had more foresight than Tang Xuan. As a result, the two women unexpectedly stood in agreement with each other.

In reality, Mother Zhong wasn't completely pleased with Tang Xuan. But, regardless of whether she was legitimate or not, she still carried the bloodline of the Tang Family and was bound to receive some kind of benefit. Since her son had already been married to this woman for so many years, divorce did not guarantee he would find anyone better. So, it was better for her to make adjustments to what they already had...

At present, Tang Xuan still knew how to make the right decisions.

So, they would have to wait and see if she'd end up putting up a good fight.

Tang Xuan couldn't beat Xia Yuling, but, if a child was added to the mix, she may not necessarily lose...

However, dd they think Tangning was easy to go against?


Meanwhile, over at Bei Chendong's home, Han Xiner had already been helping him rehearse for a good few days...

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