Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 393: I Want to See Tang Xuan's Expression!

Chapter 393: I Want to See Tang Xuan's Expression!

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After the press conference, Mo Ting took Tangning and Xia Yuling back to Hyatt Regency.

"Help mom freshen up while I prepare some food for the two of you." Mo Ting gently patted Tangning's head and warned, "Today, I'll let you cry...but, only today."

Tangning nodded her head and pulled Xia Yuling towards her wardrobe, "Mom, you can wear my clothes for now."

Xia Yuling scanned her eyes across the couple's home. It was such a huge villa, yet it did not feel cold and empty. Even though only two people lived in it, it gave one the feeling that it was thoughtfully put together. As she looked at a photo of the couple, Xia Yuling calmed down and praised, "Xiao Ning, you and Mo Ting match each other very well."

"By the way, why is he the one that is cooking?"

"He makes dinner whenever he's not too busy. Plus, he doesn't like to see me enter the kitchen because he wants to protect my legs." Tangning pulled out a set of home clothes and handed them to Xia Yuling, "If you like it here, you should move over."

"This is your home, how could I intrude? Plus, I already have somewhere I can stay anyway..." Xia Yuling sighed as she held onto Tangning's hand. "My daughter is so capable and she has an adoring husband. Mom has no other wish except to lay eyes on some grandchildren in this lifetime..."

"They will come eventually," Tangning smiled as she replied. "Go have a bath. After you're done, come out and eat; Mo Ting cooks really well."

"I never imagined, the almighty CEO of Hai Rui - a person that is cold and serious - would actually be so domesticated."

"Behind all that facade, he is but an ordinary man that requires the warmth of home," Tangning giggled. "Stay here tonight. I'll sleep with you."

"What about Mo Ting?"

"He can sleep by himself..."

"Why do I feel like my daughter is bullying 'someone'?"

"Since I have 'someone' in this lifetime that I am allowed to bully, I should make good use of the opportunity." After speaking, Tangning pushed her mother into the bathroom, "Mom, no matter what you decide to do, I will support you and stay by your side. But, don't push yourself too hard."

"I know," Xia Yuling entered the bathroom and took a deep breath as she cheered for herself.

Regardless of everything else, at least Tangning was once again by her side...

She now had a daughter and a son-in-law...

After her mother entered the bathroom, Tangning headed downstairs. She quietly tiptoed behind Mo Ting and wrapped her arms around his waist, "Today sure has been a mess."

"Still upset?" Mo Ting asked as he continued to prepare dinner; his movement not restricted by her hug.

"I have the most important people by my side, how could I be upset?" Tangning replied with a raspy voice as a tear rolled out of her eye and seeped into Mo Ting's shirt. "But, for some reason, I want to cry. I think it's because you've always stayed by my side and stuck with me through thick and thin, so...I feel touched!"

"I've already gotten used to it..." Mo Ting replied.

"Ting...hug me for a little longer."

"Come to the front," Mo Ting pulled Tangning to the front of his body and hugged her from behind as he rested his head on her shoulder. "Is this better?"

"Much better," Tangning nodded her head as the corners of her lips curved upwards, "I feel nice and warm..."

After freshening up, Xia Yuling originally wanted to ask Tangning where the hairdryer was. But, as she stood in the doorway of the kitchen looking at the cute couple, she kept her mouth shut and decided not to disturb them...

How could anyone disturb such a beautiful sight?

Half an hour later, some simple but tasty dishes were placed on the dining table.

Xia Yuling looked at the dishes and smiled, "It seems Mo Ting has put a lot of effort into learning how to cook for your sake."

"He's always known how to cook..." Tangning pulled her mother over to sit down, but of course, she didn't forget to emphasize her innocence, "His cooking simply improved after we got married. Here mom, try some."

Xia Yuling nodded her head. Although she had always thought of Mo Ting as a cold and unapproachable person, after seeing the way the couple interacted, she suddenly understood that Mo Ting only acted that way in front of other people. In front of family, he was a true man that took good care of Tangning."

"What do you think?"

"It's delicious!" Xia Yuling praised. "But, as a wife, you need to take note of Mo Ting's difficulties. Look at him. He has to manage a business, he has to manage you and..." she suddenly stopped. Laughing at herself, she continued, "What I'm trying to say is, make sure to be thoughtful towards him."

"She is a good wife."

"Look, he even said it."

Xia Yuling was speechless, but it had been decades since she experienced such happiness. Today, she was able to eat dinner with her daughter and son-in-law and she was able to have a casual conversation with loved ones.

Thinking of this, Xia Yuling wanted to cry again. But Tangning held onto her hand and said, "Since you've made your decision, don't ever regret it. The road ahead may not be worse than the road behind."

"OK. Hurry and eat, we still have a meeting with the Tang Family later tonight."

Needless to say, Xia Yuling intended to get a divorce with Tang Qinwen (for the second time). But of course, this time she was going to leave with some of the Tang Family shares...

"Don't worry, I've already booked the meeting place and notified the Tang Family."

Xia Yuling nodded her head. Mo Ting was indeed a capable person who did everything effectively.

"Hurry and eat.."

"After dinner, you don't need to keep me company. Go do what you need to do. I will wander around on my own."

Tangning smiled and did not force her.

Meanwhile, Xia Yuling was still in shock. She had originally thought that the almighty CEO of Hai Rui would have a house full of servants. But, instead she was treated to a simple homecooked meal.

After dinner, Xia Yuling wandered down to the garden for some fresh air while Mo Ting returned to the study room to work and Tangning sat on the sofa reading her script.

With her mother around, Tangning's determination to act well in 'WH' increased.

Her mother had sacrificed herself so she could have freedom to be an actress. At the same time, Mo Ting also sacrificed a lot for her.

For the sake of the people she loved, she was going to prove herself and become a top actress.

As for Tang Xuan, she had suffered too much damage today...

She had always thought of herself as high and mighty; so high that no one could reach her. But, it was not until everything happened that she realized she was like mud that got stepped all over!

As Tangning thought of the jewelry box her mother gave her, she guessed that her mother had definitely considered giving up on everything...

It was just like the moment she discovered Han Yufan and Mo Yurou cheating. In the spur of the moment, she had once considered ending her own life. But, she quickly realized that she shouldn't waste her precious life on people that weren't worth it!

That night, she couldn't wait to see the expression on Tang Xuan's face. But, could Tang Xuan be so ashamed that she wouldn't even have the courage to show up?

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