Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 110: Hold a Grudge

Chapter 110: Hold a Grudge



"So did you also reject my portfolio?" Tangning was angry inside, but her expression remained calm.

"I am not in the same boat as Yang Jing, but I am aware of this issue. Your age does not comply with the selection criteria, so you were rejected; this is in line with the company regulations," Luo Hao tried his best to speak calmly.

"Tangning, you've already left Tianyi, which means you will be entering into a more competitive agency. If you want a better team, so do other people. I don't think I've done anything wrong. However, I am of course looking forward to seeing you fight back."

"This is the entertainment industry, your position determines your outcome."

After hearing Luo Hao's words, Tangning smiled. Her smile made Luo Hao confused.

"On the surface, you don't appear to be in the same boat as Yang Jing, but in reality, didn't you sacrifice my opportunity to join Cheng Tian for your own benefit? Of course you do not need to apologize, but I don't think you should be speaking about this incident so proudly. Yang Jing is common, she likes to go against people behind their backs, but she understands her for you..."

"You are the type of person that has stabbed multiple innocent people, yet your reasoning is that you have allowed them to go to heaven sooner and that they should thank you for carrying out gods work; you don't think you've done anything wrong."

After Luo Hao heard her words, he wanted to retaliate, but as the words clung to the edge of his mouth, he realized he lacked power.

"You better continue to block my way, or else...I'm sure you must have heard, I hold grudges."

Luo Hao was dumbfounded, he was speechless...

He had suddenly realized, by stopping Tangning, he may not have simply made a bad decision; Tangning wasn't the type of person to give people a chance to turn back. So, he had no choice but to continue to cooperate with Yang Jing.

After taking a few moments to calm himself down, Luo Hao stopped conversing with Tangning. Not long after, the huge hall emptied out. Mo Ting remained seated, he didn't like crowds, so it was normal for him to leave last. As for Tangning, it wasn't convenient for her to get up because of her dress, so no one suspected their relationship at all, except...Father Five.

After Lan Xi finally came back from the bathroom, Luo Hao had gone to the parking lot to retrieve his car. Father Five stood beside Lan Xi, they weren't well acquainted, but they still chatted here and there.

"Father Five, congratulations on signing Tangning."

Father Five turned his head as he held back a smile. His eyes looked at her meaningfully, "Tangning did not sign on with me."

Lan Xi was surprised for a moment. Her expression was lost like how Tangning had been earlier on. At this time, Father Five continued to speak, "As if a model like Tangning would give my small company a second look - she's rejected us three times already."

Lan Xi suddenly remembered how Luo Hao had clearly told her that Tangning had rejected their offer and agreed to sign with Creative Century...

"I'll be leaving first..." Seeing Lan Xi's confused expression, Father Five did not continue. As soon as his assistant arrived with his car, he immediately got in.

Not long after, Luo Hao's car also arrived. Lan Xi opened the door and stepped in. Her expression was extremely somber, but Luo Hao did not take notice.

"Luo Hao, I want you to contact Tangning again and do everything you can to pull her into our agency."

"But, President Lan, she has already decided to sign with Creative Century."

Lan Xi glanced at Luo Hao through the rearview mirror without saying a word; a disappointed expression swept across her face. She was aware of all the scheming Yang Jing had been doing behind her back, so she had originally placed all her faith on Luo Hao. But, she never expected, her right-hand man would be better at lying to her than Yang Jing.


The entire hall was now empty. Only Mo Ting and Tangning, as well as a few cleaners, remained. Mo Ting lifted his head to look at Tangning. Without a word, he stood up and approached her as he wrapped her tightly in his suit jacket.

A warm feeling swept over Tangning as she felt herself calm down. They left the hall one after another. It was not until she boarded the car that Tangning finally asked Long Jie for her clothes.

"What happened?" Long Jie asked as she looked at Tangning's soaked dress.

Not long after, Mo Ting stepped into the car from a quiet spot as he sent Long Jie over to Lu Che's car. Seeing Tangning was still wearing the soaked dress, he asked unhappily, "Why haven't you changed yet?"

"There were too many people on that street. I was worried someone would take a picture of me."

"At a time like this, you are still worried about getting your photo taken?" Mo Ting closed the car window and lifted his jacket to cover Tangning, "Quick, get changed..."

Under Mo Ting's cover, Tangning stripped out of her long dress and into new clothes; her body was still icy cold. Mo Ting reached out his hand to rub her body for warmth, "Why didn't you speak to Lan Xi?"

"Because I discovered, apart from Yang Jing, there is one more person that is standing in my way; I'm guessing his relationship with Yang Jing isn't that simple. If I had rushed things, I'm afraid this man may have done something to stop me, so I decided not to make a move in front of him," Tangning explained in a concerned manner.

"This man is named Luo Hao. If we only judge him on his professionalism as a manager, he is indeed capable and is Lan Xi's right-hand man," Mo Ting said as he stopped rubbing her and instead wrapped her in his arms, "I will not let him get away with bullying you."

Tangning agreed with a soft hum; she was already tired. Thinking about how she had water poured all over her and how Mo Ting was the only one to hand her his jacket, Tangning knew, the only person in this world that she could trust and rely on, was him. Only Mo Ting, he was the only one that sent her warmth under those circumstances.

"Hubby...I'm sorry. I wasted such a great opportunity."

"If I knew you would have to suffer like this, I wouldn't have made you come..."

Tangning smiled as she tried to find a more comfortable spot in Mo Ting's embrace to dig her head into...

Meanwhile, Lan Xi had just returned home. She gave her secretary a call, "Help me find Tangning's contact details."

5 minutes later. Her secretary called back, "President, I just found Tangning's portfolio on one of our HR staff's computer...she wanted to come for an audition, but it seems, Yang Jing rejected her. The reason was that her age did not comply with the agencies selection criteria."

A loud bang echoed through the room...

Lan Xi slammed her hands on the table; she was furious...

These two people completely neglected all the rules. How dare they work together and lie to her.

"Don't let Yang Jing and Luo Hao know that I found out about Tangning's portfolio. Understood?"

"Yes, President."

"Send me Tangning's contact details."

No wonder that night Luo Hao had insisted she swap seats with him and no wonder...when she congratulated Tangning, she looked completely lost...

It was time to teach these two a lesson. How dare they treat her like she didn't exist? That night...Lan Xi personally made a phone call to Tangning.

"Hello Tangning, I am the CEO of Cheng Tian. I have a suggestion, I wonder if you are interested..."

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