Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 392: How Could I Possibly be the Daughter of a Mistress?

Chapter 392: How Could I Possibly be the Daughter of a Mistress?

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"No, we won't go to them," Xia Yuling refused, "I've already done so much for them over the years. It's time for them to come to me."

Xiao Jie looked at her friend and realized, once a woman's heart was hardened, it could be strong enough to destroy the earth.

In the past, this could be witnessed via Tangning. Now, Xia Yuling was the same.

Of course, pulling oneself up from a painful abyss was difficult, but bravely moving forward was the only way to break through to a new life of freedom.


[Breaking News! Tangning's True Identity!]

[To Protect her Daughter, Mother Tang Steps Out and Exposes Husband's Secret.]

[Secrets of the Rich Revealed: Two Families Involved in Shocking Scandal!]"


Without a doubt, the Tang Family's scandal immediately jumped to the top of search rankings. After all, with both Tangning and her birth secret involved, the drawing power was incomparable.

Plus, the way that the story unfolded was much too entertaining for those that followed it. After all, the person originally labeled a mistress, turned out to be legitimate and even had to put up with years of suffering and judgment. While the woman that claimed to be legitimate turned out to be the one that was involved in an affair; her actions were completely immoral!

As the scandal involved both a famous celebrity and wealthy socialite family, the public couldn't help gossiping about it.

"Now that I think about it carefully, back when Tangning had her accident, rumors suddenly started out of nowhere about her keeping ghosts. At that time, the rumor went completely viral; she was even replaced by the producer of her film. If this series of events was instigated by someone in the Tang Family, then that's quite terrifying."

"This is nothing. In the world of the wealthy, people would do anything for the sake of power."

"Quick, look. An analysis post has been placed online."

"Who is Hai Rui looking for? And who was Xia Yuling referring to? It has to be her: the eldest daughter of the Tang Family - Tang Xuan!"

"It has been rumored that Tang Xuan and Tangning are on bad terms. In fact, Tang Xuan was the reason that Tangning left the Tang Family."

"This Tang Family heiress is brutal. I've met her in the past. She is arrogant and snobby!"

The netizens were undoubtedly powerful. So, it didn't take long for them to come to the conclusion that Tangning's accident had something to do with Tang Xuan.

Because, out of everyone in the Tang Family, she was the only one at odds with Tangning.

"It seems, Xia Yuling had reached her limit. That's why she stepped out to reveal the truth. I guess the almighty heiress has now turned into a mistress' daughter."

"And here she was being all shameless and bullying the legitimate heiress. She deserved being exposed by Xia Yuling!"

"Tangning left home at 17 and has been working hard on her own, yet Tang Xuan still wouldn't let her go. She is much too cruel."

All of a sudden, information about the three illegitimate siblings was dug up by netizens.

Of course, the reaction of the Tang Family was also quite interesting...

After seeing news about the press conference, Elder Tang sat in his study room for quite some time without saying a word. At the same time, over at the hospital and college, Tang Yichen and Tang Jingxuan were surprised, but...they somehow felt that it wasn't bad for the revelation to be made. After all, Tang Xuan had made a mess of the Tang Family and had almost gone out of control.

Meanwhile, from the time the press conference ended, Tang Qinwen remained hidden in the hotel bathroom, too afraid to step out. He simply sat on the floor in disbelief because he couldn't believe what Xia Yuling had done to him.

It felt like something she shouldn't have done, but at the same time, it was reasonable for her to have done it!

The only one to react angrily was Tang Xuan, who jumped out of her seat as soon as she saw the news. In disbelief, she turned to her assistant and asked, "Is this a joke? This must be a part of the b*tch's trick, right?"

"How could I possibly be the daughter of a mistress?"

"My mother is the heiress of Liang Corp! How could she be a mistress?"

"How is this possible?"

"I don't believe it. I refuse to believe it," Tang Xuan took a few steps back and leaned on her office chair in a daze. It was obvious she couldn't accept what had happened.

"President Tang. This is all real," her assistant replied, "Madam Tang presented everyone with evidence..."

"Evidence can be forged."

"But, the original records can't be forged."

"I don't care..." Tang Xuan had suffered a huge blow. As she slid lifelessly onto the floor, she cried, "I am the Tang Family heiress. Tangning is the daughter of a mistress! She has to be!"

Her assistant looked at her and took a few steps to the side. It was obvious that Tang Xuan couldn't accept the truth. No matter who tried to comfort her at a time like this, they were bound to be treated like an enemy.

For a woman that was power-hungry to be told that her mother was actually a mistress and have it revealed in front of the entire nation, how was she to ever face the world again?

Her assistant suddenly felt sympathy for her; Xia Yuling's attack was much too ruthless...

It hit Tang Xuan so bad that she couldn't fight back.

Everything she did had completely backfired on her. It took so much scheming to think of the cruelest way to deal with Tangning, yet, in the end, she received her retribution and dug her own grave.

This time, not only did the entire nation know she was the daughter of a mistress, they also found out how she ruthlessly schemed against her own sister!

So, it was no surprise that Tang Xuan was sitting on the floor in a daze.

How was she to ever step foot out the front door again?

Her assistant simply kept her company and watched over her. Eventually, Elder Tang made a phone call, "How's Tang Xuan?"

"Chairman, she is not doing well," the assistant replied honestly. "She's sitting on the floor, not saying a word, completely in a daze."

"Bring her home. She should meet with Yuling, admit to her wrongdoings and offer an apology."

"OK, I'll bring her home now," the assistant nodded.

"Also, she should step down from the position of Acting President...From now on, she shouldn't dream of touching the Tang Family business again."

The assistant hung up the phone with a dark look in his eyes, but he still walked over to Tang Xuan and helped her off the floor, "The Chairman wants me to take you home."

Tang Xuan glanced at her assistant. Perhaps it was because she mistook him for her husband, she pounced forward, wrapped him in a hug and cried.

The assistant sighed. Just as he was about to take her downstairs, Tang Xuan's actual husband appeared from the elevator...

As soon as he saw the two huddled up together, he was obviously shocked, "Let her go!"

The assistant was surprised as he quickly tried to explain, "The Chairman..."

"Don't tell me there's still something going on between the two of you in private!"

"Mr. Zhong, please don't misunderstand," the assistant bowed with respect.

"Hmmph," Tang Xuan's husband grabbed onto her hand and pulled her into the elevator.

In reality, he was quite fired up too. From the time that he married Tang Xuan, she had continuously begged him to let her work and refused to have children. Now, it was discovered that she hurt her own sister for the sake of power and had been exposed on national news. He was, after all, the owner of a famous shipping company. How could he let the public look at him in ridicule because of his wife?

Above all, Tang Xuan's true identity as a mistress' daughter had been proven!

So, his family had a lot of opinions towards her; not only did she not want children, her identity wasn't clean...

It was obvious this marriage was reaching its limits.

But, worst of all was the look in her assistant's eyes... always made him feel uncomfortable.

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