Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 391: If Tang Xuan Want's to Harm You, Mom Won't Allow it

Chapter 391: If Tang Xuan Want's to Harm You, Mom Won't Allow it

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At this moment in time, faced with the dirty reporters and the black hole of cameras, Xia Yuling laid her 20 plus years of secrets on the table.

She was no longer afraid of being embarrassed.

Between her daughter and husband, she had already chosen the wrong side for too many years. Now was the time to put everything back in order.

"I hope the media can stop insulting my daughter by calling her the daughter of a mistress. I, Xia Yuling, am the legitimate wife of Tang Qinwen, and my daughter Tangning is his legitimate child."

"If you are still doubtful, I can lend you the evidence...none of this can be forged."

"I would also like to make a vow. From now on, I won't let anyone hurt my daughter again."

The media snapped frantically at the stage with their cameras; they wanted to capture every little detail of Xia Yuling's facial expressions.

Who would have thought, the Tang Family had such a scandal.

And who would have thought, this was the true story behind Tangning's birth...

As for Xia Yuling, no one expected she'd finally reveal all her husband's wrongdoings for the sake of her daughter...

"Ms. Xia, by making this revelation today, are you not afraid someone will come looking for revenge?"

Faced with the reporter's question, Xia Yuling sneered as she wiped her tears and replied, "The fact that I am standing here in front of you today means that I was already prepared for the family to fall apart. I want my daughter to stand tall and proud. From now on, no matter if she's walking on the runway or acting in a film, she can hold her head high knowing her mother has never done anything shameless."

"Revenge? As long as my daughter leads a good life, I'm not afraid of revenge."

"So, thank you everyone for attending today."

After hearing her response, the reporters broke out in discussions.

"The internal battle in the Tang Family must be so bad that Tangning's situation has forced Ms. Xia to speak up."

"When Tangning fell, I thought it had something to do with competition within the industry. But, if it was actually done by someone in the Tang Family, I can understand why Ms. Xia decided to step out and protect her daughter. After all, this incident could have taken her life."

"That's right! In fact, this Ms. Xia has been much too generous and forgiving. If it was me, I could never endure so much for the sake of someone else's children, let alone push my own daughter away."

"Regardless, the truth has now been revealed and everyone knows Tangning is the truly legitimate child. It seems, Ms. Xia will need to be cautious of revenge from both the Tang and Liang family now."


She wasn't afraid of revenge.

In this lifetime, Tang Qinwen betrayed her once and she betrayed him back, so weren't they even?

"Yuling, I never knew you had it so tough," her friend sighed as she patted her on the shoulder, "It's good that you've revealed everything. I'm sure Tangning will understand..."

After revealing everything, Xia Yuling felt like her heart had been torn out of her chest. She didn't know how she ended up leaving the stage, she simply saw Tang Qinwen appear at the doorway of the hall. soon as their eyes meet, she looked away.

She didn't want the Tang Family no more, she just wanted her daughter...

The two women quickly left the hall and headed to their room with the assistance of security. However, as soon as the door closed, Xia Yuling emotionally collapsed.

"Keeping this secret for so many years has really been tough on you," her friend comforted as she wrapped her arms around her and gently patted her on back. "Since you've already made your decision, you should continue moving forward bravely. Things aren't so bad, you still have your daughter and your son-in-law."

"Let me go wash my face..." Xia Yuling pulled away from her friend's embrace and stumbled into the bathroom. Even though her friend was worried, she knew she had to give her some personal space and time to recover.

However, 10 minutes passed, but the bathroom door remained closed...

Her friend hesitated for a moment before she decided to get up and check on the situation. But suddenly, a succession of frantic knocks echoed through the room, followed by Tangning's voice...

"Auntie Xiao, open the door..."

Xiao Jie was in shock as she ran straight to the door and opened it.

In the doorway stood Mo Ting and Tangning. They were both so tall that people couldn't help but look up at them.

"Your mother's been in the bathroom for a while. I am a little worried."

Tangning took a glance at the man behind her and Mo Ting quickly responded by giving Lu Che a phone call. 2 minutes later, the hotel manager appeared with a room card and handed it to Tangning.

Tangning used the card to open the bathroom door and entered. As soon as she walked in, she saw Xia Yuling sitting beside the bathtub. She almost broke down in tears if not for the man behind her giving her strength.

"Mom..." Tangning called softly.

Hearing this, Xia Yuling slowly glanced over. As soon as she saw Tangning, tears rolled out of her eyes, "You're finally willing to call me that."

Tangning slowly walked over to Xia Yuling and knelt down in front of her. She then held her icy cold hands, "I've been a bad daughter."

"No, you haven't done anything wrong. You've remembered everything your mother has taught you." Xia Yuling took a deep breath. She had missed her daughter; she had wished to hear her call her 'mom' for a very long time.

"Then, let's not speak of this again. What's in the past is in the past. From now on, let's live happily together."

"No...I still need to help you get back what you deserve," Xia Yuling shook her head in refusal. Originally, she had already made a decision to do the worst thing she could, but if she was to disappear forever, who was to control the people from the Tang Family? "You are a legitimate child of the Tang Family, you don't need to lower your head to anybody. Mom was too selfish in the past. As a result, you were put through so many years of pain."

"Now, I've thought everything over clearly."

"I no longer plan to avoid the Tang Family. In fact, I will take back everything that belongs to us."

"You like to act, right? Continue doing what you're doing. As long as you and Mo Ting are happy, mom will be happy." Xia Yuling cupped her hands around Tangning's face and continued, "If Tang Xuan wants to harm you, mom won't allow it. So...I will become the head of the Tang Family home!"

"I was too weak in the past. From now on, I will protect you..."

In the midst of this moment, Tangning felt like she had been punched in the heart.

Over the years, she had never been nice to her mother. Who would have thought that she had suffered so much.


"This is your mother's decision. As her daughter, you should respect it," Mo Ting pulled Tangning into his arms and wrapped her in his warm embrace, "She has her own wishes to fulfill..."

"Mo Ting's right," Xia Yuling wiped away her tears and stood up. She then took a couple steps towards Tangning and Mo Ting and declared, "From now on, you not only have your husband. You also have mom."

Tangning's tears flowed uncontrollably from her eyes as she wrapped her arms around her mother. As for Mo Ting, he found himself wrapping his long arms around the two women.

"That's enough. How old are you? If the media catches you crying like this, your image will be destroyed...after that, no matter how good your films are, no one will watch it," Xia Yuling teased.

"Tangning, mom feels safe leaving you in the hands of Mo Ting, but there is one important thing I haven't done yet." As she spoke these words, her eyes looked confident and firm.

She had finally understood something.

To truly protect Tangning and allow her to do what she enjoyed, she had no choice but to fight for power within the family.

Tang Xuan: the true daughter of a mistress. It was time for her to step down from the position of Acting President!

"Elder Tang just called. He asked you all to return to the Tang Family home," Xiao Jie said to the trio as she stepped into the doorway of the bathroom.

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