Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 390: Who Said There's No Way to Verify it?

Chapter 390: Who Said There's No Way to Verify it?

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"I am Xia Yuling, the daughter-in-law of the chairman of Tang Corp. If you are still unfamiliar with who I am, let me introduce to you my other identity: I am the mother of Tangning. Today, I stand before you because I have something I want to say."

"It seems the rumors are true. The Tang Family really does have big news to reveal..."

"If she is the daughter-in-law, then that must mean she is the rumored mistress."

"Wasn't it revealed previously that Tangning's mother is a mistress?"

The reporters below the stage were deep in discussion because the secret that was about to be revealed had sparked their interests. After all, Tangning was involved.

Tangning had gone from being a model to an actress and every step took place in front of the media. Even today, she was still the center of attention even though her mother was the one that was standing in front of everyone.

"I've been called a mistress for many years now, so over time I've already gotten used to this nickname. I've always felt that keeping a secret for the sake of a loved one is worth it because everyone has their own story. But, I've recently realized, by accepting this fate, I've brought a whole world of pain to my daughter."

"She debuted at 17-years-old and has never asked the Tang Family for a cent. As a result, she went through many struggles to get to where she is today. But recently, because of me, she has had to feel shame; I feel extremely sorry towards her," Xia Yuling said in seriousness as she tried her best to magnify her voice so everyone could hear it.

"In that case Ms. Xia, are you here to make an apology?" one of the female reporters immediately asked.

"No, I'm not here to apologize..."

"I'm here to clarify something."

"Because if I don't speak up now, there is no guarantee that my daughter won't continue to be schemed against."

As soon as these words left her mouth, the media were in shock.

It was too obvious what she was referring to; it seemed, she knew who the culprit behind Tangning's recent accident was.

"It sounds like you know who planned the accident on the set of 'Hidden Expert'."

"Oh my God..."

"I know who it is, but I have no evidence. So, the only other thing I can do is stand before you all today and tell you I am no mistress..." As Xia Yuling spoke, her voice trembled. "Today, I will be revealing the entire truth."

"My husband's first wife was not the heiress of Zhongheng Enterprise, Liang Fengqing. His first wife was..." At this moment, Xia Yuling was interrupted by her friend. She had received a phone call from Elder Tang.

"Do you want to pick it up?"

Xia Yuling looked at the media and back at her friend. In order to prevent herself from backing out, she stood firmly on the stage. Just before she picked up the phone, she said to the media, "Please wait two minutes while I take an important phone call."

She then picked up the phone and greeted Elder Tang.

"Yuling, I heard about the press conference you are holding."

"Father, sorry...but Tang Xuan has hurt Tangning too badly this time. I can no longer tolerate it. I must let Tangning know that the three siblings are the actual children of a mistress. Tangning and I have endured too much, I don't want to endure anymore..."

"I won't blame you. If you want to reveal it, then go ahead, I also want to hear about it," Elder Tang replied in a low voice. "I simply hope that you won't say it in a way where it would hurt the other two innocent children."

"If not for them two, I would have announced it long ago." After speaking, Xia Yuling hung up the phone and handed it back to her friend. She then continued what she was doing, "Sorry everyone, let's continue."

To help the reporters better understand the situation, Xia Yuling gave a brief update on the status of the Tang Family. The Tang Family had always kept their secrets tightly under wraps, so the media had no interest in them until recently when Tangning was revealed as the child of a mistress.

"How do you plan to prove your innocence, today?"

"I can't believe a mistress won't admit to being a mistress!"

"Liang Fengqing isn't even around anymore. No matter what you say, you can't verify it!"

The reporters bombarded her with doubt.

These words were perhaps the same thoughts that were running through Tang Xuan's mind. She definitely thought Xia Yuling was shameless. How dare she talk so loudly in front of the media without feeling embarrassed.

"Who said there's no way to verify it?" Xia Yuling pulled out an old marriage certificate, a family photo and a few small items from her bag. She then showed each one to the media, "This here, clearly shows the time and date that I got married to Tang Qinwen. And here, this shows when he married Liang Fengqing. As you can see, I married Tang Qinwen 6 years prior to her."

"I also want to reveal that Tang Xuan is not the eldest grandchild of the Tang Family. In fact, I also had a son: Tangning's older brother, who unfortunately passed away from Pneumonia at the age of two."

"All of you must be curious how and why Tang Qinwen married two women, right?"

"It was because, at the time that we first met, my grandfather started him off as an entry-level staff for training. When we first met, I had no idea of his true identity. We ended up getting married on impulse without notifying our parents."

"However, my life turned into a nightmare after my son died. I was suffering from so much grief that I was often ill. During this time, Tang Qinwen secretly met with Liang Fengqing and had two children with her. He then intended on getting a divorce with me, but then, I suddenly fell pregnant with Tangning."

"After giving birth to Tangning, I discovered he had been having an affair. So, that was when we officially filed for a divorce." After speaking, Xia Yuling pulled out some divorce papers. Again, the date and time were clearly marked.

"A while after our divorce, Liang Fengqing ended up passing away while giving birth to her third child. At this time, Tang Qinwen suggested for Tangning to reunite with her family. So, for the sake of my daughter, we ended up moving into the Tang Family home."

"However, it was only afterwards that I discovered...I had suddenly become known as a mistress..."

"It turned out, while Tang Qinwen was maintaining a marriage with me and pretending to be a poor entry-level worker, he had held a fancy wedding with Liang Fengqing using his wealthy identity. And it was only after we got divorced that they officially got registered."

"This is the reason why Tang Xuan is 29-years-old, but her parents haven't even been married for 25 years."

"Tang Qinwen begged me not to reveal the truth because he didn't want his other three children to realize their father was a jerk. So, to prevent them from getting hurt, I ended up enduring all the misunderstanding."

"I thought, as husband and wife, it was best to cherish what we had. Everyone makes mistakes at some point in their lives, but no matter how big a mistake he made, it was already in the past. But, only now do I realize I can't ignore the pain my daughter has suffered..."

"She is a legitimate child!"

"Tangning did not marry Mo Ting as a mistress' daughter!"

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