Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 389: Listen to me, I'm Here

Chapter 389: Listen to me, I'm Here

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After taking Tangning's call, Tang Xuan directly threw her phone on the desk. Seeing her fired up expression, her assistant asked, "President Tang, what happened?"

Tang Xuan stood up from her seat and looked at the words 'Acting President' on the glass door of her office. With a smirk, she replied, "Tangning said she's going to fight for the role of successor."

"Did it come straight from Tangning's mouth? It doesn't sound like something she would say."

"It's because she found out I've been insulting her mother," Tang Xuan scoffed. "But wait...she mentioned something about something happening to her mother. Could it be that her shameless mother finally realized the disgusting things she's done and decided to end her life? If that's the case, I'll be jumping in joy..."

"President Tang, I have a feeling something's not right. Why don't you call home and ask?" Tang Xuan's assistant was a meticulous person. Knowing that Tangning was normally the type to remain aloof from the world, it didn't seem right for her to be easily angered. Unless, of course, things were really serious.

"Why would I call? That Xia Yuling is merely trying to threaten grandfather into suppressing me. But, there's no way she would really kill herself." After speaking, Tang Xuan returned her focus to the pile of work in front of her.

As for the will, after her argument with Mother Tang the other day, Tang Xuan decided not to confront Elder Tang about it. For her to truly win, it was better for her to seize as much company shares as possible instead.


Tangning couldn't understand what was happening, so the fear in her heart increased. Could it be because of Tang Xuan's provocation that her mother decided to do something impulsive? However, in reality, this was something her mother had wanted to do for over 20 years. Every day and every night, whenever she felt restless or couldn't sleep, the secret she kept would cross her mind.

Mo Ting could tell that Tangning was anxious. The more she didn't speak, the more she was struggling inside.

"I've thought it over and over again, but I still can't figure out what she wants to expose to the media."

"I have a feeling she's already prepared herself for the worst..."

Mo Ting held onto Tangning's icy cold hands and gently comforted her, "Let her say what she wants to say. As long as we hold onto her afterwards, that's all that matters. Lu Che has already contacted the hotel. We won't let her leave on her own again."


"It's OK. Listen to me, I'm here."

Hearing this, Tangning slowly calmed down. With this reliable shoulder to lean on, nothing bad could possibly happen.

"OK, I'll listen to you. She can say what she wants to say."

The story behind her birth was no longer a secret, so the worst that could happen was for her to appear on the headlines again. She'd pulled through much worse. As if revealing the truth would scare her.

Not long after, the couple's car arrived near the hotel.

In order not to create a stir, they decided to remain in the car and wait patiently.

"Lu Che is already in the lobby. Mom is in room 3023 and the press conference will be held in hall 2."

"Mom?" Hearing this word flow so naturally from Mo Ting's mouth, Tangning sighed, "It's been many years since I last called her that. Do you really not mind her?"

"Regardless of everything, I am thankful that she has brought you into this world. Listen to me. Bring mom home and stop torturing yourself. One day, you will also become a mother."

Mo Ting could completely see through Tangning's thoughts. Especially the complex feelings she felt for Xia Yuling. What she needed all along, was for someone to help her make a decision and to settle her indecisive heart.

Tangning held onto Mo Ting's hand and nodded, "You are the head of the household. I'll do as you say."


Father Tang felt a little strange...

From the moment he woke up and saw his wife's empty jewelry cabinet in the morning, his heart had been feeling uneasy.

Worst of all, he couldn't seem to get through to her phone no matter how many times he called. With no other choice, he decided to give a few of her closest friends a call instead. It was at this time that he realized, no one had organized to go on a holiday with her, nor did she ever speak of planning a trip away.

Could it be that the incident with Tang Xuan had made her upset?

He thought about it for a while before he decided to pack his things and leave work early. After making a phone call home, he headed to Tang Xuan's office.

"Father, what's happening today? Tangning called me earlier, talking nonsense, and now you..." Tang Xuan stood up from her office chair and went to sit next to Father Tang, "What's wrong?"

Just as Father Tang was about to reply, Tang Xuan's assistant rushed urgently into the room, "President Tang, I received news that the madam has contacted the media. I'm not sure what she has planned."

"What?" Father Tang jumped up from the sofa.

"Father...what's going on?" Tang Xuan asked as she held him back.

Father Tang took a deep breath and glared at his daughter, "Why did you say such harsh words to your auntie the other day? Did you know you may have destroyed the both of us?"

"Father...what do you mean by that?"

"What I mean is, if you don't hurry and find a way to stop her, forget about being an heiress of the Tang Family." After speaking, Father Tang hurried out of the room.

But, he had no idea where to find Xia Yuling. At this moment, there were less than 40 minutes until the press conference!

Amongst the confusion, Tang Xuan watched as Father Tang left. She suddenly felt the scene in front of her was quite funny, "What exactly is up with Father?"

"Something big is about to happen."

"Press conference, huh? I can't wait to see what trick this woman wants to play. Just because she's meeting with the media, does that change the fact that she's a mistress? Hmmph...stop her? Why should I stop her? She can do whatever she wants," Tang Xuan said with confidence. It seemed, she had absolutely no sense of danger!

Her assistant took a deep breath but didn't say a word.

Mo Ting expected the Tang Family would attempt to stop the press conference, but, even as the press conference started, they were nowhere to be seen. Regardless, even if they were to show up, there was no use. Because Mo Ting was going to make sure Xia Yuling got to say what she came here to say.

He had a feeling, today's events would be significant in mending the relationship between Tangning and her mother.

Meanwhile, Father Tang was on his way, but there was no way he'd make it in time to the hotel.

It didn't take long before reporters and members of the media gathered at the press conference. At this time, accompanied by her friend, Xiao Jie, Xia Yuling appeared inside hall 2 of the hotel.

Under Mo Ting's cover, Tangning entered the hotel through a side door. But because they wanted to avoid causing a stir, they had no choice but to wait inside a room until the event was over.

Time flew. It was already 3pm.

Xia Yuling's friend was a famous radio host, so this was the main reason they managed to contact so many members of the media.

As for the reason the reporters even bothered to turn up today, was all because they had heard today's press conference was about drama within the Tang Family.

Of course, even if they didn't hear this, the identity of Tangning's mother was already enough to get conversations going...

After all, the news about Tangning keeping ghosts had only just come down from the hottest search rankings.

Xia Yuling glanced at her friend. After receiving her support, she took a deep breath and faced the media. She started off with a bow, "Hello, friends of the media."

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