Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 388: I Will Become the Successor!

Chapter 388: I Will Become the Successor!

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Late at night in the Tang Family home, Mother Tang was tidying her belongings.

Seeing this, Father Tang asked curiously as he removed his white coat, "Why are you suddenly packing away all your jewelry?"

"Qinwen, I've arranged to go away with some friends for a few days, if you need anything, give the housekeeper a call," Mother Tang replied as she put down the items in her hands.

"OK. I just finished doing a few big surgeries today. I'm feeling a little tired, so I'm going to go have a bath," Father Tang gently hugged her by the shoulders and added, "Have fun."

"I will," Mother Tang nodded as she held back her tears.

"I heard about what happened earlier today with Tang Xuan. She's still young, don't mind her."

She had heard these same words for the last 20 odd years and endured it until now. But, when her tolerance could not be exchanged for understanding and gratefulness, she realized, all along, she had merely been a joke in their eyes.

"Hurry and have a bath. You've worked hard all day," Mother Tang said as she pushed her husband into the bathroom.

After returning to her dressing table and sitting in front of the mirror, she discovered she had grown a few strands of white hair. It seemed, a person's appearance was indeed easy to age...

No one noticed any abnormality with Mother Tang except Tang Jingxuan. Early the next morning, he noticed her eyes were red and caringly asked, " Auntie 1 , are you sick?"

"No, I'm fine. I got something in my eye yesterday and after I woke up this morning it had turned red. I'll go see a doctor later," Mother Tang explained.

"As long as you're OK."

"By the way, I'll be going away for a few days. Take care of your father while I'm gone."

Tang Jingxuan nodded his head casually. Afterwards, he watched as Mother Tang walked directly out the front door without turning back.

After leaving the Tang Family home, Mother Tang headed straight for Hai Rui.

Although Tangning said she didn't want to see her mother, she still turned up at the office, nice and early, with Mo Ting. Mo Ting dealt with business while she looked through her script. But Mo Ting could tell that Tangning both hated and pitied her mother.

"President, Mother Tang has arrived," Lu Che knocked on the door and notified Mo Ting with respect.

So Mo Ting stood up and walked over to Tangning, "Let's go."

Tangning put down the script in her hands and entered the VIP room. Mother Tang was already sitting on the sofa inside and looked a little worn out.

"Ting...Continue with your work, I'll be fine."

Since Tangning did not want to acknowledge her mother, Mo Ting wasn't going to treat her as his mother-in-law either. Knowing that Tangning didn't want him to stay around and feel awkward, he simply nodded his head, turned around and left the room.

"Xiao Ning..."

"Why did you come looking for me?" Tangning's voice sounded distant and cold. But, Mother Tang had long grown accustomed to this treatment, so she didn't mind. Instead, she grabbed onto Tangning's hands and replied, "I was thinking about how you got married without any dowry, so I brought some for you. Now that you are married to Mo Ting, I know you can get whatever you want. But, take this as a small token of my blessings for you. You can do whatever you want with it," Mother Tang forced her jewelry box into Tangning's hands. "By the way, how are your injuries?"

"They were just small scratches," Tangning replied bluntly.

"That's good to hear. Tang Xuan was too cruel." As she spoke, Mother Tang stretched out her hand to touch Tangning's face. But just as her hand got near, she pulled it back again, "OK, that's enough. I got to see you like I wanted to. From now on, I hope the two of you will enjoy a happy life together. I'm going to leave now."

Tangning did not give a reaction because she could sense something was not right.

As a sensitive and detailed person, she could feel that Mother Tang had an unexplainable carefree vibe throughout their meeting. It was like she had let go of everything...

"Xiao Ning, can I give you a hug?"

Tangning did not respond, so Mother Tang directly pounced onto her. After a quick hug, she turned and left.

Tangning looked at the jewelry box on the table and felt a little uncomfortable. She had already spent so many years living like she had no mother, but she suddenly started wondering...if she was to ask her mother to leave the Tang Family and live with her instead, would she be willing?

However, on second thought, judging by the amount of time and effort her mother had put into the Tang Family, the answer was quite obvious.

Tangning did not say a word as she watched Mother Tang leave.

Afterwards, Mo Ting re-entered the VIP room and wrapped her in his embrace as he asked, "Why do you look upset?"

"I feel like something happened," Tangning replied as she looked into Mo Ting's eyes.

Mo Ting nodded his head as he looked at her pale expression, "Your mother has contacted the media and booked a hall in a hotel for 3pm today."

"What does she plan to do?" Tangning suddenly felt overcome with fear.

Mo Ting hugged her and gave her strength. As her husband, he could help her control the entertainment industry. But when it came to family, there was nothing he could do - yet, family was her biggest weakness.

"I think you should be asking what she plans to say..."

"Just a moment ago, when she handed me her jewelry box, I already felt something was off. Ting..."

"I'll get someone to stop her," Mo Ting understood what she wanted to say. So he quickly gave Lu Che a call.

After calming down a little, Tangning made a phone call to the Tang Family home. The person to pick up the phone was the housekeeper, "Third Miss, you're asking for the madam? But, the madam already left for her holiday..."

"In that case, did anything happen within the Tang Family over the last few days?"

The housekeeper froze. After a moment of hesitation, he decided to tell her what Tang Xuan had said to Mother Tang the previous day, "Third Miss, the Big Miss may have had a bad day so she was a little disrespectful to the madam. She's not usually this harsh."

After hearing from the housekeeper, Tangning hung up the phone and called Tang Xuan. For the first time ever, she gave Tang Xuan a phone call on behalf of her mother. Her voice was icy cold, "Tang Xuan, if anything happens to my mother, I will take you down with her."

"You've crossed my bottom line..."

"I am taking everything the Tang Family owns and I will become the successor of the family business."

Tang Xuan's expression darkened as she became interested in Tangning's provocation, "Your mother has always been like a pet dog to the family. What? You've never cared before. Do you finally feel a bit of heart ache?"

"At home, she's someone that can be hit and yelled at whenever we want. Is this the first time you've realized this?"

Even though she talked big, Tang Xuan's voice was a little shaky. This was because she still lacked confidence.

After all, she was bullying someone. If Elder Tang found out and Tangning fueled the fire, Elder Tang might actually strip her of her status.

But, she couldn't possibly admit defeat in front of Tangning, even if it was just a few provoking words.

"Tang Xuan..." Tangning growled, "You just wait..."

At this time, Mo Ting grabbed her waist and turned her around, "Ning, we failed to stop her. I think she was afraid you'd sensed something was wrong, so she rushed off as soon as she left. Let's head directly to the hotel!"

Seeing Tangning's expression, Mo Ting's heart broke. But...there wasn't much he could do...

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