Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 387: I'm Not Actually Weird

Chapter 387: I'm Not Actually Weird

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But first, she needed to see Tangning one last time.


Over the next several days, Tangning decided to concentrate all her time on fitness and understanding her character. In order to better understand the minds of writers, Mo Ting organized for her to join a writer's chat group. It was at this time that she discovered, from conception to completion, how much time and energy was invested into writing a story.

From as broad as the world that the story was set in, down to the tiniest facial detail of a supporting character, everything required careful planning.

Of course, nothing could simply be achieved overnight. In order to truly immerse herself in the script, Tangning found a whole heap of foreign disaster films and seriously imagined herself as the main characters.

She also took into consideration whether people would feel shocked by her character once it appeared on screen.

Like this, Tangning ended up studying the script and films for an entire day. As Mo Ting arrived home, he discovered Tangning was still in the same spot he had left her earlier in the day. So he immediately walked over, stole the script from her hands and turned off the television.

"It's time for a rest."

"Just a little while longer..."

"No," Mo Ting directly confiscated her script and convinced her to return to the bedroom for some rest.

Tangning pretended to try and take the script from Mo Ting's hands, but he simply held it up high, out of her reach. Taking advantage of the situation, she pounced at him and wrapped her arms around his waist as she laughed, "It feels good to have someone that cares."

Mo Ting lowered his arms and hugged her, "You should do some exercise to stretch out your muscles."

"If you let me cook dinner for you, that would stretch out my muscles... Now that I no longer need to appear on the runway, am I finally allowed in the kitchen?"

"Just because you won't be on the runway, doesn't mean you can get hurt. If you receive any scars, it won't look good on camera either."

"What man would try so hard to prevent his wife from entering the kitchen?" Tangning giggled as her eyes curved into arches. "Anyhow, the writer in the film is also a housewife. So, she will eventually need to go into the kitchen anyway."

"Filming is different." After speaking, Mo Ting released Tangning from his embrace. "This time, the filming schedule will be quite tedious. When that time comes, you will realize how precious your free time right now is."

"Well, if I can't cook, then you can't either. Let's just get the maid to do it. Come have a nap with me instead."

Mo Ting looked at Tangning's tired eyes and nodded his head, "Let's go get changed then."

The couple headed into the walk-in wardrobe and then returned to the bedroom. But not long after they got into bed, Mo Ting said softly beside Tangning's ear, "Your mum wants to see you. Do you want to see her?"

Tangning's originally closed eyes flew open. After a few seconds, she replied, "No, I don't want to see her."

"I'll reject her for you then."

Tangning calmed back down and once again closed her eyes. However, a few minutes later, she changed her mind, "What time and where does she want to meet?"

"You will meet at Hai Rui. I will give you some time alone."


After giving her answer, Tangning buried herself in Mo Ting's arms and quickly fell asleep.

Inside the dark room, Mo Ting wasn't actually tired. He was deep in thought because he had been made aware that Mother Tang had contacted the media. If she didn't have something huge planned, why would she make such a fuss?

But, what could be so important that she'd contact the media?

While all this was going on, Bei Chendong had moved back into his Beijing home for a good few days. However, Han Xiner always found an excuse to return home; she would arrive early in the morning and leave again every night.

Who would have thought, trying to get close to someone was such a difficult task. Did she only fear him and not find him attractive at all?

On that particular night, after Han Xiner helped Bei Chendong replace his bandages, she packed up her stuff to leave. But...

Bei Chendong suddenly grabbed onto the corner of her shirt and asked, "Can you stay back tonight to help me practice some scenes?"

"No I can't and I won't!" Han Xiner immediately rejected. Was he kidding? She had already tried her best to avoid being alone with him, yet here he was asking her to act with him... If she agreed, wouldn't she be digging her own grave?

"You don't need to know how to act. You can play Tangning's role, I'll lead," Bei Chendong placed the script on the table without looking at Han Xiner. His voice was indifferent, "I will be heading on set at the end of the month and I haven't made any preparations. Don't tell me you want Tangning's first real film to be a flop?"

Han Xiner's heart raced but eventually calmed down as she replied, "Fine, I'll do it."

Although Bei Chendong managed to make her stay, he realized his importance in Han Xiner's heart wasn't even 10% in comparison to Tangning. This made him quite unhappy.

He really wanted to teach her a lesson.

After all, he was the socially lazy Bei Chendong! Not only was this his first time pursuing a girl, it was also his first time using such a roundabout way to get close to someone; only God knew how much self control he had to endure.

He didn't like places with a lot of people; he didn't like to live in Beijing where he could hear the traffic coming and going; he didn't like to have back and forth conversations; but...

...for Han Xiner, he tolerated it all. So, what else did she want from him?

"Let's do it then..." Han Xiner put down her leather handbag and sat down opposite Bei Chendong, "What do you need me to do?"

Bei Chendong looked at her depressed and anxious expression. In the end, he couldn't endure any longer as he grabbed the script and asked, "If I was to pursue you, how would you feel?"

Han Xiner's eyes grew wide in surprise, " must be joking, right?"

"Uh...yeh, I was just joking," Bei Chendong frustratedly played along, "That was a line from the script..."

"Oh, lucky," Han Xiner's heart almost jumped out of her chest.

She then responded by punching him in the chest, "You tricky b*stard!"

Bei Chendong looked at Han Xiner like she had something wrong with her head. He then raised the script in his hand and said, "Come, let's practice."


"By the way, when can I remove the sling on my arm?"

"Don't worry, it will definitely be before you commence filming."

In reality, Han Xiner had already flipped through the script and knew the rough basis of the story; she quite liked it... So, she could already imagine, if Tangning and Bei Chendong worked together, the film would definitely be impressively spectacular.

If she was to help Bei Chendong practice, it would be considered a form of contribution, right?

The only issue was, the doctor in the film was quite frightening, just like Bei Chendong...

"You know, the only reason I live in seclusion is because I can't be bothered to socialize. I'm not actually weird," after quite some time, Bei Chendong suddenly explained. He then smiled as he ridiculed himself, "Who would have thought, the public would end up making me sound so mysterious to the point where you are so frightened of me."

Han Xiner ran her fingers through her hair awkwardly.


Meanwhile, while no one was paying attention to entertainment news, without warning, the century-old Tang Family empire suddenly released some shocking news.

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