Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 373: I Only Want You

Chapter 373: I Only Want You

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"Scared?" Tangning looked confusedly at Han Xiner not quite understanding her point.

"Don't worry. Even if I tell you, you wouldn't understand," Han Xiner shook her head before continuing, "Go look for the martial arts choreographer. I'll come look for you in a bit."

Tangning watched as Han Xiner walked over to Bei Chendong. Tanging couldn't understand what was going through her head; this was obviously the best chance for a little fan like herself to ask for an autograph, yet she was scared...

Bei Chendong's head remained lowered not giving anyone eye contact. It was exactly this foreign and distant feeling that made Han Xiner uncomfortable.

But, unexpectedly, Han Xiner managed to find a trace of similarity with Mo Ting on Bei Chendong's face.

She didn't keep it to herself though. Instead, she subconsciously shared her thoughts, "You look very similar to President Mo..."

"We are cousins."

"Huh?" As soon as Han Xiner heard this response she froze in shock.

"Don't tell anyone, no one knows. Not even Tangning," Bei Chendong said coldly as he turned and tidied the tent he had finished pitching.

Han Xiner pointed to herself in surprise. If no one knew, why did he tell her?

Plus, he had obviously finished pitching the tent, so why did he call her over to help?

Most importantly, what did she now know? That Bei Chendong and Mo Ting were cousins! No wonder their height and presence was so similar.

However, Mo Ting appeared more noble and his gaze was sharp. Whereas Bei Chendong was simply cold; he had a bone-piercing cold that made him unapproachable.

Han Xiner always chatted to Tangning about everything. But now she was suddenly forced to keep a secret from her. Worst of all, it was a secret that only she and the weirdo knew of. Thinking of this, Han Xiner now felt her every move was under surveillance. This strange feeling gave her goosebumps all over her body.


As Tangning had no martial arts foundation, the production crew organized for her to film non-action scenes in the first 15 days. During this time, she practiced martial arts every day with the choreographer.

With the harsh location, bad food and uncomfortable living conditions, the other two actresses started to complain that they couldn't continue filming like this...

During this time, Tangning simply stood to one side and did leg stretches or practiced her sword fighting.

Although she was a model, she was extremely flexible. So, as long as the martial arts scenes were well choreographed, she would look pleasing on screen like a cool heroine.

But, because of her seriousness, those that weren't so serious ended up being scolded by the director. On top of everything, the director loved using Tangning as a comparison, "You're late again! Tangning's already been here for two hours."

"Mosquitoes? We're out in the wilderness, of course there are mosquitoes. Look at Tangning, she has bruises all over her body. Do you see her complaining?"

"That's enough. Even the wife of a CEO can endure all this, why can't you guys endure?"

While filming, the director had quite a short temper, so he pretty much said whatever he wanted without thinking. But, he had no idea, his words would end up creating enemies for Tangning.

It was especially bad for one of the actresses who caused a delay because she had caught a fever from allergies. The director insisted she finish filming before she could rest. As a result, she ended up fainting on set.

"Did the director think everyone is like Tangning? How could he compare everything to her?"

"Why is Tangning being so serious? She's already married to a rich family, isn't she trying too hard?"

"If this continues, why don't we just get Tangning to act the entire thing herself?"

Rumors quickly spread on set, and of course, the clever Han Xiner managed to overhear a few conversations here and there. She quickly returned to Tangning's side and reported to her, "Ning Jie, what should we do? You've almost become everyone's enemy. It's hard to judge people's motives and you are currently so far from President Mo. If something was to happen, he wouldn't be able to help you even if he wanted to."

This was obviously the director's fault...

...but the one to suffer, was Tangning!

Over the past few days, Tangning had placed all her focus on practicing her moves and had not paid attention to the mood on set. Now that Han Xiner mentioned it, she realized what was happening.


Understood? Han Xiner was worried by this response.

Was that all she had to say?

Of course, she had not yet witnessed Tangning's ability to convince people. The current situation was a walk in the park for her.

The next day.

The Tangning that was originally meant to appear on set, did not turn up on time like she normally did. Not only this, she even made the makeup artist wait half an hour for her.

During filming, the director once again noticed an actress daydreaming, so he habitually wanted to use Tangning as a comparison. However, he realized Tangning was nowhere to be seen.

"Where's Tangning?"

"She's not here yet," one of the staff replied.

The director rubbed his nose awkwardly as the actress gave a sigh of relief. Everyone was curious what the director would say about Tangning being late. With this incident, they would no longer be compared again.

"Come, let's more time," the director waved.

A while later, Tangning finally arrived on set with a sleepy expression. The director originally didn't want to say anything, but with they way that she appeared, he couldn't help but ask, "Tangning, what did you do last night? Didn't you know your scene today was very important?"


Han Xiner originally wanted to explain that Tangning had been practicing her moves all night, but Tangning stopped her, "Sorry director, I was killing mosquitoes all night, so I slept in!"

"They've been killing've been killing mosquitoes... Why do the mosquitoes only bite women? I don't see them biting me," the director yelled angrily. "This is how this place is like. You guys came here to work hard, not to live in luxury. If you can't understand this, then leave."

"Sorry Director, it won't happen again," Tangning apologized.

"Look at you. I've always used you as an example, now I'm too ashamed to mention you again."

The director continued to throw a few more words of complaint before finally letting Tangning off the hook. After this, the set felt fair again...

"Tangning was also scolded!"

"How satisfying."

"Ning Jie, I almost ruined everything. Sorry," Han Xiner realized she was still too young. Tangning's move this time not only stopped the director from using her as a comparison, it also gave everyone an opportunity to let off some steam.

EQ was definitely a game that only those worthy could play.

"This evening, Ting will get someone to deliver something here... When it arrives, help me go pick it up."

"President Mo wants to deliver something here?" Han Xiner was excited by the news. Their conditions had indeed been harsh, so she was hoping they'd get a chance to at least improve the food they were eating.

Tangning gave a secretive smile. Last night, she had spoken to Mo Ting on the phone and asked him for many things. But, nothing she asked was for herself.

This set was not like the set of 'Stupid'; it was foreign territory. So, she had to be considerate in everything she did.

"Isn't there anything you want?" Mo Ting asked.

"I only want you," Tangning replied straightforwardly.

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