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Chapter 372: Just Another Dangerous Location

Chapter 372: Just Another Dangerous Location

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12pm. 'Hidden Expert' held their filming launch in Beijing. The entire cast and crew were present, including the weird actor, Bei Chendong.

He was in his early thirties and was cool and handsome. His tough guy image helped him achieve an impressive performance in 'Undercover', 'Thief' and other films. As a result, no one had beat his accumulated ticket sales to this day.

He kept an unusually low profile and had a weird personality. Even his whereabouts was weird. So, apart from appearing on set, practically no one found anything else to write about him.

Of course, for a legend like him, not only was he picky about his script, he was also picky about his supporting actors.

So Tangning was curious what she had done to make him acknowledge her.

The launch event ran smoothly. After offering some incense for luck, Tangning turned around and saw Bei Chendong. At this moment, it was only reasonable for her to greet him.

"Hello Dong Ge."

Bei Chendong gave a slight grunt and nodded in acknowledgment as he walked past.

As Tangning watched him walk away, she felt slightly awkward. After all, following on, she would need to stick to him like a personal assistant through the entire film. If Bei Chendong was to continue acting so cold, how were they to work together?

Not far away, Mo Ting's car was parked under a tree. However, he did not make an appearance and distract Tangning. Because he knew, even if he was to walk over now, it wouldn't change the fact that Tangning was about to leave.

A moment later, Mo Ting received a message from Tangning, "I'm leaving now, don't worry too much about me."

Mo Ting looked at his phone and gave a simple reply, "Take good care of yourself."

In reality, what he truly wanted to say was: "You've just left and I already miss you."

However, he couldn't bear to hold her back...


Meanwhile, Tang Xuan's incident had become huge news in Beijing. Thanks to the media, she had now become a poisonous snake who abused her stepmother and drove away her stepsister. If she wanted to play with public opinion, she was still too inexperienced compared to Tangning.

As a result, Tang Xuan was taught how it felt to be stalked and suffocated by reporters. On top of everything, she was too afraid to let Elder Tang know what had happened.

If Elder Tang was to find out, he would definitely doubt her capability and change his mind about making her the Acting President.

Actually, Tang Xuan was quite pitiful. She seemed to always live under Tangning's shadow. Even though she was the eldest, she couldn't beat Tangning in anything.

That day, as she returned home and saw Mother Tang, the fire in her eyes appeared like she was ready to tear her apart. But, when she thought about the rumors that were spreading, she could only hold back. She wasn't so stupid as to cause trouble with Mother Tang at a sensitive time like this.

In fact, she even politely greeted Mother Tang.

Mother Tang was taken aback...

Tang Xuan must have gone crazy.

But, there was no doubt she had indeed greeted her.

Mother Tang's reaction was due to the fact that she had not yet found out about what happened in the outside world.

After returning to her room, Tang Xuan released her anger by tearing up all the books on her desk. Even when her hands began to bleed, she did not care about the pain. Because the pain she felt inside was worse than what she felt on the outside.

She was indeed not as smart as Tangning. This was determined at birth and couldn't be changed, but... it didn't mean she couldn't try to catch up.

After calming her emotions, Tang Xuan stepped out of her room and overheard a conversation between Tang Jingxuan and Tang Yichen.

"Now that Sister Three has gone elsewhere to film, the family home should return to peace right?"

The second eldest Tang Yichen had continued her father's legacy and was currently studying at medical school. Whereas, the youngest 24-year-old Tang Jingxuan appeared on the surface to be a graduate of finance, but in secret, his true passion was music. He even started a band without anyone in the Tang Family knowing.

In regards to the Tang Family, this brother and sister duo had always been mutual to any arguments.

"Are you following Tangning's every move?"

"I can't help it... Who told sister three to do something that none of us dared to do? Sister three will be working alongside Bei Chendong in her new film and they will be going somewhere with amazing natural scenery to film. I'm so jealous."

"What is there to be jealous about? It's just another dangerous location," Tang Yichen replied, "Would a model like Tangning be able to handle it?"

"You are saying this because you haven't seen sister three's rehearsal for 'Stupid'. She is truly talented and doesn't lose to any of the top actors and actresses," Tang Jingxuan rebutted. "As her brother, I wonder if I was also born with acting talent."

"You? Perhaps you could act as a mentally disabled person," Tang Yichen expressed her doubt. "OK, that's enough talking. The family home is a mess as it is. Don't ever mention Tangning in front of Tang Xuan again, otherwise, this home will never be at peace."

"But, sister three appears on TV and magazines all the time. Even if I don't bring it up, big sister will still come across it," Tang Jingxuan scoffed. "By the way, if the day comes where I have to pick sides, I will definitely stand on sister three's side."

"That's enough, I still have a surgery tomorrow. I'm going to head to bed."

Tang Xuan listened to the entire conversation from the second floor and felt that Tang Yichen had said one thing that truly stuck her heart: Tangningwas going somewhere dangerous...

Since Tangning could be seen everywhere. Why not make her completely disappear?

Afterwards, Tang Xuan gave her assistant a phone call, "Help me find out which filming team Tangning is working with and get her current location. If you let grandfather find out about what I'm doing again, then get lost, I don't want to see you again."

After her assistant heard this, he quickly agreed as he trembled in fear.


In the middle of the night, the production crew finally arrived at their destination. As they were in the middle of nowhere, the crew quickly began to set up camp.

" working with us, you will need to prepare yourself for a lot of difficulties," the director said as he hopped out of the car. "This film will be filmed in multiple outdoor locations and will require you to climb mountains and walk through ice. I hope you become accustomed to it."

Mo Ting wanted Tangning to train up her skills. Since he had selected this role for her with such a serious crew and weird acting partner, Tangning was naturally well prepared.

"Don't worry, director."

"It's easy to say, but please make sure to protect yourself well. If you need anything, don't hesitate to mention it to the crew."

"OK," Tangning nodded.

"Great, then go get some rest first," the director said before leaving.

Tangning watched as Bei Chendong offered his help to the crew and walked over to lend a helping hand too. But, Bei Chendong pushed her aside and said, "This is your first time in an action film. You still have a lot to learn. Although you have a stunt double, you should be aware that there are plenty of scenes that I don't want to act out with a stunt double the entire time. Above all, I hate actors that don't look professional!"

"Go get some practice with the martial arts choreographer..."

Tangning was a bit surprised. Was he talking to her?

"Get your assistant to come help."

Bei Chendong had his head down the entire time he spoke and his voice was low. But, Tangning didn't know why, she suddenly felt like he wasn't so unapproachable.

"Xiner, come help out..."

Han Xiner glanced at Bei Chendong and replied, "I'm a little afraid of him..."

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