Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 371: I'll Help Make You Famous

Chapter 371: I'll Help Make You Famous

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Mo Ting flipped over and hugged Tangning for quite some time before they finally came out of the bedroom. Just as they stepped out, they received a phone call from Fang Yu.

"President Mo, I've sent some information regarding Mother Tang to your email. You can have a look when you get the chance."

Mo Ting did not say anything. He directly hung up the phone and opened his email. Inside he found information that Tang Xuan was planning to leak to the media about Mother Tang; his gaze turned cold and sharp.

"What is it?" Tangning asked; she sensed something was wrong from his gaze.

"You have revenge to seek at your upcoming meeting," Mo Ting handed his phone to Tangning.

Tangning had a quick browse and nodded her head.


The place Tang Xuan had picked for their meeting was at a cafe called 'Moon'. As well as Tangning, she had also invited reporters from the media.

Dressed in a white suit, looking like a woman in power, she appeared like victory was already in her grasp.

Before Tang Xuan became the Acting President, the Tang Family barely appeared in front of the media. Elder Tang had spent his entire lifetime working conscientiously to make the century-old perfume business a household name, and up to this point, he had not hired a spokesperson even once. But, Tang Xuan was obviously trying to pioneer a new path.

So, by meeting with Tangning today, she also intended on showing off her status.

10am. Tangning was a little late as she arrived at the cafe. As soon as she spotted Tang Xuan her expression turned a little cold.

The sisters, of course, had slight similarities in looks, but they were very different. Tang Xuan was proud and arrogant, but beautiful and wild like a rose with thorns.

Tangning was calm and peaceful with a cold demeanor. On the surface, she seemed harmless, but behind her back hid a sharp and deadly dagger.

One was out in the open, while the other was lurking in the shadows.

"You've arrived..." as Tang Xuan watched Tangning, her gaze still contained a sense of envy.

How could the daughter of a mistress marry the king of entertainment; a man that was so impressive while she...had no choice but to work hard to gain control of the family business...

Perhaps on purpose, Tangning appeared wearing limited edition clothes and jewelry. Even her handbag was one of a kind...

Before Tangning had arrived, the reporters originally thought Tang Xuan was the perfect example of a socialite heiress because she had an air of elegance from head to toe.

But, as soon as Tangning arrived, they realized nothing was perfect and there was always something better.

After all, Tangning had been a model for 9 years...

Even something as simple as sitting next to Tang Xuan was enough to completely overshadow her...

Even if she was a vibrantly attractive rose, she had, at this moment, been stripped of her color!

"Since you're here, let's take a photo together."

"No rush," Tangning pulled out her phone and retrieved the information Hai Rui had discovered that morning. She then handed the phone to Tang Xuan, "Shouldn't you first explain what this is all about?"

Tang Xuan received the phone. As soon as she looked at it, her expression changed.

"As long as it is gossip, it would be hard for it to hide from the eyes of Hai Rui. Next time, before you do something like this, could you please notify me."


"Didn't you call me here today so you could boast that you've become the Acting President of the Tang Family business?" Tangning changed the subject as she retrieved her phone. "You've looked down on my job as a model for so long, yet, you're trying to use my fame to attract the attention of the media and let them know you've gained control. Am I right?"

As soon as the reporters heard Tangning's words, they didn't know whether to continue recording.

"Grandfather is unwell, so I won't bother him with this issue, but...I've told you before, my tolerance for you has long surpassed its limit."

"So, I'll help make you famous..."

"A great sister like you, should be known to everyone!"

"What do you mean by that?" Tang Xuan looked at Tangning cautiously.

"You'll find out very soon," Tangning replied calmly as usual. She was about to head elsewhere for filming and although she broke all ties with her mother, it didn't mean she'd let Tang Xuan bully her as she pleased. Under these circumstances, she merely wanted to warn Tang Xuan to stay within her boundaries.

"I need to go attend a filming launch, so I need to get going. You behave yourself." After speaking, Tangning stood up and put on her hat and sunglasses. With Han Xiner's cover, she left the cafe.

Tang Xuan was a little stunned. Because only now did she realize, she did not understand Tangning at all.

It was also because of this feeling of defeat, that she hated Tangning...even more!

"President Tang, do you want us to continue recording?"

"Pack up! What else is there worth recording?" After speaking, Tang Xuan stood up. She had not achieved her motive today, instead she had been taught a lesson by Tangning.

But, just as Tang Xuan was about to leave the cafe, a bunch of reporters rushed in through the front door and surrounded her, "Miss Tang, we heard that you abused your stepmother and revealed the family secret in order to gain power. Is this true?"

"We heard you pushed your stepmother to the brink of suicide, can you clarify if this is correct?"

"Miss Tang..."

"Go away," Tang Xuan's only route of escape was blocked off as she helplessly appeared in front of the cameras.

Because of her lack of experience in front of the media, Tang Xuan completely lost her image...

Outside the cafe, Tangning sat in her car across the road. As she watched Tang Xuan through the window, her lips slowly curved upwards.

"She truly deserves it," Han Xiner was completely satisfied. She also felt that Tang Xuan had bitten off more than she could chew. Regardless of everything else, merely focusing on the fact that she wanted to utilise public opinion to her advantage was already stupid enough. Tangning had already been in the industry for 9 years and had mastered the art of handling the media. How dare Tang Xuan try to challenge her?

"After what happened today, I'm sure she will act accordingly for a while and not do anything to Auntie Tang (referring to Tangning's mother)."

After today, if anything was to happen to Mother Tang in the short term, the media were bound to tie it back to Tang Xuan.

"If she's smart and wants to recover her image, she should treat auntie well instead."

Tangning looked at Han Xiner and realised she was indeed suitable for PR. Things that Long Jie may not have understood, she understood straight away.

"The problem is...she's not that smart."

So, what they did today, wasn't enough to make any adjustments to Mother Tang's status in the Tang Family. But, that was a choice she had made for herself...a long time ago.

Regardless, Tangning no longer wanted to be involved with the Tang Family. She had already set herself a new goal: to become a top actress.

But, there were some problems that she couldn't avoid just because she wanted to. For example, if Tang Xuan was to find out that Elder Tang had secretly wrote out his will and passed everything to Tangning, how would she react?

"After cameras officially begin rolling, you will need to head off. Do you want to see President Mo one last time?" Han Xiner asked.

"Even if I see him, we still have to separate..." Tangning sighed.

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