Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 109: Standing in Too Many People's Way

Chapter 109: Standing in Too Many People's Way

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The guests of the charity event were categorized into industries and all the entertainment industry guests were to be seated in the second row.

Mo Ting's seat was the first one on the left. Next to him sat a pianist, followed by Tangning. Out of all the seats around him, Tangning was the closest female.

Tangning looked past the pianist at Mo Ting's seat, he had not arrived yet. She glanced to the right of her, it was Lan Xi's seat.

From the moment Luo Hao and Lan Xi entered the venue, they had no idea Tangning would end up sitting next to Lan Xi. Luo Hao's first reaction was to suggest Lan Xi swap seats with him so he could block off Tangning. But, if they were to really swap seats, Lan Xi would end up sitting next to Father Five...

...and he had previously told Lan Xi that Tangning was joining Creative Century. If it came up in conversation between Lan Xi and Father Five, then she would find out he had intentionally prevented Tangning from joining Cheng Tian. But, that was the less of two evils, so he still ended up swapping seats with Lan Xi.

Normally, he should not have felt guilty after what he had done; it was already in the past. But, this was Tangning...

Luo Hao sneaked a glance at Tangning; this was the first time he was so close to her, but he could already feel that she was harder to predict than Lan Xi. Her expression didn't reveal anything and her actions were impossible to see through. She must have suffered too much in this industry, that's why she was so cautious.

She was exceptionally quiet, like she stood aloof from the world. However, Luo Hao knew, the first rule for someone with a high EQ was to have control over their emotions.

Tangning undoubtedly had this down pat.

Not long after, there came a commotion of chatter and screams. Mo Ting had just entered and he naturally drew the attention of all the women in the hall. He was indifferent to the people around him as he walked straight to his seat. It wasn't until he passed by Tangning that he slowed down and brushed the back of his hand against hers.

Tangning allowed him without a sound as she avoided eye contact. There was no doubt her heart began to race.

But immediately she laughed at how silly she was inside. This was obviously her husband; all he did was make a little bit of physical contact with her, yet she felt like she had won a big prize. She felt like she was floating in the clouds.

After all, there were so many eyes on him...

Afterwards, Mo Ting sat down at his seat.

Lan Xi turned her head to glance at Mo Ting, but was unexpectedly discovered by him. In order to cover up her panic, she immediately patted Tangning on the arm and pretended to greet her.

Luo Hao, who was sitting between the two women, fell into a panic upon seeing Lan Xi's actions. One definitely should not lie or else they would be tormented by their guilty conscience.

Tangning turned to look at Lan Xi as a smile appeared across her face, "President Lan, how are you?"

"Last time at the awards ceremony, I already noticed you. It's a shame we weren't fated to work together. I feel regretful about it, but...I still wish you all the best."

After hearing Lan Xi's words, Tangning had a lost expression. Just as she was about to question Lan Xi, Luo Hao spoke up between them, "President Lan, let's chat later, the event is about to start."

Tangning lifted her head to look at the man that was speaking. She didn't know why she felt like he was trying to hide something. A moment later, she remembered the anonymous warning she had received from someone at Cheng Tian.

His way of talking was very similar, but it seemed, at this moment, he was trying really hard to conceal something.

Whether he was a foe or friend, it was yet to be determined...

Tangning decided not to explain herself to Lan Xi. Instead, a gentle smile appeared across her face as she turned to look at the stage; the host had already started.

Luo Hao breathed a sigh of relief. If Tangning revealed on the spot that she never received an offer from Cheng Tian, it would be really hard for him to explain himself. So, he had to think of a way to pull Tangning aside.

Not long after, the charity auction began. Tangning watched as Mo Ting continuously lifted his number. She understood, with his status in the entertainment industry, he had a mission and responsibility to uphold.

Luo Hao continued to place his focus on Tangning; he really wanted to know what she was thinking. But no matter what it was, it was important for him to take her away in case the situation got out of control.

So, he pretended his hand slipped as he spilled a glass of water all over Tangning's white dress.

Tangning felt a cold sensation as she got soaked by the glass of icy cold water...

Most importantly, when wet, her chiffon dress became slightly transparent; it wasn't very glamorous.

"Sorry Miss Tang...I've soaked your dress..." Luo Hao immediately apologized.

Tangning knew Luo Hao had done this on purpose, but as usual, she remained calm as she shook her head, "It's OK."

The thing was, it was currently October and not only was Tangning not wearing much but her clothes were now also soaked, so she couldn't help but start to shiver as she unconsciously rubbed her arms. At this time, the pianist to her left gently pushed her forward as he placed a black suit jacket on her shoulder...

Upon seeing this, Tangning immediately glanced at Mo Ting.

She realized he was only wearing a white shirt and his jacket was currently in the hands of the pianist.

He did not hand it to her himself to avoid suspicion. But, Tangning felt extremely warm after receiving this jacket.

Envious looks quickly surrounded her...

That was Mo Ting's jacket...

So many people wanted to simply touch it, but they had no chance!

Yet, at this moment, it was in Tangning's embrace.

Indeed, only her husband knew how to lovingly care for her.

Tangning wrapped herself tightly in the jacket as it overlapped on top of her legs. She quickly sent a message to Long Jie who was waiting outside and asked her to go buy a dress for her to change into.

Luo Hao watched as Tangning covered herself in Mo Ting's jacket; he felt he had indeed gone a bit too far. At the time of the incident, he had actually wanted to give her his jacket, but at the same time, he really wanted to force her to leave.

Luckily, following on, Tangning did not speak to Lan Xi at all. Luo Hao let out a sigh of relief. But, he was also a bit disappointed; Tangning wasn't the type of person to waste such an opportunity...

Not long after, the charity event neared its end. While Lan Xi went to the bathroom, Tangning finally got a chance to speak to Luo Hao as she turned to face him, "Did you think by stopping me this time, you will be able stop me for the rest of my life?"

Luo Hao was stunned for a moment; he didn't expect Tangning to be so straightforward.

"I feel you are different to Yang Jing."

Luo Hao remained silent for a few seconds before he decided to respond honestly, "President Lan had previously instructed me to contact you, she wanted to sign you on. But, I did not follow her instructions. What I did tonight was not because I was afraid the truth would be exposed, but because...I didn't want to be humiliated at such an occasion."

"I don't want to explain why I did this, but even if it wasn't me, someone else would have done it; you've been standing in too many people's way."

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