Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 369: Prove my Innocence!

Chapter 369: Prove my Innocence!

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Tang Xuan wanted to apologize to Tangning!

If one was to say this out loud, who would believe it?

After Elder Tang fell ill and went to hospital, he made Tang Xuan the Acting President of the family business. However, he had one condition: Tang Xuan had to personally apologize to Tangning. So, Tang Xuan quickly sent out an invite and decided to lay her cards on the table. In reality, she merely wanted to boast to Tangning that the family business had been handed over to her.

Tang Xuan's husband ran a shipping business and was often away on business trips. Even though they had been married for three years, they were still polite to each other like strangers.

Compared to family, Tang Xuan loved the feeling of grasping power within her hands more.

After a long day at work, Tang Xuan returned home. However, as soon as she walked in through the front door, Mother Tang quickly stood in her way, "Don't go bothering Tangning anymore."

"You have no say in this. Because the person that wants an apology from the Tang Family is the CEO of Hai Rui," Tang Xuan shrugged off Mother Tang's clinging arms. "Oh, by the way, I forgot to tell you, after all these years, the Tang Family has finally fallen back in my arms. I haven't disappointed my mother."

"If she was to find out the family business fell into the hands of some dirty and disgusting people, her spirit would not have been​ at peace."

"Also, even if Hai Rui stick up for Tangning, it still can't deny the fact that she is the daughter of a mistress. This is a reality that cannot be changed. I wonder how the Mo Family will think after they find out. I'm looking forward to hearing news of her divorce. After all, the entertainment industry is a messy place."

"With Mo Ting's status, if he wants to change his wife, I'm sure there'd be a long line of women."

Mother Tang clenched her fists as she trembled angrily. Tang Xuan had exactly brought up the topic she wanted to discuss.

"I am not a mistress! Your mother was the mistress!"

However, just as Mother Tang's words left her mouth, Tang Xuan's​ slap landed on her face, "Don't you dare mention my mother, you're not worthy!"

"What's happening this time?" Father Tang returned home to find the two arguing and quickly stood between them.

"Ask her what she said. Who did she say was the mistress?" Tang Xuan pointed angrily at Mother Tang.

"Yu Ling, what did you say to the child?" a glimpse of awkwardness appeared in his eyes as he pulled Mother Tang into their bedroom. "Yu Ling, why would you bring this up?"

"Tang Qinwen! I must have been blind to trust your words and believe that Tangning would return to my side," Mother Tang sneered. "Because of you, I've allowed my own daughter to misunderstand me for 26 years without explaining myself..."

"But, what did I get in the end? I was scolded and slapped by your precious daughter!"

"Tang Qinwen, I've had enough. From now on, I only have one thing to live for, and that is the happiness of my daughter."

"So, don't blame me..."

After speaking, Mother Tang pushed her husband aside, left the Tang Family home and drove straight over to Hai Rui.

She really wanted to speak to Mo Ting. But, just as she arrived, she saw Mo Ting walking Tangning downstairs lovingly.


In the underground parking lot, Mo Ting opened the car for Tangning. After the intense activity they indulged in last night, he decided to send her home for some rest. But, as his eyes scanned across parking lot, he discovered Mother Tang hiding in the distance.

Mo Ting lowered his head and patted Tangning on the shoulder, "It seems, someone has come looking for you."

Tangning followed Mo Ting's gaze and spotted Mother Tang in the distance. At first, she wanted to ignore her, but...after giving a sigh, she stepped out of the car and said to Mo Ting, "Go back to work first."

"Do you want me to accompany you?"

"No need," Tangning shook her head.

Mo Ting respected her decision. After placing a kiss on her forehead, he said supportively, "Go ahead."

All by herself, Tangning approached Mother Tang's car. Mother Tang originally thought Tangning didn't see her, so she was a bit awkward as Tangning approached, "I..."

"Let's get in the car and find somewhere nearby to chat."

Mo Ting watched as the two women drove off and decided to follow behind... After he watched them enter a cafe, he remained in the car and waited patiently.

"Xiao Ning...he treats you well, doesn't he?" Mother Tang turned the cup in her hands restlessly.

"I'm now married to Mo Ting and will be a part of the Mo Family for the rest of my life. I will no longer have anything to do with the Tang Family, you should live your life happily," Tangning said calmly.

"No...your grandfather is unwell and has made Tang Xuan the Acting President. According to her temper, even if you've made your intention clear, she still won't let you off the hook," Mother Tang suddenly grabbed onto Tangning's hand. But, when she realized it was too sudden, she let go again, "I don't have any ulterior motives, I simply want to ask if the Mo Family mind that you are being rumored as a mistress' daughter?"

"Isn't that the truth?"

"It's not..." Mother Tang denied. "Xiao Ning, I know you've hated me for many years and refuse to forgive me. But..."

"I've already put everything in the past. I hope Mrs Tang won't bring this up again in future. What's already happened, can't be fixed."

" can't be fixed," Mother Tang was suddenly in a daze. But after a moment of careful thought, she lifted her head again, "If I can fix it, would you be willing to forgive me?"

Tangning couldn't pinpoint how she felt, and couldn't determine the level of her hatred, she simply replied, "I don't hate you."

"Xiao Ning, mother would really like to act like a normal mother and daughter with you. I want to go shopping with your arm hooked around mine," Mother Tang started crying.

"I don't think that's possible," Tangning replied straightforwardly.

Seeing Mother Tang's unhappy state, she clarified, "My identity makes it impossible for me to ever go walking down the street like a normal person. Plus, I am about to start filming a new project and it will take at least 3 months."

"Yes, mother is aware. I simply want to let you know that I am proud of you."

In this moment, Tangning had not yet understood what Mother Tang meant, so she didn't give much of a reaction. The only reason she forced herself to meet calmly with the Tang Family was so that Mo Ting wouldn't worry about her.

In the end, Tangning didn't really pay too much attention to the rest of their conversation. But, as she left the cafe, she spotted Mo Ting's car parked outside.

This was probably the best gift the world had given to her.

She didn't need to say a thing, yet he knew she needed him.

When she wanted to see him, he would appear by her side like a miracle.

Not long after, Mother Tang also stepped out of the cafe. As she spotted the loving couple, she gave a relieved smile and said under her breath, "Xiao Ning, the only thing mother can do for you is to prove my innocence. That way, you won't continue to be judged by others."

After Mo Ting helped Tangning into the car, Tangning noticed the expression on Mother Tang's face as she left. This expression subconsciously left an impression on her.

"What is it?" Mo Ting asked after Tangning grabbed onto his arm as soon as he boarded the car.

"I was just thinking, it seems her life hasn't been great in the Tang Family either," Tangning replied.

"Maybe things aren't as bad as you think."


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