Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 368: A Matter of Capability

Chapter 368: A Matter of Capability



It was the first night since Mo Ting and Tangning announced their marriage. Once again, Mo Ting treated the night like their wedding night.

Not only did he light their home with incense and candles, he also surrounded Tangning with a sea of white flowers...

"If this is a dream, I hope I never wake up," Tangning sat inside Mo Ting's embrace as he wrapped her with his powerful arms.

"Come have a look at this," Mo Ting showed some comments from fans to Tangning.

"Are little Miss Tangning and little Mr. Mo Ting currently enjoying an intimate wedding night?"

"Haha Tangning, you did well! Who cares if the Tang Family don't want you, when Mo Ting wants you."

"Tangning...when will you guys create a Mini Ning or Mini Ting to entertain us?"

"Can I ask a personal question: How is President Mo in bed?"

Seeing this particular comment, Tangning's cheeks burned red as she buried her head into Mo Ting's white shirt, "Don't these kids go to school?"

"They asked you how I'm like in bed," Mo Ting chucked in Tangning's ear.

"How do you expect me to answer that question?" Taking asked as she hid in Mo Ting's shirt.

Mo Ting smiled handsomely as he wrapped Tangning tightly in his embrace and said in a gentle voice, "I really don't want to let you leave for the filming of 'Hidden Expert'."

"Now that we've announced our marriage...should we meet with the Tang Family elders?" Tangning asked questioningly as she pulled away from Mo Ting's embrace.

"I've already spoken to them. According to customs, we should first get the blessings of the Tang Family. So, the day that we get their blessings, is the day that I take you home," Mo Ting explained.

"It's fine...I'm ready to meet them. The Tang Family's blessings isn't that important..."

"But, even if you don't meet them now, it won't hinder you from filming 'Hidden Expert'."

Tangning nodded her head; she felt she had been too careless. It seemed her identity as a mistress' daughter was an embarrassment to the Mo Family.

"What are you thinking about? Trust me, it's not because of the reason you think. My parents are actually overseas at the moment. I'll give them a call in a couple days and introduce you to them. As for my grandfather, as soon as he heard I was married, he's been making preparations to welcome a great grandchild."

"Why haven't they made an appearance after all this time?" Tangning was curious.

"Because they are used to keeping a low profile. Anyhow, the Mo Family are extremely easygoing. Don't worry."

When she thought about it, it seemed Mo Ting had never lied to her. So, Tangning relaxed and nodded her head, "I will keep working hard; I will work hard to be good enough for you."

"I don't expect anything else from you. I just want you to be happy," Mo Ting gently stroked Tangning's hair as he planted a soft kiss upon her forehead. "After hearing you sing last time, why don't you sing the theme song for 'Stupid'?"

"Do you really think that I am capable of everything?"

"At least I know that singing is something difficult for you."

"Why do I feel that President Mo is trying to help the agency save money?" Tangning twisted his ear playfully. At this moment, her eyes were drawn to the black mole on his ear. She had always felt that this mole looked good, like it was a naturally formed earring...

As he felt Tangning's hand brush against his ear, Mo Ting's eyes looked mesmerized. He grabbed Tangning's hands and placed them on his chest, "Help me remove my clothes..."

Tangning nodded as she sat up and knelt before Mo Ting, slowly unbuttoning his shirt...

Once his chest was exposed, Tangning leaned into his ear and placed a kiss on his mole.

Mo Ting reached out his arms and quickly wrapped her up in them; taking control of the situation...

"Tomorrow, you will be able to answer your fan's question."

"Which question?" Tangning asked in a dreamy state.

"About my performance in bed..."


The next day.

Because of the completion of 'Stupid', Tangning accompanied Mo Ting to work. As she sat on the sofa inside his office, she made an attempt at writing lyrics for the theme song of the film.

Perhaps it was because her marriage had been revealed, Tangning's body emanated with a quiet sense of satisfaction. With her adoring husband and her busy career, Tangning felt everything was perfect.


Fang Yu knocked on the door and entered the office. But, as soon as he noticed Tangning sitting on the sofa, the words he originally wanted to say, froze at the back of his throat.

Mo Ting glanced at Tanging and instructed, "Come over here and tell me."

"The Tang Family sent over an invite. They would like to have a chat with Tangning and give her an apology. But, I'm worried the Tang Family are up to no good. My sources tell me that Elder Tang is currently in hospital but the Tang Family have kept this news under wraps. I'm guessing Tang Xuan doesn't want Tanging to find out about it," Fang Yu reported to Mo Ting in a soft voice.

"Is Elder Tang OK?"

"Yes, he's fine."

"Keep an eye on the situation," Mo Ting instructed. He then picked up the invite and walked over to Tangning's side. Leaning on the sofa with both arms, Mo Ting asked, "The Tang Family have invited you for a chat. Would you like to go?"

"Have the Tang Family announced this to the public?" Tangning lifted an eyebrow.

"Of course."

"Then, let's go...otherwise, what would they say about you? Wouldn't they start saying that you're petty?" Tangning replied. "It's all for show anyway. We both know, the person that should apologize will never truly be sorry. Before I start filming for 'Hidden Expert', let's resolve this issue."

"I'll come with you then."

"No need," Tangning stopped him. "The Tang Family can no longer hurt me. I'm curious what Tang Xuan has planned. I've said it before, I won't be giving her any more chances."

"OK. Lu Che should be returning to work soon. I'll get him to escort you."

"OK, get back to work. I'll continue writing my lyrics," Tangning nodded.

Familial love was something she probably couldn't expect to receive for the rest of her life. But, parental love was something she needed to learn. Otherwise, how was she to bring up her own children in the future?

Mo Ting watched as Tangning fell into a daze and lowered his head quietly. It seemed, no matter how hard he tried to distract Tangning, the Tang Family would somehow find a way to hurt her again.

Tangning wasn't weak though; she wasn't the type of woman that needed a man to comfort and lie to her. But, Mo Ting couldn't help but treat her gently.

"By the way, the photos you took previously received pretty good feedback from a few magazines. If an opportunity arises with a high-end magazine, I will accept it for you as usual."

"I'll let you make the decision," Tangning smiled.

At this moment, the secretary walked in with a serving tray, "Madam, you're black tea."


Hearing this word, Tangning felt warm and fuzzy inside.

"Thank you."

"I really like you, keep it up!" the secretary quickly said as she scurried out of the office.

Tangning couldn't help but smile, "From the looks of it, I am more charming than you. Even your secretary likes me."

"She can like you as much as she wants. I won't be jealous."

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