Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 367: Who Was the Actual Mistress?

Chapter 367: Who Was the Actual Mistress?

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"Chairman...Hai Rui's lawyers are outside," Elder Tang's assistant said to him while he was deep in thought in the study room, "Do you want me to..."

"Let them in," Elder Tang waved his hand weakly.


"This is karma," Elder Tang coughed a couple times. "If I had not spoilt Tang Xuan, perhaps things wouldn't have gotten out of hand like it has now."

"I obviously knew Tangning was innocent, yet I don't know why, when I saw Tang Xuan on the brink of committing suicide, I assumed Tangning would understand my actions and endure it like she always did," Elder Tang mumbled. "It turned out, I had already hurt her enough."

"I am a horrible grandfather."

"Chairman..." his assistant helplessly tried to comfort him. However, he was well aware that the Tang Family had indeed gone too far this time. So, no comforting words managed to leave his mouth.

Although the Tang Family had a lot of descendants, in Elder Tang's eyes, the only one capable of taking over the family business was Tangning.

But, he had pushed Tangning away with his own bare hands. What was the Tang Family to do from now on?

Was the century-old perfume empire going to end with him?

A while later, Elder Tang entered the living room and saw Hai Rui's lawyers sitting on the sofa, "What does President Mo want? Let's get straight to the point and not waste any time..."

"Mr. Tang, it is very simple: apologize. There is no need for compensation, the Mo Family can get whatever they want, they don't need money," the lawyer replied without hesitation.

"We are all straightforward people. On this occasion, we are here on behalf of President Mo to let you know that there were some things that didn't need to get to this point, but the Tang Family has indeed gone too far and seriously hurt Mrs. Mo with their actions. In order to protect his wife, Mo Ting has requested the Tang Family make an apology."

"How did you want us to apologize?" Elder Tang asked.

"It depends on Mr. Tang's sincerity."

"You can go now. I have understood President Mo's intention..." Elder Tang said as he picked up his walking stick. "I will do as he pleases."

"Since that's the case, then goodbye."

After speaking, the lawyers stood up to leave. Once they were gone, Elder Tang stared at the old painting in the middle of the living room and said to his assistant, "Help me make arrangements for an official apology to Tangning."


"As her grandfather, I was the one that was wrong. Don't you think I should apologize to my granddaughter?" Elder Tang tapped his walking stick on floor as his heart ached, "Tangning is my granddaughter, my dearest granddaughter, yet now...she's..."

"It seems Miss Tangning was seriously hurt this time," Elder Tang's assistant sighed.

"I'm well aware...Plus, I know that the future of the Tang Family is quite worrying." After speaking, Elder Tang clutched his chest and twitched uncontrollably. A couple seconds later, he collapsed unconscious on the floor...

His assistant was so shocked he immediately sent Elder Tang to the hospital...

As soon as Tang Xuan and the other members of the Tang Family heard of Elder Tang's condition, they immediately rushed to the emergency room of the hospital. After spotting Elder Tang's assistant, they ran up to him and asked, "What happened? Why did grandfather suddenly collapse?"

"It just happened out of nowhere."

"What other reason could there be? It must be because of Tangning."

The assistant deliberately tried to hide the fact that Hai Rui's lawyers had come looking for Elder Tang. Yet, Tang Xuan still managed to throw the blame onto Tangning.

"Big Miss, if you could stop angering the chairman, perhaps he wouldn't be in the hospital right now," the assistant said coldly.

"What did you just say?" after hearing the assistant's words, Tang Xuan's expression changed. Just as she was about to release her anger, Father Tang pulled her over and quietly tried to stop her.

"Xuan Er, your grandfather's condition is still unclear. Don't make things more complicated."

Tang Xuan pulled away from Father Tang and turned her attention to Mother Tang, "If it wasn't for you and your daughter, the Tang Family wouldn't have to put up with this mess?"

Mother Tang glared at Tang Xuan as her voice trembled, "Time will tell who is right!"

"Stop arguing!" Father Tang yelled anxiously. A while later, the doctor stepped out of the emergency room and explained, "The patient has been stabilized, but he can't be stimulated again."

"Can we go in and see him?" Father Tang asked.

"Yes you can, but don't disturb the patient's rest for too long."

After responding, the doctor left as Tang Xuan and the rest of the family pushed open the emergency room door and entered. Seeing Elder Tang lying in bed, Tang Xuan immediately pounced towards him, "Grandfather, are you OK?"

Elder Tang waved his hand and glanced at his assistant, "Ask them to head out first...I have something to discuss with you."

"Big Miss, you guys should head out first."

Although Tang Xuan was unhappy with this decision, she did not retaliate. She simply stood up and left the room with Father Tang and the others.

"During this time that I am unwell, could you get Tang Xuan to temporarily take on the role of Acting President...I want to test her capabilities."


"I'm worried I may suddenly not wake up one day. Help me make an appointment with my lawyers as soon as possible. I want to update my will; I have decided to pass on the rights to the Tang Family business to Tangning," Elder Tang finally settled on a decision. "I know Tangning is the only hope for the Tang Family. Assistant Leng, when the time comes, I want you to provide Tangning with as much assistance as you can."

"Chairman, nothing will happen to you."

"Hurry and make arrangements for me."

Assistant Leng nodded his head and left the room. He then notified Tang Xuan of Elder Tang's request, "The Chairman would like the Big Miss to apologize to Third Miss on his behalf. Plus, he would like you to be sincere."

Tang Xuan thought Elder Tang was passing the family business to her, so apologizing to Tangning wasn't a big deal, "Tell grandfather not to worry, I will apologize well."

"Big Miss, I hope you don't disappoint the Chairman."

For many years, Assistant Leng had doubted Tang Xuan's capabilities because of her personality. He didn't believe that she would be able to manage the perfume business well. Plus, with her temper, if she was to find out that Elder Tang was handing the business over to Tangning, she was likely to cause trouble again. So, the assistant knew what he should or shouldn't say.

"Don't worry, I will definitely live up to grandfather's expectations." After speaking, Tang Xuan glanced at Mother Tang.

Mother Tang clenched her fists tightly until her fingers began to bruise.

She knew deep down, if Tang Xuan was to become the head of the family, her happy days in the Tang Family would come to an end.

She didn't care too much about herself, but what about Tangning?

Her daughter didn't seem to care about being a part of the Tang Family. But, would the Mo Family think badly of her family background?


Who was the actual mistress?

Suddenly... Mother Tang really wanted to do one final thing for her daughter...

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