Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 364: Fake Heiress

Chapter 364: Fake Heiress



That afternoon at the Tang Family home.

Tang Xuan's extreme actions made Elder Tang realize the truth: Tang Xuan completely couldn't stand Tangning's existence.

But, who was he to depend on to take over the Tang Family business?

After waking up from fainting, Tangning noticed Elder Tang sitting by her bedside. She forced herself to sit up and said to Elder Tang, "Grandfather...I dreamt of my mother again."

"Haiz..." Elder Tang sighed. After the argument earlier, his voice sounded a lot more aged.

"Grandfather, out of Tangning and her mother, I can only endure one of them. I can't withstand both of them being in the Tang household at the same time, it's completely disrespectful to my mother's spirit in heaven."

"What do you want me to do?"

"Since grandfather has already chosen me over Tangning, in order to recover the reputation of the Tang Family, I have an idea. You should officially announce that Tanging is not a part of this family and that her mother brought her into this household from a previous relationship."

Elder Tang did not say a word, but he was obviously heartbroken. He simply stood up and left the room.

However, Tangning knew Elder Tang had indirectly agreed.

Since he had decided to kick Tangning out, then he should not leave any loose ends!


"Look, the Tang Family has made an official announcement! So it turns out, Tangning isn't actually related by blood to the Tang Family. Her mother wasn't a mistress, but a widow that got remarried."

"So...she's actually a fake heiress! Here we thought she had a privileged background, but it turns out..."

"The commenter above, shut up. Our Tangning doesn't need the support of the Tang Family anyway, OK?"

"Even though this has been revealed, why do I feel that this announcement is a way of throwing Tangning out there to act as a shield? Just because she's not blood-related, does that mean they can step all over her as they like?"

"We are talking about a rich family here...Do you guys understand rich families?"

The Tang Family indeed ended up making an official announcement that Tangning wasn't related to them by blood and was merely a child from a previous relationship that followed her mother into the household.

In other words, they were saying that her mother being a mistress was a false rumor and the truth behind Tangning's birth and childhood wasn't as bad as everyone thought it was.

But, as a result of this announcement, how many people ridiculed Tangning behind her back?

And how many of those that were previously wary of her background, were now laughing behind her back?

She was merely a fake heiress, yet she managed to stir up the entire Beijing - what a joke!

It was 3pm when Han Xiner handed the news to Tangning. As soon as she looked through it, she threw it to one side, "This is the Tang Family's PR at work. Just ignore it."

"But, Ning Jie, for the Tang Family to sacrifice you in this way, don't you feel wronged?" Han Xiner was so upset she was about to cry.

"Of course I feel wronged," Tangning replied with reddened eyes, "But my response will not be to cry... There are so many people waiting to make a joke out of me and to watch my downfall. What's the use of sitting around feeling wronged?"

"They've really taken things too far!" Han Xiner threw her phone on the floor.

Tangning lowered her head for a moment and calmed herself down. At that time, she received a phone call from Mo Ting.

"7pm, Hai Rui will be holding a press conference. I will get someone to pick you up at 6pm."

Tangning could tell from Mo Ting's voice that he was trying to remain calm; he was definitely angry. In fact, it wasn't just a slight anger.

"Ting...I am fine. Today belongs to us. There's no point being unhappy over unrelated people."

"If they were truly unrelated to you, how good would that be?" Mo Ting sighed. "You know, sometimes I really hate myself for not having met you earlier and to have allowed you to go through so much suffering."

"I have you now, that's all that matters," Tangning said as she held back her tears. "6pm, right? I'll definitely be on time..."

"Your stylist should be almost there..." Mo Ting said as he looked at his watch. "I want to see the most beautiful Tangning. Prepare yourself well..."


Even if not for herself, for the sake of Mo Ting, she needed to compose herself.

She had already endured so many years on her own. When did she ever need the support of the Tang Family?

Since the Tang Family denied being related to her...

...from now on, she would not be a part of Tang Family!

A little while later, the stylist arrived with everything Mo Ting had prepared for her.

"Mrs. Mo, this way please..."


"ThIs Elder Tang doesn't look like a stupid person. Why would he act so ruthlessly?" Fang Yu sighed inside the CEO's office as he looked at the news.

"Even if Tangning really wasn't a part of the Tang Family, he shouldn't sacrifice her in such a way."

"Is Tangning really not a part of the Tang Family?"

Mo Ting did not respond. From the moment he heard of the announcement, the anger in his eyes had not faded even the slightest.

"Not any more."

Fang Yu understood what Mo Ting meant and nodded his head, "Don't worry, Jingjing has nagged me endlessly about this incident. I will definitely give Tangning a grand scale press conference."

"Tangning has never depended on the Tang Family. Plus, from the moment she married you, she already became a part of the Mo Family and has nothing to do with the Tang's."

"Yes. But seeing her being bullied and not knowing how to make her feel better..." Mo Ting gritted his teeth.

"The announcement of your marriage will be the best form of support and encouragement. After all, the public are all assuming you will break up with her after the revelation of her background."

"Hmmph," Mo Ting scoffed, "This is all thanks to the Tang Family."

"We still have plenty of time," Fang Yu said with a deeper meaning. "I will go back to preparing."

"Yes, go ahead..." Mo Ting waved his hand.

At times, he really wanted to take on all of Tangning's worries, but no matter how strong he was, there were some things he had no control over. For example...the Tang Family.

One day...he was going to make the Tang Family regret!


5pm. Dressed in formal wear, Tangning stood in front of the mirror.

The stylist and Han Xiner looked at her in a mesmerized state. Because at this moment, not only was Tangning beautiful, she also had an expensive elegance to her.

The luxurious dress on her body was custom made by Christian Dior and was inspired by the Chinese qipao. It used white as the base and had a delicately embroidered pattern around the chest area decorated with white diamonds. The dress hung perfectly to Tangning's body, highlighting her most notable feature: her long legs!

This dress alone was already valued at 8 figures!

Not to mention her gold embroidered shoes and other accessories...

"President Mo sure is generous," Han Xiner couldn't help but exclaim after she heard the stylist introduce each piece. "He's practically placed all the most expensive things he could find onto your body..."

"Actually, he knows I don't like stuff like this," Tangning smiled, "He simply wants to send a message to the public..."

"I understand," Han Xiner nodded. "The Tang Family can bully you, but the Mo Family will always support you. After freeing yourself from the Tang Family and marrying into the Mo Family, I wonder how the reporters and the Tang Family will react."

"It's almost time, let's get ready to head out..." the stylist reminded as she helped Tangning put on her last earring. "No wonder you are a famous model. I've never seen a more beautiful body than yours..."

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