Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 363: I Got Married a Long Time Ago

Chapter 363: I Got Married a Long Time Ago

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"If you want to cry, then cry," en route home, Mo Ting looked at the woman leaning on his shoulder, "It was my fault for arriving too late and allowing you to suffer."

Tangning finally let go and started sobbing, she had endured for quite some time, "I was the one that chose to go there, it had nothing to do with you? Why do you always put the blame on yourself?"

"Not protecting you well is always my fault," Mo Ting said with a sense of self-blame, "From now on, you are only my wife. You are no longer 'someone's' granddaughter and you have nothing to do with 'that' family."

"Uh huh," Tangning nodded her head, but she still couldn't help her tears from forcing their way out of her eyes.

Pain caused by family was always the most helpless and hard to cure.

Because it left one with no choice.

"Stop crying now, it's making my heart ache."

Crying didn't solve anything, but stopping didn't either. So Tangning stood up firmly and after a few moments of silence, she said, "Drive me to the studio. We agreed we'd complete filming today so I don't want to delay the progress of the entire film."

"OK. As long as it's something you want to do, I'll accompany you."

This was something he had said before because the best way of expressing love was accompaniment.

While the illegitimate daughter incident continued to circulate, Tangning returned on set accompanied by Mo Ting.

The production crew looked at Tangning worriedly. Even Lin Sheng was waiting for Tangning on set even though he had a day off. He was ready to celebrate the completion of Tangning's first film with her.

"To be able to appear in front of the camera regardless of anything that happens; that is the true sign of a good actor. I'm so glad to see that you have come," Lin Sheng praised as he patted Tangning on the shoulder. "Go ahead, complete your last two scenes to the best of your ability."

Tangning nodded her head as she wiped her teary eyes and looked at the crew with a reassuring smile, "Don't worry, I am fine."

"OK..." Lin Sheng watched as Tangning walked on set. Inside, he had finally come to a realization: he had always been one to critique others, but he had never praised anyone. Yet, as a newcomer, Tangning was capable of making him act impulsively.

This must mean he considered Tangning as his student, right?

The last two scenes of 'Stupid' required exaggerated emotions. They were the scenes of the female lead frantically looking for her child after she went insane.

"My child is a genius..."

"A genius..."

"Have you guys seen my child? He really is a genius."

Anxious and in a panic, the female lead grabbed onto the hands of passersby, desperate for them to believe her words. But all she got in return was the cold shoulder.

"Hey, isn't this woman a famous actress?"

"No way! She's just a crazy woman that's lost her kid."

The female lead's proud and arrogant life had come to such a depressing end. Those that witnessed it, couldn't help but sigh in pity.

However, the story was to continue. The genius she spoke of, was 'Stupid's' male lead.

As Tangning was so focused on filming her last two scenes, her attention was completely drawn away from the anger she felt for the Tang Family.

But, just because she wasn't angry, it didn't mean Mo Ting wasn't.

"Congratulations on completing your scenes Tangning!"

"Congratulations to the rebirth of our female lead!"

"Congratulations! All the best!"

The crew gathered around Tangning presenting her with flowers and hugs.

"Tangning, you were amazing!" Coque also gave her a hug. "You are just like the words that came out of your mouth in that last scene. You are a genius!"

"Thank you Director Coque, you got me to where I am today," Tangning thanked him politely.

"Enjoy the life of an actor. I hope you will have an outstanding performance in 'Hidden Expert'. I definitely think you stand a huge chance at winning the Best Newcomer Award."

Tanging didn't care whether she received an award. She simply wanted to help Mo Ting achieve his dream - and she had finally done it.

"Everyone, stop crowding around Tangning. What she wants most is to hear from President Mo," someone said as they spotted Mo Ting approaching with a bunch of flowers. They immediately nudged Tangning towards him.

Tangning looked at the charming man walking slowly towards her; she too walked towards him, "I've done it."

Mo Ting handed her a bunch of roses, "I know..." He then hooked his arm around her neck and pressed his lips firmly against hers.

Everyone erupted in a loud scream. Meanwhile, Tangning went from being shocked to gradually returning her man's kiss. Only after observers began to feel their cheeks and ears burn up did Mo Ting finally let her go, "Mrs. Mo, congratulations on completing your shoot."

"President bringing a bunch of roses here on a day like this, could you possibly have good news to announce?" observers guessed, thinking that Mo Ting had the intention to propose.

However, Tangning giggled without saying anything.

Was it because this was the first time she had received flowers from Mo Ting?

Of course not. It was because she was well aware why Mo Ting had brought her roses...

"What type of good news are you guys expecting?" Mo Ting asked in an abnormally happy manner.

"Proposal! Proposal! Proposal!" everyone chanted.

However, Mo Ting responded by pulling out a marriage certificate, "Proposal? But, I got married a long time ago..."

Since he already had the marriage certificate on him today from proving his identity to the Tang Family...he didn't mind revealing it a few more times.

Everyone was shocked. Never did anyone expect, the couple were already married...

"Oh God! Tangning, you sure had your lips sealed. Who would have thought you'd already tied down President Mo. Well done!"

"Lucky I'm not one to bully a newcomer. If I had offended the CEO's wife, I would have brought upon my own downfall without knowing it..."

"Haha, at least you're self-aware."

"There are still so many reporters on the outside that are saying that President Mo would never marry Tangning. Pfft! They deserve to be slapped in the face!"


Mo Ting's expression sharpened a little. That's right, after dealing with the Tang Family, he still had to deal with the reporters.

He had made his announcement at the Tang Family home, but he had not yet announced it to the whole world!

"Coque, I am taking Tangning with me. Dinner for the crew tonight will be on me."

"YAY!" the entire crew erupted in an applause. After all, this was probably the only time they would be honored enough to eat a meal from Mo Ting.

Afterwards, Mo Ting turned to take Tangning home, but she asked him to wait while she ran over to Lin Sheng, "Thank you Sheng Ge, I am extremely grateful towards you."

"You are being too polite, I will continue to pay attention to your acting, don't embarrass me," Lin Sheng laughed.

"Definitely, I will let you see a completely different Tangning in 'Hidden Expert'."

"That's good. I also hope your relationship with President will remain strong. In this glamorous industry, being able to find a love that's worth protecting, definitely needs to be treasured."

"Yes, I agree," Tangning shook hands with Lin Sheng before sentimentally leaving the first film crew of her life. Following on, she would need to be in the best condition to take on her identity as Mrs. Mo!

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