Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 360: You've Left Me With No Choice

Chapter 360: You've Left Me With No Choice

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10pm. The rain was pouring.

Tangning's emotions had been stabilized within Mo Ting's embrace and the couple hugged each other to sleep cheek-to-cheek.

"I've already asked Coque to postpone tonight's shoot. Get some rest."

Tangning buried herself into Mo Ting's embrace, pressing her head against his chest, "No need. I'm just going to have a half hour nap and then I'm going to go for the shoot."

"OK. If you want to have a nap, I'll hug you and keep you warm. If you want to go do some filming, I'll accompany you," Mo Ting did not force Tangning to rest, he simply fulfilled her every request. Because after listening to the conversation between Tangning and Elder Tang, he got the idea that Tangning had experienced a childhood of pain and suffering.

The Tang Family's obstacles, Elder Tang's controlling nature and her own guilt and discomfort...

...just the thought of all these made Mo Ting's heart ache.

So, 1 hour later, filming commenced...


Late into the night, after Elder Tang returned to the Tang Family home, his assistant immediately called for a doctor, attracting the attention of everyone in the family.

Tang Xuan paced back and forth anxiously until Elder Tang's condition was stabilized. She then asked the assistant, "Where did grandfather go? Why did his illness suddenly get triggered?"

"Errr..." the assistant was put in a difficult position.

"What is there that you can't say? Grandfather is already in this condition..." Tang Xuan had an extremely anxious expression on her face.

"The chairman went to meet with Miss Tangning," the assistant replied honestly.

After hearing this, Tang Xuan was a little surprised, "Did you say grandfather went to look for Tangning? Grandfather vowed he'd never see Tangning again..."

"She is his granddaughter after all, how could he possibly not see her again? Chairman simply said it out of anger!"

Tang Xuan handed the medicine and water to the assistant and turned to return to her room. She had already endured so much, but why wasn't Tangning keeping her distance from the Tang Family?

She was well aware that deep in Elder Tang's heart, his top choice for a successor had always been Tangning. Unfortunately, Tangning was the daughter of a mistress. So, everyone had the right except for her.

"'ve left me with no choice," Tang Xuan clenched her fists. Inside, she subconsciously wanted Tangning to distance herself from the Tang Family; just a little further and a little further more...


"Scene 182, Act 3, action!"

This was a scene between Tangning and the athlete. Regarding the child's upbringing, the athlete wanted nothing to do with it.

Upon the muddy post-rain road, Tangning carried her child weakly towards the athlete. But, when he saw her, not only did he deny knowing her, he even refused to acknowledge his child.

In front of the cameras, Tangning carried her child as a scornful smile appeared on her face. She looked at the back of the athlete and exclaimed, "My child is a genius. You will regret not accepting him one day."

"Crazy woman! I'm an athlete. I can't have a child. I still need to win awards and become number one!"

Tangning looked at the man that disappeared without looking back. After struggling a little, she ended up collapsing on the floor...

"He really is a genius."

Under the empty night sky, all that could be heard was Tangning mumbling to herself...

"Pass..." Coque stood up and exclaimed. After being in Beijing for quite some time, he had picked up a few useful words and phrases. This time, as he called out, it did not seem awkward at all.

After filming was complete, Mo Ting approached Tangning before she had completely pulled out of the character, and wrapped her in a jacket, "Mrs. Mo, it's time to snap out of character!"

"Two more scenes to go and filming will be complete!" Tangning sighed, "I suddenly feel like I'll miss it."

"Everything will be wrapped up tomorrow..." Mo Ting escorted her out between his arms, "It's late tonight. Hurry back to the hotel and get some rest. You have an early filming session tomorrow."

"Tomorrow... You still remember what you promised me, right?"

"Of course."

Tangning turned her head and looked at Mo Ting, he also looked quite tired. This almighty CEO, had stood here all night because of her, regardless of the weather. He also worried about her all the time. Thinking about this, Tangning suddenly felt her heart ache. Especially when she remembered the words he had previously said.

Did he really love her more than she loved him?

Mo Ting had long prepared a speech for the announcement of their marriage. All he had been waiting for, was the right day and moment...

However, another piece of news was one step ahead...

[Explosive News! Rich Family Battle: Tangning Confirmed to be an Illegitimate Child!]

[Tangning's Birth a Mystery. Is She Really an Heiress?]

[Daughter of a Mistress: Tangning's True Identity Revealed!]

The next morning, Han Xiner knocked urgently on Tangning's door and handed the news directly to her. As for Hai Rui, they had already started working on their PR; anything that mentioned Tangning's identity, was immediately deleted. However, this didn't stop word from spreading within the industry.

"Rich families are disgusting, they sure are a mess."

"This isn't that big of a news, why is it even worth exposing?"

"Since Tangning is the daughter of a mistress, will she also become a mistress?"

If this was in the past, seeing news like this would merely make Tangning scoff with disdain, because those that hurt her were strangers and she couldn't be bothered getting upset over strangers.

But, this time, the news could have only been exposed by the Tang Family because they were the only ones that knew of it.

"Ning Jie..."

Seeing Tangning suffer, Han Xiner wanted to comfort her. But, Tangning grabbed onto her wrist and said, "Don't tell Mo Ting. He just left and has a lot to deal with back at Hai Rui."

"Actually, Boss had given me a call not too long ago, telling me not to tell you about this issue in case it made you unhappy."

"I'm fine. Since it is the truth, what's wrong with it being exposed?"

"But...will it affect the Mo Family's impression of you?" this was what Han Xiner was most worried about.

"Help me prepare a car. I want to pay a visit to the Tang Family," Tangning instructed firmly. There were some things she had to resolve in person. The Tangning that allowed Tang Xuan to bully her, was already in the past. At present, no one should dream of hurting her, because hurting her was equivalent to hurting Mo Ting!"

"Should I mention this to Boss?"

"Of course. But, I want to head over first. I can't stay seated here for another second."

"OK, you go ahead. Here's the car keys. Before the media gather, get out of here," Han Xiner said as she escorted Tangning out.

As Tangning left, Han Xiner watched as she disappeared. She suddenly felt that life was filled with difficulties. Taking her own family as an example: her brother was greedy and her sister was cruel. As for Tangning, her family had forced her to this point. How much of a grudge did they hold against her, for them to treat a relative in such a way?

Actually, Tangning understood why Tang Xuan had done something like this. It was because her grandfather had come to look for her.

Was Tang Xuan that afraid of Tangning becoming the successor of the Tang family business?

So much that she'd actually expose the Tang Family's embarrassing scandal?

Tangning started up the car and sped towards the Tang Family home. However, halfway there, she received a phone call from Mo Ting, "Slow down!"

Tangning immediately slowed down.

"Ning, you head over first. I'm already on my way to see you. Since we were planning to announce our marriage today, this is the perfect time and place!"

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