Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 357: Isn't She Just a Joke?

Chapter 357: Isn't She Just a Joke?

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Late at night, inside the hotel bathroom.

Mo Ting held onto Tangning as they lay inside the bathtub; planting kisses on her back affectionately.

As Tangning had rolled on the floor quite a few times during the birth scene today, her back was left with slight scratches. As he looked at her injuries, Mo Ting's eyes darkened, "You got injured."

"Where?" Tangning did not feel any pain. "It must be a small scratch."

Mo Ting rested his chin on her shoulder and said in a deep voice, "From now on, don't allow yourself to get even small scratches."

"But, I'm jealous of the women who cause trouble, get into fights and have their husbands jump in to help them..."

"This is the first time I've realized that Mrs. Mo has a violent side to her," Mo Ting tightened his grip around Tangning. "Fine, if I get the chance in the future, I will try getting into a fight for you."

"What are you planning to do about the incident with Miss Chi?" Tangning leaned back against Mo Ting , enjoying the curves of his perfect body. Although her cheeks were a little red, she wasn't looking at him directly, so she hadn't completely been mesmerized by him.

"Do I need to personally deal with a matter like this?"

Hearing Mo Ting's question, Tangning couldn't help but laugh, "Anyhow, Lu Che has already made a phone call..."

"... but she hasn't realized where she stands." Mo Ting's eyes darkened a few shades, "She could have simply continued living her life as a rich heiress, yet she decided to challenge people in the entertainment industry...doesn't she know the industry is filled with actors?"

"If someone tries to hurt you...or tries to ruin our relationship...I definitely won't let them off."

As she listened to Mo Ting's oath-like words, Tangning's eyes fell into a daze...


The next day, plenty of people made phone calls to Hai Rui asking for the truth behind the Chi Xinyan incident.

A lot of these people thought Tangning was a mistress who stepped in and broke up someone else's relationship...

However, Hai Rui couldn't be bothered to respond to such nonsense.

Of course, because Lu Che had taken Long Jie to meet his parents and wasn't around, Fang Yu was left with the responsibility of giving replies. Fang Yu couldn't help but sigh; what difference was there between before he was promoted and after he was promoted?

It was rare for Huo Jingjing to be home. So, he simply wanted to sit down to a dinner with his wife, but he ended up being surrounded by reporters.

In the end, Fang Yu was so annoyed, he simply replied, "Could Miss Chi please control your actions and respect your own identity."

"Could Vice President please tell us if Miss Chi was President Mo's ex?"

"They aren't familiar with each other," Fang Yu replied straightforwardly.

"If they aren't familiar, then why did they have a marriage appointment? If Miss Chi wasn't upset, she wouldn't have stepped out to reveal this matter..."

Faced with the media's aggressiveness, Fang Yu neatened his suit and told Huo Jingjing to enter the restaurant first.

"That is an assumption made by the media."

"Could you tell us the truth?" the reporters chased.

"I want to leave Miss Chi with a bit of pride. By the way, is it because our President Mo has been quite merciful lately that you guys feel like you can make up stories as you please?" Fang Yu smirked. He then left to have dinner with his dear wife.

"What exactly is this Chi Xinyan thinking?" Huo Jingjing asked as she sat opposite Fang Yu. She completely couldn't understand what was going on. "Why would a socialite heiress drag herself down like this?"

"As an heiress, not only did she not attract the attention of President Mo, she even lost to Tangning. In her eyes, models and actors are all dirty and hold no importance. Did you think she'd accept losing to Tangning?" Fang Yu explained. "The Tang Family were the ones that pulled her into the mix, but she was the one that picked up where they left off and continued on."

"On the surface, she appears to be telling the truth. But, in reality, she is trying to make Tangning sound like a mistress..."

"Both Tangning and Mo Ting can't be bothered dealing with this ridiculousness. That's why our date was disturbed," Fang Yu was quite annoyed by this.

"In that case, how come you didn't clarify everything? Why leave her a bit of pride, she doesn't deserve even a bit!" Huo Jingjing couldn't help but stick up for her friend.

"When a cat catches a mouse, it doesn't kill it straight away. That's exactly the reason why Mo Ting handed the issue to me and not to the PR department."

Although she had always known that Mo Ting wasn't someone one should provoke, Huo Jingjing still found herself subconsciously grabbing tighter to Fang Yu's arm, "Thinking about how I previously went up against President Mo, I feel a little scared. Luckily, nothing happened..."

Fang Yu held onto her hand gently and said with a slight smile, "Be smarter from now on, OK?"


The next day, Fang Yu's response spread to Chi Xinyan's ears. How dare he tell her to control her actions!

Worst of all, Tangning and Mo Ting did not get involved at all, they just sat back and watched the show unfold.

This seriously hurt Chi Xinyan's pride. When had she ever experienced this kind of treatment?

In the end, she couldn't help but ask Mo Ting in front of the media, "Do you dare to say you never made a phone call to me on August 19th?"

Faced with provocation, Hai Rui did not make an immediate response. As for Mo Ting, he simply kept Tangning company on set for her last two scenes.

Finally, because Hai Rui felt the issue had gotten a little out of hand, they got Fang Yu to accept an interview at the front door. But, it wasn't anything official nor did it seem very serious.

"Could Vice President Fang..."

"You don't need to ask, I know what you want to ask?" Fang Yu couldn't be bothered listening to the reporters' rubbish as he said, "Since Miss Chi insists on getting an answer, we have no choice but to reply."

"On August 19th, President Mo's assistant, Lu Che, did indeed give Miss Chi a phone call. The motive was to notify her of their marriage."

"Huh?" the media were in an uproar as they rapidly snapped photos on their cameras.

Was Mo Ting about to reveal everything?

Fang Yu analyzed the expressions of the media and gave a mysterious smile. After their discussions stopped, he finally continued.

"But, this incident was simply a result of the chairman's impatience for a grandchild. He demanded President Mo to bring home a granddaughter-in-law that very day...So, President Mo simply picked a random name from a list and selected Miss Chi. He was planning to ask her for a favor after she arrived to help him avoid the persistence of the chairman...but...Miss Chi never arrived."

"So...Tangning is not a mistress and President Mo is not familiar with Miss Chi. The media's ridiculous guesses can now stop."

"At that time, the chairman used his illness as a threat, so President Mo had to make an urgent decision. He originally thought Miss Chi had not shown up because she didn't care. Who would have thought she'd remember it until now!"

In other words, Chi Xinyan had been overthinking the situation and thought there was actually something romantic going on.

"This is the entire story. We originally thought a small issue like this wouldn't need explaining. Who would have thought..."

So it turned out Mo Ting had randomly picked Chi Xinyan and was merely going to ask her for a favor.

No wonder he couldn't be bothered to explain anything. It turned out, Chi Xinyan meant nothing to him from the start...

He just picked her randomly...

Everyone originally thought they were watching an entertaining love triangle. Who would have thought that Chi Xinyan meant absolutely nothing to Mo Ting.

In that case, wasn't Chi Xinyan a joke for taking things so seriously?

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