Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 356: As Long as he Wanted it And as Long as She Had it!

Chapter 356: As Long as he Wanted it And as Long as She Had it!

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Towards the end of the press release, time was given for fans to interact with the cast and crew.

Of course, at a time like this, Tangning was bound to be asked the most difficult questions. A chubby girl held onto the microphone as she asked worriedly, "Tangning, the fans really want to know about the current state of your relationship with President Mo. How is it going, we are worried - exceptionally worried."

The host glanced at Mo Ting and back at Tangning. He then handed the microphone to Tangning.

Tangning held onto the microphone and smiled, "Hasn't President Mo's actions today been enough to settle your worries?"


Tangning understood the fans were worried they were putting on an act. So, she walked off the stage towards Mo Ting, grabbed his hand and pulled him onto the stage with her.

The fans erupted in a sharp squeal...

Tangning and Mo Ting stood hand-in-hand on stage as Tangning replied firmly, "I'm not worried at all that he would abandon me, because he has given me enough confidence. Nor am I afraid of rumors, because we simply see it as a chance to show off our affection."


"Lastly, I hope everyone can take note of the film I am about to take part in: 'Hidden Expert'."

After speaking, Tangning originally intended on returning the microphone to the host, however, Mo Ting suddenly grabbed the microphone from her hand and said, "I only have Tangning. Any words that do not personally come from my mouth are simply rumors."

"I decide who I will marry; not the media and definitely not the rumors!"

Only when it came to matters related to Tangning would Mo Ting explain himself in this way.


[Mo Tang Join Forces to Throw Back Rumors: "We Are Doing Well!"]

[The President is Resolute: "I Decide Who I Will Marry, Not The Media"]

This time, the rumors about their breakup were clarified all in one go and the black-bellied President Mo once again showed off his affection with his precious wife.

That night, Tangning returned to the set of 'Stupid'. This time, the crew no longer looked at her with sympathy. All the speculation and gossiping was just a passing phase not even worth mentioning.


That night, Chi Xinyan was at home when she saw the entertainment news. Seeing the way that Mo Ting completely disregarded her, she felt a bit upset. After all, it was Mo Ting's assistant who had initiated contact with her on August 19th.

How was it possible that a rich heiress like herself, not compare to a body-exposing model?

After thinking about it for a bit, Chi Xinyan was indeed a little stirred up. As a result, she decided to pick up where Tang Xuan left off.

Weren't there reporters outside her door?

Weren't they waiting to dig up more information?

She was going to admit everything to them. She was going to wait and see how Mo Ting would wipe away the truth.

So, the next day, Chi Xinyan became the hottest news topic.

She had personally admitted to the media that she was one step away from marrying Mo Ting on August 19th. As for whether they were a couple to begin with and why they had decided to get married, Chi Xinyan's lips were sealed.

The public couldn't help but let their imaginations run wild. They started to assume that Chi Xinyan and Mo Ting's relationship had fallen apart because of Tangning...

During this time, Tangning was still in the middle of filming.

She was filming the scene where she was to give birth.

As one of the last few climactic scenes, Tangning was well prepared. Even when she had to toss and turn in a pool of blood; even when the production crew were beginning to feel disgusted; she did not make a single complaint.

"To be honest, out of all the actresses I have ever worked with, Tangning has been the least problematic. She's never squeamish, and even though she has a pair of delicate legs, she's never afraid of any scenes. She sure pushes herself beyond her boundaries."

"Look at this scene of her giving birth. The pain looks so real, even I can feel her pain..."

"After 'Stupid', she will definitely become famous. I hope she can continue to aim for perfection in everything she does..."

"I'm sure she will." Even though Lin Sheng had already finished his part, he stuck around to watch Tangning act. He was certain, with Tangning's seriousness, she didn't merely act for the sake of acting. She was the type to put her entire heart and soul into doing something well.

"Sheng Ge...this is the first time I've heard you praise another actor," one of the small supporting actors laughed.

"However, I must agree, Tangning is someone we should learn from..."

"That's why I don't understand why there are rumors that Tangning ruined Mo Ting's wedding? When are they going to stop with their nonsense? After spending time with Tangning, I am certain there is nothing wrong with her character. An actor can temporarily put on an act, but time will eventually reveal everything. I don't care what others say, I am quite impressed by Tangning..."

Lin Sheng smiled and added, "So, we shouldn't let the words of the outside world affect us too much."

After Tangning finished her scene, she was so mentally exhausted, she almost fainted. Han Xiner quickly called for a doctor and stabilized Tangning's emotions. Coque was so shocked, he almost ran off to beg Mo Ting for forgiveness.

"Ning Jie, you..."

"If Boss found out that I didn't take good care of you, he would fire me for sure."

"You are an assistant that I hired, it has nothing to do with him, don't worry," Tangning laughed as she sat in her seat.

"How could you still laugh? Another piece of news has started about you..."

Tangning received her phone from Han Xiner. After scanning over it quickly, she handed it back, "You don't need to worry about stuff like this."


"Aren't arrogant heiresses easy to deal with?"


"Your Boss loves dealing with those that bring humiliation upon themselves, because it doesn't take much energy." After speaking, Tangning stood up and headed for the change room; it was time to prepare for the next scene.

To be honest, Tangning couldn't be bothered to deal with someone like Chi Xinyan.

A person that was too proud and arrogant would normally have not much of a brain.

Not long after, Mo Ting gave Tangning a phone call. As Tangning picked up the phone, her emotions remained calm.

"I thought you would be at least a little jealous."

"I'm sorry President Mo, could you please hurry up and tidy the problem you've caused?" Tangning said in a serious tone.

Mo Ting's lips curved up slightly as an amused look appeared in his eyes, "I thought...the Tang Family would have something else up their sleeves..."

It seemed, the conversation he had with Elder Tang was already effective enough.

Since he only had to deal with Chi Xinyan, he couldn't be bothered to dirty his hands. If she wanted to claim that she was being bullied, then he was going to make it a reality.

Tangning's smile froze on her face. Suddenly, she felt her heart had gotten a little heavy, "I've never intended on returning to the Tang Family. But, if they don't know how to control themselves, I'm not going to sit back and let them attack me."

"Who would dare to attack you? Huh?" Mo Ting asked in a deep voice.

"Tonight, I order you to come keep Mrs. Mo's bed warm. After being made out to sound like a mistress, I feel a little angry..."

"Mr. Mo will do as you please." After speaking, Mo Ting hung up the phone. Because at this moment, he was already waving to Tangning from a short distance away.

Tangning looked at Mo Ting as he leaned against his car smiling at her. A thought suddenly came to mind: no one compared to him!

At that moment, Tangning felt she was willing to give Mo Ting anything he wanted.

As long as he wanted it and as long as she had it!

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