Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 355: Abolishing Rumors

Chapter 355: Abolishing Rumors

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After Elder Tang finished talking, he returned to his bedroom with the help of his assistant. Father Tang turned and looked at Tang Xuan in disbelief, "Xuan Er, regardless of everything, Tangning is still your younger sister."

"Who would admit to having a sister like that?" Tang Xuan glared at Father Tang before returning to her room with her stubborn tears.

"I'll go check on her..." Tang Xuan's husband reassured as he followed behind.

Father Tang looked at his wife and felt slightly guilty. All these years, Tangning had been wandering the world on her own. Yet, as a father, he couldn't show her any affection because he needed to show fairness to his other children.

Mother Tang glanced at Father Tang. Without a word, she returned upstairs.

No matter how much Tangning hated her, she was still her mother.

Seeing her own daughter being bullied and not being able to say a thing...

Who would understand how she felt?

Meanwhile, Tangning was oblivious to what had happened. Who would have thought, she didn't even need to make an appearance, for the entire Tang Family to be at odds with each other and enter into a state of panic...


The next day, at the press release of 'Hidden Expert'.

As a supporting character, Tangning was expected to attend. But, because of all the rumors that were circulating, the organizers of the event had to be extra careful.

At this time, the public started to assume that the reason Tangning had merely received a supporting role in 'Hidden Expert' and not another huge film, was because she had broken up with Mo Ting. Many people even started worrying on Tangning's behalf; if Mo Ting was to get married to someone else, Tangning would need to put up with a lot more than a simple breakup...

...perhaps, she may need to suffer the wrath of a rich heiress.

After all, no woman could withstand their husband having a questionable relationship on the outside; even if their marriage was only a business transaction and no love was involved.

2pm at Crowne Plaza Hotel. Tangning was dressed in a long sleeveless black dress as she attended the press release. But, as she entered, one thing shocked everyone present; following behind her was none other than Mo Ting...

Mo Ting was accompanying her...


...didn't everyone say they had broken up?

Atop the stage, the host was about to start things off. Meanwhile, the main cast and crew slowly made their way onto the stage. Just as Tangning was about to head up, Mo Ting suddenly called her back and said to her softly, "You can say whatever you want today."


"You can say anything regarding us..."

Tangning smiled, "Understood."

The host noticed the couple still whispering to each other below the stage, so he couldn't help but laugh, "It seems, as a manager, President Mo is a little worried about leaving Tangning with us. It's time for Tangning to head on stage, yet President Mo is still clinging on. Don't worry, we are serious hosts and won't play any dirty tricks."

Mo Ting escorted Tangning to the stage and returned to his seat, transforming into a part of the audience.

"Come Tangning, say hello to everyone..."

After a simple greeting, Tangning moved to stand behind the two male leads. Because of her height, the host couldn't help but tease, "Luckily 'Hidden Expert' doesn't have any love lines. Otherwise, it would be quite difficult for our two male leads to hug Tangning."

Everyone laughed...

"By the way Tangning, I wanted to ask, what made you choose 'Hidden Expert'?"

Tangning received the microphone from the host and replied, "I'm sure that you all know that I have the most powerful manager in the world, Mr. Mo Ting."

The camera panned to Mo Ting who was sitting below the stage and everyone present erupted in excitement.

"He helped me pick 'Hidden Expert' because he is well aware of what I'm lacking and what I like... The moment he first showed me the script, I fell in love with the troublemaker I am going to play; the troublemaking girl that is dressed as a boy."

"Woah, it sounds like you are showing off your affection for each other," the host said nosily as he smiled, "Does that mean President Mo is in charge of all your jobs? Does he ever slack off?"

Tangning quickly looked below the stage and shook her head, "Never. He personally looks through every single one of my jobs. Once he's determined whether it is worthy of accepting, he would let me know."

"Doesn't that mean President Mo is extremely busy?!" the host opened his eyes wide in shock. "How about this, why don't we get President Mo to answer this question himself."

The host gestured for a member of staff to hand Mo Ting a microphone. Mo Ting accepted the microphone and replied, "Being busy is normal. So it's OK if I handle her matters as main priority."

"Oh God..."

The host gasped...

"President Mo is so thoughtful. Tangning, you sure are fortunate," the host returned his gaze to Tangning, "Has there ever been a time where you've felt he wasn't thoughtful enough?"

Tangning shook her head without a moment of hesitation, "Let me put it this way, if he is still busy working at the time that I'm heading to bed, I simply have to call out his name and he would appear at the doorway with exactly what I want. Sometimes it may be a glass of warm water, milk or something else. The point is, he always knows what I want."

"Is he that amazing?" the host looked doubtful. "How about this? In order to prove that your minds are connected, let us ask you a question based on 'Hidden Expert'. You can write down your answer and then we can all see what President Mo thinks your answer is. What do you think?"

Tangning quickly glanced below the stage. As soon as she saw Mo Ting nod, she also nodded.

"Great, bring out the question board! Tangning, once you're done with writing your answer, cover it well and don't show it to anyone."


"Fantastic, Tangning's done. In that case, President Mo, can you tell us why Tangning likes the character of Xiao Xi?" the host asked.

After hearing the question, Mo Ting replied calmly, "Because she gets to hang from wires."

"Are you sure? Wouldn't it be anything to do with improving her acting or anything else?"

"I'm sure," Mo Ting nodded.

The host looked towards Tangning as she revealed her answer: 'I can hang from wires.'

"Have you guys discussed this in private before?"

"Of course not, she is simply my soulmate."

Hearing this, everyone finally understood why Mo Ting had appeared today. He wanted to abolish the rumors that were circulating; he wasn't marrying anyone else - he only had Tangning.

"OK, we've pretty much finished probing into your personal life, time to go back to talking about the film: 'Hidden Expert'..."

Actually, for today's press release, the biggest big shot had not arrived. He was a well known weirdo in the industry, but he was extremely talented in acting; at a young age, he had already taken home many international awards.

The only issue was, his personality was very weird and he was known for only filming one movie every few years. Most importantly, apart from having a weird personality, his ticket sales were also weird. Whenever he was involved in a film, it never failed. This guarantee made him a very popular choice when casting. However, he always selected films based on his own preference.

So, for Tangning, receiving the role of Xiao Xi was better than being cast as the lead of other big films. After all, this weirdo wouldn't work with just anyone - he liked to be picky with his supporting actors!

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