Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 354: Do You Still Feel Innocent?

Chapter 354: Do You Still Feel Innocent?



West Mountain Residence. Maple Leaf Study Room.

Elder Tang's assistant handed him his phone, "Chairman look, it's a phone call from the CEO of Hai Rui..."

"Pass it here," Elder Tang put down the perfume sample in his hands and received the phone from his assistant. He then gestured for him to leave.

The assistant respectfully turned to leave. Afterwards, Elder Tang lifted the phone to his ear and answered with a deep and aged voice.

"Elder Tang, how are you?" Mo Ting's voice was deep and intimidating.

"So, you are the man that my granddaughter is dating?" Elder Tang jumped straight into the main question.

"I am Mo Ting," Mo Ting greeted without being humble nor pushy. In terms of power, neither of them seemed to hold the upper hand. Although Elder Tang was older and wiser, Mo Ting was stable and unpredictable.

"Hmmph, how could there be true love in a dirty place like the entertainment industry?"

Mo Ting gave a gentle laugh, not taking Elder Tang's discrimination to heart. He then asked, "I asked someone to send a gift to your home. I wonder if Elder Tang received it?"

"What gift?"

"I sent a gift regarding mine and Tangning's marriage. But, not long after, a rumor started that I was to marry the heiress from the Chi Family..."

"What are you trying to say?" Elder Tang asked coldly.

"The Chi Family and Tang Family seem to be on good terms. I previously had a misunderstanding with Miss Chi, so if this has caused you to misunderstand me, I can explain myself. There's no need for you to start a false rumor to hurt Tangning," Mo Ting said in an even colder voice. "You have the right to ignore Tangning and pretend she doesn't exist, but you can't stop me from treating her well."

Mo Ting's words were well planned out like an art form.

Firstly, he let Elder Tang know a gift was delivered, then he let him know a rumor was started. Lastly, he hinted that because the Tang Family and Chi Family shared information, this incident was bound to be related to them."

"Rascal, do you know how to respect your elders?" Elder Tang had never been questioned in this way.

"If I have offended you in any way, please excuse me. But, if you don't want to acknowledge the existence of your granddaughter, you can hand her over to me." After speaking, Mo Ting hung up the phone.

Elder Tang was a little stunned. He immediately called his assistant into the room, "Make a phone call home immediately and ask if Hai Rui has sent any gifts over. Also, compile all of the latest news about Tangning. Quick!"

10 minutes later, the assistant returned to the study room and said, "The housekeeper said a box had arrived but the Big Miss opened it. Also, here's the news on Miss Tangning."

Elder Tang opened the newspaper and looked at the judgment placed on his granddaughter. He was so angry he slammed his hands on the table, "How dare these people talk rubbish about my granddaughter! Plus, my granddaughter is capable of everything, how could they compare her to the useless Miss Chi?"

"Chairman, control your anger!"

Elder Tang took a deep breath and calmed down, "According to the rascal with the surname Mo, the person who rumored that he was getting married to Miss Chi is someone from the Tang Family."

"Chairman, could he have made a mistake?"

Elder Tang shook his head, "That rascal rules over an entire industry, how could he make a mistake? Since he said the Tang Family did it, he must have looked into it. Plus, couldn't you tell he deliberately called to report the issue? He is obviously hinting that this isn't the first time the Tang Family has done something like this to Tangning."

"The Big Miss is indeed suspicious," Elder Tang's assistant responded.

"Tang Xuan has no tolerance for others. How could I leave the family business in her hands?"

"You're right. In terms of capability and personality, Miss Tangning is definitely better than all her siblings," the assistant agreed.

"I think it's time to reorganize the family." After speaking, Elder Tang stood up with the support of his walking stick, "Let's go. Escort me back to the Tang Family home."

"Chairman...Do you want to return right now?"

"If I don't go now, they won't know how serious the matter is." After speaking, the assistant escorted Elder Tang out of the West Mountain Residence and directly headed back to the Tang Family home.


After Mo Ting hung up his phone, he returned to the bedroom from the bathroom. Seeing Tangning sound asleep in bed, he leaned over and gave her a kiss on the forehead.

"What is it?" Tangning asked drowsily.

Mo Ting gently brushed her cheek and said in a comforting voice, "Nothing. I simply want to say that I will always be by your side."

Tangning revealed a comfortable smile and slowly fell back asleep.

Tomorrow would be the press release for 'Hidden Expert'. Which meant, it would also be a great chance to clarify everything...

Of course, Mo Ting did not intend to announce their marriage directly. He still wanted to wait and see if the Tang Family and the Chi heiress had a backup plan. He was going to clear out the pathway for Tangning to become his Queen in one fell swoop.


Late at night, the lights to the Tang Family home suddenly turned on. Afterwards, everyone from the Tang Family was dragged out of bed by Elder Tang.

As the members of the Tang Family were all busy with their own things, it wasn't often that they'd all be home at the same time. So, on this particular day, there was only Tang Xuan and her husband, Father Tang and Tangning's birth mother (now officially Madam Tang).

"Father, it's so late. Is there a reason you've woken everyone up?" Father Tang asked as he sat on the sofa.

Elder Tang sat in the center of the living room with a powerful presence. His eyes looked piercingly towards Tang Xuan, "Xuan Er, have you forgotten to give something to me?"

Tang Xuan was a little stunned, but she quickly understood what he was referring to, "Grandfather..."

"Did you think I'm old and blind so I wouldn't be able to keep my eyes on you?" Elder Tang slammed his walking stick on the floor. "Are you going to hand it over, or should I give Hai Rui a call?"

Tang Xuan's expression was unimpressed as she retrieved the box from her bedroom and placed it in front of Elder Zhang.

"Can you explain to me what this is?" Elder Tang seemed to be asking a question he already knew the answer to.

"A gift from the CEO of Hai Rui. It seems he wants to notify us that he is planning to marry Tangning..."

"Then, can you tell me what this is?" Elder Zhang pulled out a newspaper and threw it in front of Tang Xuan. "Don't tell me this had nothing to do with you."

Tang Xuan trembled but she still picked up the newspaper from the floor and looked at it.

"Grandfather...what has Xuan done?" Tang Xuan's husband had no idea what game of charades this grandfather and granddaughter were playing.

Elder Tang stood up with a powerful presence, "This isn't the first time you have hurt Tangning this way. Am I right?"

"Grandfather...How could you be so certain that I hurt Tangning?"

"Do you still feel you are innocent?" Elder Tang roared. "I've already asked your assistant. The rumours indeed started from you. You couldn't bear seeing Tangning marry someone with a powerful background, so you tried everything you could to tear them apart. In the end, you started a false rumor, causing my granddaughter to be judged by everyone."

"The more you do stuff like this, the less likely I will hand the family business over to you."

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