Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 352: They've Come to Provoke First?

Chapter 352: They've Come to Provoke First?

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This was Han Xiner's first time at Hyatt Regency and first time entering Tangning and Mo Ting's love nest. As she looked around the home, she noticed the house was decorated with Tangning's favorite things and everything was in pairs. Han Xiner spun around the room and began to feel a little dizzy, "Your photo!"

"Huh?" Tangning watched as Han Xiner spun around like a child. She couldn't help but smile.

"My favorite scene in the LM commercial is the one where both of you have your backs to the camera, do you have a photo of it?"

"Inside the bedroom," Tangning smiled. "Stop spinning around, I'm getting dizzy just watching you."

"Ning Jie, you must feel very fortunate to have married Boss, right?" Han Xiner couldn't help but be reminded of her useless brother. Although she was Han Yufan's sister, it couldn't be denied that someone like Tangning should be paired up with only the best.

"Very fortunate," Tangning nodded her head without hesitation, "So fortunate that I'm sometimes tempted to go thank Han Yufan."

"Don't be silly," Han Xiner sat down beside Tangning and pulled out her notebook, "Since I am now your assistant, let's discuss a few things related to work."

Tangning looked at the seriousness on Han Xiner's face and became serious too. Although Xiner and Long Jie were both optimistic people, Long Jie was slightly more short tempered and Xiner was a little more cheeky. When one looked at Xiner's smile, they couldn't help but feel their mood lighten.

"I only have a few more shoots before 'Stupid' is completed. However, tomorrow tonight I will need to attend the press release for 'Hidden Expert'. After that, filming will start early next month..."

"Of course, the most important thing to note, is the day that you and Boss will announce your marriage. I'm honestly happy for you."

Tangning looked at Han Xiner's curved eyes. She finally experienced what it felt like to be acknowledged as a married woman.

"Aren't you guys planning to have a wedding?"

"It's not time yet...I don't want to give her a rushed wedding," Mo Ting suddenly cut in as he walked out of the study room. "We will work on it slowly. After all, she can't run away anyway."

"I'll let you take charge," regarding matters like this, Tangning was quite easygoing.

Han Xiner looked at the couple as they looked at each other lovingly and realized she shouldn't stay around much longer. After, noting down what she needed to know, she got ready to leave. But, Tangning held her back, "Where are you living these days?"

"Boss has found me a huge apartment to live in, you don't need to worry." After speaking, Han Xiner waved goodbye and left.

Tangning watched as Han Xiner disappeared with a guilty expression, "Will I be standing in the way of her potential by dragging her here to be my assistant?"

"If we leave her by your side we can hone in on her skills. After all, Fang Yu has his eyes on her to be his successor in PR," Mo Ting replied gently before sitting down beside Tangning. He wrapped his arms around her and continued, "I've sent my gift to the Tang Family already. But, I can't guarantee that your grandfather was the one to receive it."

In reality, the fact that Mo Ting was willing to send the Tang Family a gift was simply because of Tangning. Grandfather Tang had neglected Tangning for so many years, allowing his wife to suffer; there was no way he'd be completely courteous.

"It's OK," Tangning replied as she leaned into Mo Ting's embrace.

She was honestly OK with it because she had long decided to live her life separately to the Tang Family...

Mo Ting held onto Tangning without a word. The couple enjoyed the intimate moment that they shared together. A little while later, Tangning suddenly called out, "Ting..."


"I still feel everything is so surreal," Tangning mumbled, "How did I manage to marry such a great person; a person that loves me so much. Ever since the day that I married you, I've felt like I've been living in a dream."

"You've also allowed me to marry a wife that is willing to sacrifice everything for me," Mo Ting lifted Tangning in his arms and headed for the bedroom. "So, no matter how the outside world interferes and no matter how important other things are, you will always remain the priority in my life."

"Me will always be my one and only." After speaking, Tangning naturally hooked her arms around Mo Ting's neck.

"Wifey, it's already late in the night...I feel words are no longer necessary to express our love for each other; we can keep it in our hearts. More importantly, we should express it with actions..." As soon as his words left his mouth, the door to the bedroom was thrown open. Carrying Tangning in his arms, Mo Ting strode to the bed and quickly got under the bed covers...


[Amazing! Mo Ting to get Married Soon. The Bride is Actually her?]

[Great Disparity in Status Causes Love Birds to go Separate Ways. The CEO of Hai Rui is to get Married?]

[Because of her Identity as a Model, Tangning is Forced to Break up with Mo Ting?]


These were the headlines that appeared the next day on the entertainment news sources. Just as everyone thought the couple would smoothly advance to marriage, news suddenly broke out that Mo Ting would be marrying an heiress. This time, Tangning's fans had the biggest reaction.

"Is Mo Ting playing with Tangning's feelings? I refuse to believe it."

"Haiz... rich families are always like this. We had always been worried that the Mo Family wouldn't accept Tangning, who would have expected it to happen so quickly..."

"Are they forcing apart our favorite couple? Nooooo..."

"It's about time for the 'couple fans' to wake up. After all, the entertainment industry has always been this complex."

Rumors were going around that the heiress to marry Mo Ting was from an influential family. Of course, everyone assumed this was a business transaction. Regardless, what they worried about the most, was that Mo Ting had chosen a business transaction over Tangning.

Inside the office of Hai Rui's CEO, Mo Ting had already seen the news.

Because Lu Che had taken time off to show Long Jie to his parents, Fang Yu was temporarily handling small matters.

"President Mo...Is your family..."

"Did you find out who started this rumor?" Mo Ting's eyes were dark. "Right before I married Tangning, I had gotten Lu Che to select a random woman from the socialite families and told her to marry me. As a result..."

"As a result, this was who he selected, but she was late, right?" Fang Yu had heard about it from Huo Jingjing, so he smiled casually, "Since that's the case, it must be the Chi family that started the rumors. What could they want?"

"Don't be so certain yet," Mo Ting closed up his expensive handmade pen and lowered his head to think for a bit. Afterwards, he replied, "Logically speaking, it wouldn't make sense for the Chi family to spread word of this. So, I've thought of another possibility."

"What is it?"

"I've asked for someone to send a gift to the Tang Family to notify them of our marriage." After Mo Ting spoke, he stood up from his seat and approached the floor-to-ceiling window, "The timing seems about right."

"But, I thought not many people knew about your incident with Miss Chi."

"Yes, not many. But somehow, you still found out, didn't you?" Mo Ting turned around and raised an eyebrow. "The Tang Family and the Chi Family are on a similar level. So, for those with similar status, it's not odd at all for them to share information."

"If it really is the Tang Family, what would their motive be?"

"The biggest possibility is to create a misunderstanding between Tangning and I. I never told them we had already gotten married, I guess they thought we were only 'preparing' to get married," Mo Ting sneered. "I haven't even chased them up for what they did, yet they came to provoke me first. Interesting."

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