Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 351: Why do we Need to Prevent Tangning from Getting Married?

Chapter 351: Why do we Need to Prevent Tangning from Getting Married?

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Late at night, inside the luxurious palace-like Tang family home.

After Tang Xuan entered the living room, the old housekeeper approached her holding a gift box, "Big Miss, this is a gift from Hai Rui for the chairman, but the chairman is currently staying at the West Mountain Residence, so I think you should take a look at it..."

Tang Xuan brushed back her seaweed-like hair and rolled her eyes, "Leave it with me."

"OK," the old housekeeper handed over the box and turned to leave. But, Tang Xuan suddenly stopped him, "Uncle Wu, don't let grandfather know about this. He's already old and shouldn't be troubled over something like this."

"Uncle Wu understands," the old housekeeper replied with respect as he retreated from the room.

Tang Xuan held onto the white gift box and noticed the 'M&N' logo on top. She then untied the ribbon holding together and lifted the lid. Inside was a photo of Tangning and Mo Ting. Tang Xuan's eyes widened in shock as it darkened.

This was merely a gift, so Mo Ting simply placed a photo of the couple accompanied with a few other expensive little items inside the box. It wasn't an invite - it was simply a notification.

So, the message that Tang Xuan got was that the couple were 'prepared' to get married.

Was the Mo Family actually willing to accept a model into their family?

Tang Xuan threw aside the box and decided to confirm if her suspicions were correct. But, as the daughter of a high-class socialite family, she never came in contact with people in entertainment. So she thought, perhaps she could speak to Chi Xinyan?

Tang Xuan got her housekeeper to look for Chi Xinyan's phone number and immediately gave her a phone call. As Chi Xinyan picked up the phone, she was filled with curiosity. The last time she visited the Tang family home, she could obviously sense that Tang Xuan didn't like her.

"Miss Chi, would any of your friends in the entertainment industry be able to confirm if Tangning and the CEO of Hai Rui are planning to get married?"

"Getting married?" Chi Xinyan was a little taken aback, "How's that possible? Just a few months ago Mo Ting was supposed to marry me, how could he possibly marry a model?"

"He was supposed to marry you? What do you mean by that?"

Since Chi Xinyan was questioned, she obviously couldn't say that Mo Ting had randomly picked her from a list, so her response was half true half false. In the end, one thing was clear, Mo Ting was supposed to marry her; they had already arranged a time and had already arrived at the Civil Affairs Office. However, the rest of the story was that she had changed her mind because she wasn't ready, so they decided to postpone the wedding.

"Since he is your man, you better watch over him. How could an heiress allow a model to steal her man?"

"If she suits Mo Ting's taste, there's nothing I can do about it," Chi Xinyan would never be able to put down her pride to go begging for Mo Ting's return. After all, she had already been humiliated by him at the Chanel event.

"Since there's nothing you can do about it, then from now on, keep your nose out of it." After speaking, Tang Xuan hung up the phone angrily.

Does Tangning know about Mo Ting and Chi Xinyan's relationship?


With this thought, Tang Xuan quickly gave her assistant a phone call, "Help me do something important."

"Yes, President Tang!"

"Tangning wants to get married to the President of Hai Rui, Mo Ting. Help me leak some information that Chi Xinyan and Mo Ting are lovers and are one step away from getting married."

The assistant was a little surprised and couldn't quite understand her motive, "President Tang, why do we need to prevent Tangning from getting married?"

"If she marries into the Mo Family, she would have a shield around her. If that happens, it would be too easy for her to return to the Tang Family."

"I understand, I will handle this matter well," the assistant replied respectfully.

But...they were already husband and wife!


As the filming for 'Stupid' was nearing its end, Mo Ting slowed down Tangning's pace and organized for her to meet with the team of 'Hidden Expert'.

Although Mo Ting didn't hold an important role in 'Hidden Expert', his king-like presence could not be ignored.

Also, because of Mo Ting's presence, the director and producer were extra polite towards Tangning.

In reality, as a newcomer, there was no need to meet Tangning one-on-one. But, they had an important reason; they were afraid Tangning was too fragile."

"The filming locations for 'Hidden Expert' will be quite arduous in general. Are you sure you are OK with it?" the director was worried that Tangning's delicate body wouldn't be able to handle the harsh conditions and she'd complain to Mo Ting behind their backs. If that was to happen, there was no point filming with her to begin with because they may be faced with the headache of having to replace her later on. So, the director insisted on pointing out the issue from the start, in case they ended up in an argument later.

"How arduous could it be?" Mo Ting laughed as he held onto Tangning's hand. "She was capable of filming a commercial barefooted on an icy lake. Could the conditions be any harsher than that? I've looked through the script and trust in the crew's arrangements. I don't think there will be a problem."

"I'm just worried...what if during the filming process, Tangning gets hurt...especially if she injures her legs..."

"I think the director is over-thinking it, you don't need to be so tense."

After hearing Mo Ting's words, the director finally let out a sigh of relief, "Fine, in that case, I'll treat Tangning like any other actor."

"Yes, that would be ideal..."

"I originally thought President Mo would be worried about Tangning and make multiple requests," the director tested the waters.

"Yes, I'm worried. Plus, I'm afraid I won't be able to take care of her when the conditions are harsh. But, since this is something she wants to do, I will try my best to fulfill her wish. She is precious to me," Mo Ting's thoughts were clear. As long as the arrangements were normal, he wasn't going to question it. But, if someone was deliberately causing trouble, then sorry...

...he wasn't going to endure it.

"Happy cooperation then."

After their meeting, the couple were supposed to head home. But after getting in the car, Tangning discovered there was an extra person in the back seat, "Ning Jie..."

"Xiner..." Tangning turned around and held onto Han Xiner's hand. She then scanned her up and down, "Have you recovered?"

"Don't worry, I'm healthy," Han Xiner shook her hands. Fang Yu gave me a phone call and said you are missing an assistant. Coincidentally I was in the process of figuring out what to do with my life, so I followed Fang Yu here."

"Are you sure you are OK now?"

"Don't worry, I go to the gym regularly to make myself stronger," Han Xiner smiled at Tangning, "Just the thought of being your assistant makes me happy...I hope Long Jie can have a baby soon so I can continue to stay by your side."

"Tangning can have two assistants," Mo Ting said while driving.

Tangning was in charge of assigning her own assistant, so it had nothing to do with her agency.


Tangning nodded, "President Mo wouldn't lie to you..."

Han Xiner looked at Mo Ting from behind. Indeed, only someone like Tangning could handle him. Just the thought of this black-bellied man, made her tremble inside.

"I will send some documents to you. Try your best to take over where Long Jie left off as soon as possible."

"Yes, Boss!" Han Xiner saluted at the couple.

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