Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 625: Ruthless

Chapter 625: Ruthless

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"You are merely tolerating all this because I am pregnant and waiting for our child to be born."

Actually, the couple was well aware of the culprit behind this rumor. But, because Mo Ting was about to become a father, he didn't want to be too ruthless in case his child heard anything bad in future.


...the word 'endure' did not exist in his vocabulary.

Plus, this matter was difficult to clarify. Even if a careful explanation was given, the industry would simply agree on the surface, but ridicule them in secret.

Whoever made this move...

...was certainly ruthless!


Eventually, An Zihao also heard about the rumor. Even though no name was provided in particular...he was the only single man capable of going in and out of Hyatt Regency freely.

So, the industry began referring to him as 'a certain director' and he had no way of refuting. After all, plenty of people that were discussing the rumor, had pretty high statuses. In fact, as a newcomer director, many of them were held in a much higher regard than him.

In response, An Zihao ended up giving Mo Ting a phone call, "Tangning and I are innocent."

"I know," Mo Ting replied calmly, "I trust in my wife and her love for me."

"Plus...only blind people in the industry would believe that she'd give up on me and choose you..."

An Zihao: "..."

No matter how harsh Mo Ting's words sounded, all An Zihao needed to confirm was Mo Ting's attitude towards the rumors, and that was enough. But, from now on, whenever he saw Tangning, things would be a lot more awkward.

"What's with the look on your face? Have you encountered a difficult problem?"

Chen Xingyan had just finished her daily training when she saw An Zihao staring at his phone in a daze. So, whilst wiping away her sweat, she walked over and questioned him.

Originally, An Zihao wanted to keep everything to himself. But, apart from Chen Xingyan, he had no one else to talk to. So, he explained the entire incident to her.

After hearing what had happened, Chen Xingyan looked at An Zihao and slapped her thighs​ in fits of laughter, "Jerk, you deserve it!"

"I revealed this to you because I wanted someone to share the burden. I didn't do it so you could ridicule me," An Zihao growled slightly.

Actually, it was his own fault for expecting too much from Chen Xingyan. Why did he expose himself to ridicule in such a way?

She was an immature 19-year-old. What kind of advice could she have given?

Seeing An Zihao was actually angry, Chen Xingyan immediately stretched out her hand and held him back, "How could a grown man be so petty?"

"This may be funny to you, but it affects the reputation of a good friend of mine."

"Fine, I understand. I'll apologize, OK?" Chen Xingyan raised her arms in surrender. "But, I must say, whoever started this rumor is quite evil. Isn't it obvious that they want to force a divorce?"

An Zihao looked at Chen Xingyan like he was looking at someone who was mentally retarded.

"Don't look at me like that. It's because you weren't careful, that's why others managed to hold something against you."

Chen Xingyan's words were quite right. Perhaps, the main issue came from the fact that he was too casual around Tangning.

"Do you know how to comfort people?"

"How do you want me to comfort you? You were simply too careless. If the rumors aren't true, then what should you be afraid of? Your opponent must enjoy seeing the two of you in such a panic. If you keep acting this way, then aren't you falling into their trap?" Chen Xingyan rolled her eyes.

"Tangning has a high EQ and President Mo is even better. All the best resources in the industry are in his hands. By creating stress for yourself, aren't you underestimating their intelligence?"

Hearing this, An Zihao's mood improved quite a fair bit.

"You keep worrying about Tangning, but does she even require others to worry about her?"

"If I was the one to find out who thought of this brutal attack, I would definitely beat them to the ground!"

For Chen Xingyan, if something couldn't be solved with one round of beating, she would simply put them through a second round.

"You need to attend an audition tomorrow. Get ready." After leaving these words, An Zihao turned and left. But, as he walked out, he noticed an injury on Chen Xingyan's arm. So, he immediately grabbed onto her arm and asked, "Where did this come from?"

"From training..." Chen Xingyan replied casually.

"This does not look like a new injury," An Zihao looked towards Chen Xingyan's motorbike and walked over to examine it. However, with one gentle touch, one of the wheels fell off.

"Did you go racing?"

"That's one of the things that all stunt doubles do..."

"Then go ahead and destroy your own legs, why do the wheels have to suffer?" An Zihao brushed Chen Xingyan aside."With the way that you are, it's only a matter of time before you drag me down with you."

"Go sign someone else then. I've lived my entire life on the streets..."

An Zihao: "..."


As soon as An Zihao left, Chen Xingyan received a phone call from her mother. Perhaps even Chen Xingyan hadn't noticed that her mother had been making phone calls a lot more often lately. Apart from worrying whether she was settling in well, the old woman would take the opportunity to show some concern towards the entertainment industry.

Originally, Chen Xingyan didn't have much to say, but, when she thought about An Zihao's incident, she casually mentioned it to her mother. When the old woman heard that the incident involved Tangning, her expression darkened.

"Can't that woman endure a little bit of loneliness?"

"What?" Chen Xingyan didn't understand the old woman's words.

"It's nothing. Since Mr. An's mood isn't great, comfort him more often and stop causing trouble."

Chen Xingyan rolled her eyes.

"I'm hanging up!"

After Chen Xingyan hung up, the old woman also dropped her right arm.

She didn't know why Hua Wenfeng was challenging her bottom line again.

How did framing Tangning in such a way, benefit her?

It seemed, her anonymous account needed to make an appearance again.

However, the incident this time was a lot harder to handle. After all, it wasn't easy for her to come in contact with higher-ups in the entertainment industry.

If she hastily revealed the truth, it would be of no benefit to Tangning. So, what could she do to prove Tangning and An Zihao's innocence.

It seemed, she had to find a way to get close to Hua Wenfeng...


However, things progressed much faster than expected. Before anyone managed to think of a plan, a new version of the rumour began spreading. As Tangning predicted, the industry began saying that Tangning's child was not Mo Ting's...

And the first person to make a response...was Father Mo.

It didn't take long before his call appeared on Mo Ting's phone. In a questioning tone, he asked, "I heard from rumors that...that the child in Tangning's stomach has nothing to do with you. What's this all about?"

Mo Ting's expression turned cold, "What rumor?"

"You don't need to know. You just need to tell me if this is true."

"This rumor couldn't have come from father, right?" Mo Ting asked straightforwardly.

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