Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 624: Cheating

Chapter 624: Cheating



"I don't care what she plans to do. All I know is, you are my bottom line," Mo Ting's voice was deep and firm.

But, this was something that Tangning had never doubted.

From the moment she married Mo Ting, he had never made her regret her decision even once.


Hyatt Regency. Seaside villa.

Another tumultuous day had come to an end. After Hua Wenfeng's failed act, the only benefit she gained from the entire situation was Father Mo's increased trust towards her and hate towards Tangning.

After all, the person that Tangning hurt wasn't just anyone - it was his wife!

Most importantly, Tangning was meant to be their daughter-in-law!

How could someone so notorious be deserving of their son?

"Mo Ting must be possessed. How could he marry a woman like that? How could a woman from the entertainment industry be trusted?"

Hua Wenfeng knew that her words had a strong influence on Father Mo, so she said beside his ear, "You're right. Plus, Tangning used to follow another man and has used Mo Ting as a stepping stone to advance her career. I wonder how many men she has sought behind Mo Ting's back..."

"Hmmph, it makes me angry just thinking about it!" Father Mo clasped his hands behind his back and scoffed. "I went to look for Tangning this morning and discovered that she doesn't know how to avoid doing suspicious things. She was all alone at home with a man, discussing business while she's pregnant..."

"Business my ass. Only Xiao Ting would trust her lies. What decent woman would invite a single man into her home while she's alone?"

The couple stacked up on their opinions. Deep down, it was practically like they had already condemned Tangning as an adulterer.

Perhaps it was because of the deeply ingrained bias he had developed over the years, Father Mo was easily influenced by Hua Wenfeng. Hence, he also disliked the entertainment industry. However, Mo Ting had never been within his control and had never listened to his teachings. So, he could only turn a blind eye.

Even when Mo Ting announced that he had married a model, Father Mo did not give much of a reaction. He assumed, with Mo Ting's authority and ruthlessness in the industry, no one would be able to play with his emotions. But...

...after everything that happened recently, he realized Tangning was not a simple woman...

She was unpredictable and complex.

"If Mo Ting wants to work in the entertainment industry, I can't force him otherwise. After all, everyone has their own aspiration and he is simply inheriting what his grandfather started. But, I can't possibly tolerate this Tangning. She injured you!"

Hua Wenfeng looked down at her injured hand and said in a pitiful tone, "Hubby, we are but average people. We can't go up against the entertainment industry. You are the only person that believes that I was cut by Tangning."

Thinking about all that Hua Wenfeng had suffered, Father Mo's anger increased, "I hope that performer doesn't think that she can stay by Mo Ting's side. Just because the entertainment industry is in Mo Ting's hands, does she think she has an undying source of support?"

"Since she likes to solve problems using the entertainment industry, then fine, this old bag of bones is going to play along with her."

Hearing this, Hua Wenfeng smiled. Her intention was to further increase the misunderstanding between the father and son. Only by doing this, would she guarantee her safety.

"OK, time to sleep."

After palming the problem off to her husband, Hua Wenfeng was a lot more relaxed. She now needed to conserve her energy so she could search for the mysterious culprit behind the threatening post.


Over the next two days, the industry suddenly started spreading rumors that Tangning had been cheating at home with another man under the guise of caring for her pregnancy.


Whoever started the rumor, was smart. They did not make a huge revelation, nor did they give the information to the paparazzi so they could spread it. They slowly allowed the rumor to seep into the industry until it eventually filled every single nook and cranny.

But, what kind of people existed in the entertainment industry?

People that would do anything to survive.

They were clear-headed. They knew how to talk appropriately in front of different people.

So, in order not to offend Mo Ting, they did not speak recklessly. Which meant, they weren't as easy to control as netizens because they all knew the rules of the industry.

It didn't take long before word spread to Long Jie. As soon as she heard it, she gave Tangning a phone call, "A rumor has been spreading around the industry that you have been cheating while pregnant. What is this all about? Where did this rumor come from?"

Tangning's circle of friends had always been small. If she didn't hear anything from the outside world and rumors simply spread within the industry, she would never know about it."

"Just ignore it," Tangning replied calmly. "After all, other rumors like, 'my inability to fall pregnant', 'my child is unhealthy' and other nonsense has been spread before. I guess it's 'cheating's' turn."

"Tangning, it's easy for you to ignore these rumors, but people are ridiculing Boss for being cheated on."

Hearing this, Tangning paused for a moment as her gaze turned cold.

"Do you know who started this rumor?"

"I'm not sure. It appeared out of nowhere within the industry," Long Jie explained. "But, because it involves Boss, no one is brave enough to spread this rumor to the outside world. It is currently floating around only within the industry."

"OK," Tangning put down her script, finally drawing her mind away from the story written inside.

She wanted to keep a low profile and never wanted to make enemies.

It was a simple request, but the heavens didn't seem like they would give it to her.

Everyone knew that she and An Zihao were good friends. With a rumor like this going around, whether true or not, the relationship between her and An Zihao would be a lot more awkward from now on.

With this thought, Tangning pulled out her phone and gave Mo Ting a phone call, "Ting... I've heard about the rumor that is going around."

"Don't take this to heart," Mo Ting seemed completely unaffected.

"Would you believe me if I said I was unaffected? His next step would probably be to say that my child isn't yours..." Tangning smiled slightly. "What should we do when that happens? What would you do?"

"When it involves your pride, I can't allow anyone within the industry to ridicule you or look down on you."

"You are still the same Mo Ting; the Big Boss of the entertainment industry. No one will ever find an excuse to bully you."

After hearing Tangning's words and understanding that she wanted to protect him, Mo Ting smiled handsomely and asked, "So? What do you have planned?"

"You must know, when it comes to matters like this, no matter what you do, no one will believe you."

"They will only believe that there must be some truth to the rumor."

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