Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 623: Are You Planning To Set A Trap?

Chapter 623: Are You Planning To Set A Trap?

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The PR this time had nothing to do with Hai Rui.

Hai Rui had not done a single thing, yet the internet cleared Tangning's name on their own. Although this looked like an act made by fans, Fang Yu kept a close eye on the situation. Father Mo had never imagined, after he had tried so hard to cause a commotion, the entire incident was resolved with a few simple words.

The old couple most likely thought that Mo Ting had planned everything.

But, Mo Ting was well aware that the entire thing had nothing to do with Hai Rui.

Fang Yu found the account of the OP. He did not believe in groundless rumors. Since Hai Rui had not done any PR, other agencies couldn't have possibly helped Tangning.

"President Mo, this is what the person that stuck up for Tangning posted. Have a look," Fang Yu handed his phone to Mo Ting.

Mo Ting lifted his head but did not accept the phone. He simply said, "I've already seen it. What are your thoughts?"

"I think...the person that made this post must be someone that knew auntie in the past and there must actually be an unimaginable secret hidden away. This person definitely​ had the intention to target auntie from the start. On the surface, she appears to be sticking up for Tangning, but look at her last post..."

"What does she mean by taking back what belongs to her."

"She is obviously declaring war."

"I've already asked someone to investigate the person that made the post," Mo Ting said calmly.

"So, you were superstitious all along?" Fang Yu smiled before returning the phone to his pocket. But, it sounded right. If even he could figure out something so simple, Mo Ting couldn't possibly sit around doing nothing. "What if we actually discover the truth, but it isn't anything good?"

"Then she will need to pay for her mistake!"

This was a simple concept that wasn't hard to understand.

"I hope it was all a prank," Fang Yu sighed. "Otherwise, things would be very annoying..."

After all, this involved Mo Ting's mother.

Meanwhile, Tangning also saw the post and had questions of her own. If there was nothing wrong with Hua Wenfeng, they wouldn't have given a second thought to the post, as it would be very likely a lie or a fan's attempt to draw away everyone's attention.

But, Hua Wenfeng wasn't innocent at all...

So, thinking about the contents of the post, Tangning had the same idea as Mo Ting and instructed someone to further investigate the matter even though it was likely to be a prank.


Meanwhile, Chen Xingyan moved into the apartment organized by An Zihao. He wanted to use this opportunity to tame her wild personality.

However, Chen Xingyan had insomnia on the first night because of a serious problem: she could only sleep in her own bed.

An Zihao did not allow her to leave, so Chen Xingyan gave her mother a phone call. The old woman had no luck comforting her daughter, so, in the end, she had no choice but to bring Chen Xingyan's usual pillow and blankets to the apartment.

Seeing this, An Zihao helplessly went downstairs to greet the old woman. However, the old woman couldn't help but ask, "Why does Tangning keep appearing on the news? Recently, my neighbours have been talking about her again."

"It's fine. Her problem has been resolved thanks to a kind person," An Zihao replied casually with no idea that this very person was right before him. "However, it was a bit odd, so President Mo is currently investigating into it."

"Has he found anything?" the old woman continued to ask.

Hearing this anxious questioning, An Zihao paused for a moment and smiled, "It's not that easy. He still has no clue who the kind person is. But, at least, the two old fools are furious."

This time, the old woman did not say a thing. She simply looked at An Zihao with a gaze that was too deep to be understood.

Although An Zihao did not think too much into it, he did not completely ignore it.

"Because of this incident, I think the two old fools will be even more persistent. I wonder what else they will do to Tangning."

"Tangning appears like a good child. She has a calm and peaceful demeanor and she even helped me out the other night."

"You're right. This is how Tangning is. She never treats people with bad intent. The public simply have too many misunderstandings towards her." By the time An Zihao finished talking, he had already placed Chen Xingyan's luggage in front of her bedroom door. He then turned and said to the old woman, "Auntie, it's best that you leave. Don't let Chen Xingyan see you. Otherwise, I'm afraid this entire apartment block won't be able keep her locked up tonight."

"In that case, please take care of Xiao Xing for me."

Afterwards, An Zihao watched as the old woman left. However, he did not consider for a moment that the 'kind person' he spoke of was her. He simply felt that she cared a lot about Tangning and Mo Ting.

As the woman reached the bottom of the apartment block, she turned around and glanced at the building. She looked unwilling to leave, but...she had already decided, following on, she was going to cling to Hua Wenfeng. She was going to at least return all the pain she had suffered over the years...


Meanwhile, Hua Wenfeng was also trying to find the OP's identity.

However, if even Mo Ting had no clue who the identity of this person was, then she couldn't possibly find a thing. But, at least, this clearly proved one thing: the OP was no ordinary fan, but a professional.

This further intensified Hua Wenfeng's fear. After all...

...this realization made it impossible for her to feel settled.

At the same time, she had no idea that she had slightly exposed herself to Mo Ting. After all, Mo Ting's people also had their eyes on the entire situation; this mantis was completely unaware of the oriole behind her.


.. just as everyone thought they had made progress on the situation, the OP completely disappeared.

Over the past few days, the hottest search rankings changed a few times, but the OP did not appear again. Was it really all just a prank?

Even Hua Wenfeng began to relax as she dived back into her research work. After all, whether it was finding the OP or dealing with Tangning, both were not easy tasks to complete.

During this time, Tangning simply stayed at home and studied the script of 'Concubine Ning'. But, she had a sixth sense about the entire situation...

"Ting...have you found anything about the OP yet? I have a feeling they disappeared because mom hasn't been causing any trouble."

Within the study room, Mo Ting was signing some papers. After hearing Tangning's words, he couldn't help but query, "Don't tell me, because of such a small matter, you are planning to set a trap..."

"Don't tell me you aren't curious," Tangning smiled with her back pressed against Mo Ting. "Mom has already dropped by to ask me about your investigation on her."

"This is no secret," Mo Ting responded.

"According to her temper, do you think it's necessary for me to set a trap? She totally despises me at the moment. Just wait and see - within 3 days - she will definitely make another move!" Tangning concluded confidently.

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