Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 622: I Will Take Back What Belongs To Me

Chapter 622: I Will Take Back What Belongs To Me

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After listening to Hua Wenfeng, Father Mo left his wife at home and headed over to Mo Ting and Tangning's villa. Of course, this time, Tangning wasn't alone. An Zihao had dropped by to deliver the last part of 'Concubine Ning' to her.

Seeing a man and woman all alone in a house, Father Mo couldn't prevent his imagination from going wild, "Is this how you deal with your pregnancy when Mo Ting isn't around?"

Tangning was a little confused as she stood in the doorway. Meanwhile An Zihao waved the script in his hand with a smile, "I think uncle has a misunderstanding. I'm here for business related matters. We aren't having an affair like you imagine."

Father Mo was a little embarrassed as he turned to Tangning, "What did you do to your mother-in-law just a moment ago?"

Tangning was even more confused after hearing this question, "Father, I really don't understand what you are trying to say."

"You don't understand?" Father Mo directly threw a slap towards Tangning. Although Tangning had a quick reaction and the slap didn't completely land on her face, Father Mo's hand still brushed across her chin. "Mo Ting once said that he'd take care of his own wife. But, since you're so arrogant, don't blame me for making a move!"

Tangning froze as An Zihao naturally stepped forward, "Uncle, don't you think you've gone overboard?"

"She cut her mother-in-law. Was it right for her to make Wenfeng return home covered in blood?"

"I will take Wenfeng to get her wound examined in a moment. This is not over."

After speaking, Father Mo stomped out of the villa as Tangning turned to An Zihao with a dull expression.

"Did you make a move on your evil mother-in-law?"

"What do you think?" Tangning questioned him back.

An Zihao thought for a moment and replied, "You've never been one to resort to violence. So, I don't believe that you actually cut her. Which means..."

"She cut herself," Tangning finished An Zihao's sentence.

"It seems another show is about to start. Since she got her husband to support her, should you..."

Tangning understood An Zihao's hint, but she did not want to handle things that way. After all, they were up against Mo Ting's father. She did not want to ruin Mo Ting's name, "I can handle it myself. You couldn't possibly think that I'd accept this fate and tolerate it, right?"


Father Mo declared that he'd take Hua Wenfeng to get her injury examined, so he made a huge fuss and did just that. However, he practically alerted all the media in Beijing about the matter.

[Father Mo sues Tangning: Takes wife to publicly examine injuries!]

[Tangning injures mother-in-law: Father Mo disregards relationship with Tangning and takes legal action]

[Disagreement with in-laws reignited: Why did Tangning injure her mother-in-law?]

As a result, even though Tangning did not say a thing, Mo Ting clearly saw via the news, the dramatic show that had taken place at Hyatt Regency.

So, he immediately rushed home. As soon as he saw Tangning, he hurried over to examine her body.

"I'm fine," Tangning laughed. She couldn't bear to see the anxious look on her man's face, "Ting..."

"You don't need to say anything. I know." Two simple sentences were enough to block the words that Tangning was about to say. "I know everything..."

"Just ignore this incident. After all, I didn't do anything," Tangning comforted. However, Father Mo's action were already a public challenge of Mo Ting's authority. He had ruled over the entertainment industry for many years, so what did the public think about the parents that had suddenly appeared out of nowhere? What were their opinions?

How was he to continue ruling over the entertainment industry if he didn't do anything?

But, this time, Hua Wenfeng had an injury...

If she hadn't previously acted crazy in front of everyone, everyone would have easily believed that her injury was caused by Tangning.

Mo Ting did not say a word. In this aspect, he and Tangning were very similar. The more silent they were, the more ideas they had in their heads. In fact, it was possible that he had already decided on a plan of action.

Was there ever a problem that he couldn't resolve?


However, before Mo Ting got the chance to step out and resolve the matter, someone already stepped out online to speak for Tangning, "Hua Wenfeng is crazy. I witnessed it with my own eyes. She cut herself and threw the blame on Tangning. Has everyone forgotten how she stabbed Tangning in the back?"

This post quickly ignited a flurry of responses, "If you saw it, show us the evidence."

"Hua Wenfeng has no evidence for suing Tangning either."

"But, no matter how psycho Hua Wenfeng is, she would never cut herself, would she?"

"Who's to say? After all, she's done plenty of disgusting things in the past."

Plenty of people questioned the OP's words, but the owner of the account did not appear again. Nor did they explain the so-called 'disgusting things' they were referring to.

Others may not have understood, but...

...Hua Wenfeng definitely did.

As she listened to Father Mo dictate what was written online, she furrowed her brows and once again fell into a panic.

"There are all sorts of people in this world. How could someone make up something like that? And how could people believe them?"

Hua Wenfeng looked at the discussion over and over again. She did not like what people said. At the same time, she was sure no one saw what had actually happened. So, how did they know?

This was impossible...

Completely impossible!

Underneath the original post, plenty of people asked if there were other big secrets to reveal. However, the OP did not respond. It was not until a good few hours later that another post suddenly appeared from the account. But, this time, no one understood the meaning: "I will take back what belongs to me."

Seeing this, Hua Wenfeng immediately threw aside her phone in fear.

"What's wrong?" Father Mo asked. "Don't let something insignificant anger you."

Hua Wenfeng rolled over and lay on the hospital bed. At this moment, all she had in her mind were the words that were posted online.

'I will take back what belongs to me!'

Was that person still alive?

It was impossible!

She was determined to find out the troublemaking culprit.

Of course, with the posts that were placed online, Tangning's situation was immediately improved.

On the other hand, the entire Beijing now had reason to detest Hua Wenfeng.

"From now on, don't contact the media recklessly. Your son is the King of Entertainment. Did you think he'd let you get your way? Stop dreaming. We are only hurting ourselves."

Hua Wenfeng understood this point well.

Originally, Tangning was her biggest eyesore and enemy. But, with the appearance of this new mystery person...

...Tangning was no longer worth mentioning.

But, she had yet to truly witness Tangning's ruthlessness!

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