Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 621: Auntie Seems To Have Some Secrets

Chapter 621: Auntie Seems To Have Some Secrets

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Hua Wenfeng rolled over and turned her back to face Father Mo. At this moment, she was speechless; her mind was simply filled with panic.

Mo Ting couldn't possibly find out the truth...

...she had hid it well and nothing had gone wrong all these years. So, she couldn't possibly be exposed by Mo Ting.

She knew she should stop scaring herself.

Even so, no matter how many excuses she used to comfort herself, she couldn't stop her body from trembling in fear. She could sense that her exposure was near and she was terrified. As a result, she was haunted by nightmares the entire night.


The next day, An Zihao arrived at the black and white villa early in the morning. He originally wanted to check if Chen Xingyan had the habit of sleeping in. But, to his surprise, the 19-year-old woke up every morning, before the break of dawn, to practice her martial arts in the garden, regardless of the weather.

Chen Xingyan's mother brought out a pot of tea for An Zihao and said apologetically, "I'm really sorry about yesterday."

"It's OK, auntie."

"I'm curious though, why do you want my Xiao Xing, she's obviously..."

"She's interesting," An Zihao replied straightforwardly. "She lives her life freely without feeling restrained by society."

The old woman laughed without saying another word. After quite some time, she finally said, "You seem to be very close to the superstar, Tangning. I saw her last night. She's beautiful. And President Mo..."

"Auntie seems to have some secrets," An Zihao responded with an extra layer of meaning to his words.

"From now on, take good care of Xiao Xing for me," the old woman looked at Chen Xingyan, "This child is very tenacious, but she can't stand being bullied."

"From the sounds of it, is auntie planning a trip away?"

The old woman did not respond. But, after returning from the celebration last night, she had done a lot of thinking. Especially after seeing Mo Ting and Tangning, as well as Tangning's protruding belly, she felt there were some things that she had to personally face.

An Zihao looked at the old woman. From her eyes, it wasn't hard to conclude that she had a story to tell. However, he had never expected that the woman's story would be so closely related to his life.

Not long afterwards, Chen Xingyan finished her training. With a body full of sweat, she approached An Zihao and asked, "What did my mom say to you?"

"Tidy up a little. I'll take you to your new home," An Zihao did not answer her question, he instead gave her an order. "Since you are a signed stunt double, you should live like someone who has been signed. I will arrange an apartment for you."

"Are you trying to train me like a trainee? Let me tell you, I will only be a stunt double."

An Zihao looked at Chen Xingyan helplessly, but at the same time, he was proud that she had not lost herself to the glitz and glamour.

He had a feeling that this artist of his was going to be very interesting.


Hua Wenfeng was extremely uneasy. She really wanted to know if there was a purpose to Mo Ting's questions or whether it was just coincidence. So, early the next morning, she made her way over to Tangning and Mo Ting's home, under the guise of bringing soup for Tangning.

But, had she forgotten that only two days ago, she had stirred up quite a commotion in Beijing over her relationship with her daughter-in-law? Did she expect that one mere pot of chicken soup would wipe the slate clean?

Even though her relationship with Hua Wenfeng wasn't great, reason and logic meant that Tangning couldn't turn her away from her home. After all, she was her mother-in-law. So, she had no choice but to invite her into the house first and focus on being cautious after.

As soon as Hua Wenfeng entered the living room, she placed the chicken soup on the coffee table and looked at the scripts beside Tangning, "Are you studying for another role?"

Tangning gave a slight smile as she gently put her scripts away. She then asked Hua Wenfeng, "Mom, if there's something you want to say, then go ahead."

"Is Mo Ting at Hai Rui?" Hua Wenfeng looked around for Mo Ting.

"Yes, he has an important film collaboration to discuss," Tangning nodded calmly as she waited to see what game Hua Wenfeng was trying to play.

Hua Wenfeng did not get flustered. Like a normal mother-in-law, she carefully poured out the chicken soup and handed it to Tangning. But, Tangning did not reach out her hands to accept it.

"What? Are you afraid I poisoned it?"

"I just finished breakfast and can't fit this in my stomach," Tangning replied.

Hua Wenfeng did not insist. After a bit of hesitation, she finally got to the main point, "Has Xiao Ting spoken about me lately? If he wants to understand me better, he can ask me directly. Why waste time investigating in secret?"

"Investigating?" Tangning appeared confused. After all, she was honestly unaware of this, so there was no acting involved. "What are you talking about mom? I don't quite understand."

"Xiao Ting hasn't spoken to you about my change of name?"

"Oh, because I am friends with Bei Chendong, I did previously ask him why your surname isn't Bei. At that time, he did not give me a response. He said he'd ask his father about it first."

Hearing this response, Hua Wenfeng calmed down a little. So...he was asking about her name because Tangning had asked.

But, whenever Tangning asked something, Mo Ting would do all he could to find the truth. If he was to find out that Hua Wenfeng deliberately created an argument with Elder Bei because she was afraid he'd eventually recognize her, what a disaster that would be.

So, Hua Wenfeng's expression tensed up a little, "You don't need to know too much about me. You should focus on yourself."

"I know," Tangning replied with a deeper meaning.

Hua Wenfeng couldn't understand why she couldn't look into Tangning's​ eyes. For some reason, she felt like Tangning had already discovered something.

So, to keep the truth buried forever, she felt it was necessary to get rid of this daughter-in-law.

After all, the child in Tangning's stomach wasn't actually her grandchild.

"Don't ask Mo Ting about me from now on."

After speaking, Hua Wenfeng left the villa. However, her actions today, further implied that there was something wrong with her.

Hua Wenfeng, of course, sensed the danger. So, outside the villa, she deliberately injured her arm before returning home.

As soon as Father Mo saw that she was injured, he ran over and asked, "What happened?"

"It's all because of your daughter-in-law. She must be still angry about what happened a couple days ago, so she brushed away my bowl of chicken soup and I was cut in the process," Hua Wenfeng replied as she held back her tears. "Hubby, this woman can't stay. She was with another man before. She only married our Ting to get revenge on her ex. She's never had good intentions."

Seeing the blood on Hua Wenfeng's arm, Father Mo's blood began to boil, "Rubbish, this is a complete injustice!"

"Hubby, how do you expect me to tolerate a daughter-in-law like this?"

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