Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 620: Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover

Chapter 620: Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover

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"What's this? Who is this person?"

"Did a fan sneak in?"

Everyone looked at the old woman questioningly. Even Mo Ting seemed to have glanced over slightly.

The old woman was both excited yet frightened as she held onto her face mask and turned to apologize, "I'm so sorry."

Huo Jingjing didn't like to cause trouble, so she did not hold the old woman accountable. She simply asked the hotel staff to tidy up the mess. However, as the hotel staff approached, they realized that the delicately designed screen was torn beyond repair.

The hotel staff did not know how to handle the matter since it now involved compensation, so they called the manager over.

As soon as the manager approached, his expression did not look pleased.

"Madam, do you know how much the screen you've damaged costs?"

The old woman didn't want to cause a commotion, so she subconsciously took a few steps back. But, the hotel manager thought she wanted to run away. As a result, he quickly grabbed onto her arm and stopped her, "Don't try to run away."

Seeing this, Chen Xingyan immediately walked over and pushed the manager away, "What are you doing? Don't you dare touch my mother!"

As soon as the manager saw the clothes on Chen Xingyan's body, he was sure that she wasn't an artist, but a fan that had snuck in. Hence, his attitude turned much colder, "I'm not sure how you managed to sneak into the hotel. But, since you've damaged the hotel's property, you should compensate us in full. If this madam has a bit more self control, this screen may not have torn."

"What nonsense are you speaking?" Chen Xingyan was obviously angered. "If you have a problem, speak to me. Don't insult my mother."

Hearing these words, Tangning approached the entrance with Huo Jingjing and Mo Ting. Seeing the sight before her, she couldn't help but say to the manager, "Don't judge a book by its cover. Your actions are of no benefit to your hotel."

Realizing these words had come from Tangning, the manager quickly lowered his head and gave an embarrassed smile.

With Mo Ting and Tangning so close, the old woman became even more nervous as she tightened the clothes around her body. To quickly resolve the problem and prevent herself from being discovered, she decided to speak up, "I will pay you back."

"But, do you know how much this screen costs?"

Originally, Huo Jingjing wanted to say something, but the old woman suddenly replied, "This screen is made by a brand that designs for the British royal family. There are no more than 50 hotels in the world that has the right to purchase from them."

The manager froze as he stared at the old woman in surprise. He then added in a much more polite tone, "What about the price..."

"Xiao Xing, give them our contact details. Let's leave," the old woman suddenly instructed hastily.

Actually, even Chen Xingyan couldn't understand how her mother knew about something so fancy. All of a sudden, she didn't know how to react. At this time, An Zihao stepped out and said to the manager, "I'll pay for it."

"OK, Mr. An," the hotel manager was more than happy to accept his offer.

Afterwards, An Zihao casually turned to leave with the two women. However, Tangning called him back, "Zihao, you have something that you haven't given me."

"I'll deliver it to you later."

The old woman quickly glanced at Mo Ting before she lowered her head. However, her every move could not possibly escape Mo Ting's observant eyes.

Not long after, An Zihao escorted the two women out of the hotel. After they boarded his car, An Zihao finally said, "Auntie, I'll take you home first."

The old woman was trembling in extreme nervousness.

And of course, An Zihao's curiosity towards the old woman's identity had been piqued.

"Mom, how did you know about the screen?"

"I saw it in the past," the old woman said with slight nostalgia.

The brand of the screen was owned by an Asian, after all, how else would someone get a screen like this in England? But, more importantly, the old woman knew the owner pretty well.

"By the way, didn't you have some questions for An Zihao? Why don't you ask him now?"

The old woman glanced at An Zihao through the rear view mirror and lowered her head, "Forget it, I'll ask him another time. You make your own decisions for now."

An Zihao was slightly confused. This old woman's mood seemed to fluctuate dramatically.

"So, you came all the way to the hotel today, just to hand money over to them?" Chen Xingyan rolled her eyes. "How much did the screen cost?"

"No less than $2 million," An Zihao replied on behalf of the old woman.

Chen Xingyan glared at An Zihao, "Since I've signed with you, pay for it..."

"All because of a stunt double like you? How many scenes do you think you need to film before I get my money back? Or perhaps, how many people do you need to scam and steal from before you can clear this debt that you owe me?"

Hearing the words 'scam and steal', the old woman felt slightly uncomfortable. So she refuted, "Xiao Xing is cheeky, but she's​ never scammed nor stolen. She doesn't need..."

The woman stopped without explaining any further, leaving the other two in the dark.

Only after the old lady arrived home, did An Zihao finally ask Chen Xingyan, "Don't you think your mom is a little strange today?"

"She's practically like another person. But..what does this have to do with you!" Chen Xingyan looked An Zihao up and down.


"Since you decided​ to sign my contract and become my artist, you will have to listen to everything I say."

"An Zihao, don't go overboard. What if I turn out to be the heiress of a famous socialite family? I will get revenge on you someday," Chen Xingyan scoffed. However, she would never expect that her words would some day be the truth.

An Zihao and Chen Xingyan were both careless people, so they of course didn't notice much more. But...

...Mo Ting and Tangning were both observant people. After seeing the old woman, they both felt something was a bit strange.

Why would a casually dressed woman, who knew the origins of the expensive screen, leave such a lasting impression?

However, this curiosity had not reached the point where the couple felt they needed to investigate further.

"Ting, the events that happened tonight were quite interesting. Did you see Zihao's expression? That girl..."

"It's getting late. Get some rest," Mo Ting hugged Tangning as he gently placed a kiss on her forehead.

Tangning did not say any more, but a slight smile remained on her face.

Meanwhile, Hua Wenfeng had also just got into bed when Father Mo suddenly thought of something, "A couple days ago, Mo Ting dropped by and asked some weird questions. He also asked about the fire at the research facility."

Hua Wenfeng froze, "Why did he suddenly ask about that?"

"How would I know? He also asked me why you changed your surname."

An anxious expression appeared on Hua Wenfeng's face as she began to panic, "Did you tell him everything?"

"It's no secret. Why can't I tell him?" Father Mo put down the glasses in his hands and got into bed. "You're mother and son, why can't you be direct with each other?"

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