Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 619: You Still Won't Allow Yourself To Suffer Any Loss

Chapter 619: You Still Won't Allow Yourself To Suffer Any Loss

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Huo Jingjing was a famous supermodel.

Even though she was married, her style and status was better than ever. She was internationally famous and had taken home many number one titles in Asia.

After all, Hai Rui's PR manager turned Vice President, Fang Yu, was her husband. So, he naturally planned out Huo Jingjing's career path neatly and with purpose.

So, knowing today was Huo Jingjing's birthday, Fang Yu decked out the garden in the hotel for his beloved wife's birthday to make her happy. As a result, there were decorations and surprises everywhere.

Not many people had been invited to Huo Jingjing's birthday celebration. Most of the guests were famous models from the fashion industry and friends from Hai Rui. As everyone arrived, they began chatting amongst themselves.

"I heard Tangning will be coming tonight."

"If Tangning hadn't decided to go act, her status would be so much higher than Jingjing's right now. If you guys think Jingjing is amazing, you mustn't have seen Tangning on the runway before."

A few young models gathered together to chat and drink wine.

Although they had gained a bit of fame, if they wanted to be notable within Hai Rui and rival Huo Jingjing, they still had a long way to go.

These girls had attended the celebration tonight as plus-ones. But, in reality, this was the work of a few managers from Hai Rui who wanted to use this opportunity to help their artists advance in status. In other words, they were trying to ride Huo Jingjing's coattail.

As they were from Hai Rui, Fang Yu naturally turned a blind eye. After all, this was a trick that he had also used in the past.

"I've also seen Tangning act. I must say, it is a gift from God."

"But lately, President Mo's situation with his family hasn't been very good. Plus, Tangning's relationship with her mother-in-law has been filled with arguments. Could it be that Tangning's child is actually unwell. Plus, in her current state, will she ever return to the runway?"

"She is 27-years-old after all."

Overhearing their conversation from behind, Huo Jingjing immediately approached the girls. Her smile was friendly, but her ruthlessness was hidden beneath her soft appearance, "It seems you girls haven't understood the rules at Hai Rui yet. Especially since you're talking about Tangning. Are you giving up on your future?"

The girls immediately shut their mouths timidly after hearing Huo Jingjing's warning.

But, no matter how much time passed, Huo Jingjing couldn't get used to people gossiping about Tangning.

"If I hadn't witnessed it, would you have protected me for nothing?" Tangning suddenly laughed from behind. Huo Jingjing turned around to see her pregnant friend; as energetic and beautiful as ever.

"These small-time models are unaware of the rules."

Tangning glanced at Huo Jingjing. She then walked around her and said to the models, "If you think you've reached a position where you can gossip about me as you please, then say it to my face."

The girls' faces turned white as they looked at each other nervously.

"Remember, within this industry, disaster comes from careless talk. No matter how much you can't resist gossiping, you should hold your tongue. Otherwise..."

Tangning's​ voice was gentle, like she was giving the young models a kind warning. But, the girls could sense the danger emanating from her words.

So, before Tangning continued to say anything else, the girls quickly ran away in fear.

"You're still the same. You never allow yourself to suffer any loss," Huo Jingjing laughed.

"Why should I?"

"Where's President Mo?" Huo Jingjing looked around after realizing Tangning was on her own.

"He will come later. He has something to attend to."

The two women hadn't seen each other for a while, so they obviously had endless topics to discuss. At this time, An Zihao entered the hotel carrying a birthday present and approached the two, "I hope this beauty doesn't mind that I came uninvited."

Because of his relationship with Tangning and recent close contact with Fang Yu at work, it wasn't unusual for An Zihao to attend Huo Jingjing's birthday.

"Fang Yu's over there," Huo Jingjing hinted for An Zihao not to disturb her conversation with Tangning.

After putting down his present, An Zihao shrugged his shoulders and wandered into the crowd.

He was more focused on waiting; waiting for Chen Xingyan's answer. He had come to the celebration with much anticipation.

Not long after, Mo Ting's tall and built figure entered the hotel. With his arrival, the entire venue was filled with excitement as everyone erupted in an applause.

Mo Ting's expression was indifferent. This was his empire, even if he didn't say a word, no one would say he was arrogant. After all, everyone knew, the only reason for his appearance was because of one person.

It was because of Tangning. Or perhaps, including the child in Tangning's stomach, he was here for two people.

Mo Ting walked straight over to Tangning and pulled her into his arms.

Seeing this, Huo Jingjing could only look at Tangning helplessly. And of course, Tangning could only return her helpless gaze.


It didn't take long before the birthday celebrations officially began. Music and dancing filled the venue; it was a lively scene. However, An Zihao was the only one that remained seated in the corner staring at the entrance. Every now and then, he would glance down at his watch to check the time. It seemed, Chen Xingyan wasn't going to make an appearance...

But, just as An Zihao decided he had no reason to stay, he suddenly heard some struggling sounds coming from the entrance. He was getting ready to leave, but was held back by a familiar voice, "An Zihao, I don't have an invite, I can't come in."

An Zihao froze for a moment as he saw Chen Xingyan poke her head into the venue, wearing a leather jacket and waving at him.

Everyone looked over, including Tangning. This made An Zihao slightly awkward as he ran over to the entrance, "This is my artist."

"Sorry, Mr. An," the doorman apologized before leaving. Afterwards, An Zihao looked down at Chen Xingyan and asked, "Why did you come here dressed like this?"

"What? I didn't steal nor snatch anything. Am I an embarrassment to you?" Chen Xingyan squinted provokingly.

"You could have at least worn a dress. If you did, the doorman wouldn't have stopped you at the entrance. Plus, don't you know what type of event this is? Hai Rui's President Mo and Tangning are also present."

Chen Xingyan analyzed the scene and spotted plenty of big celebrities. However, she was strangely unaffected by the fact that she was wearing inappropriate clothing. Chen Xingyan remained natural and calm, because deep down, she had never looked down upon herself.

An Zihao was pleased to see this.

"So, does this mean you agree to signing with me?"

"Wait a moment. My mom wants to ask you a few questions," Chen Xingyan replied.

After speaking, Chen Xingyan looked towards the spot where the old woman was hiding to find that she was currently peeking at Mo Ting through one of the screens.

"Even the old madam knows how to admire handsome men..."

But, it may have been because the old woman was too excited, a loud bang suddenly echoed through the venue...

The screen suddenly toppled over and she was revealed in front of everyone...

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