Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 800 - She Thinks That You Are Having An Affair?

Chapter 800: She Thinks That You Are Having An Affair?

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When it came to a matter like this, Tangning was non-negotiable. She wanted to stay true to her identity and she hated having someone else involved in the character that she played.

Everyone understood this, but the crew member still looked displeased. She felt like Tangning was making things difficult for her.

Because she insisted on not using a stunt double.

Afterwards, Xu Xin comforted the woman, “Ning Jie is doing it for the sake of the film. She is a true professional.”

“Who told her to be so professional? It’s not like anyone can see what’s happening behind-the-scenes. No other actor is as serious as her.”

In reality, Lin Qian was not too far away. Although she didn’t hear the two women’s conversation clearly, she could tell that the crew member was complaining.

Afterwards, Lin Qian fetched some water for Tangning and returned to her side, “Be careful of revenge from crew members like that. People like her may seem insignificant, but they are usually the most dangerous.”

Tangning lowered her head and drank from the glass of hot water. Her voice was gentle but cold, “We’ll see if she dares to do anything…”

This time, Tangning filmed her scene while enduring her injuries. Even so, she managed to shoot it all in one go.

“Haha, no wonder she is the Fei Tian Best Actress. She is indeed amazing!” the director gave Tangning a thumbs up. Of course, due to Tangning’s professionalism, the crew did not feel worried anymore and could let out a sigh of relief.

Following on, Xu Xin’s shoot was also unusually smooth. In fact, she no longer asked Tangning for help, yet her acting improved quite a lot. The director claimed it was thanks to Tangning, but Tangning simply smiled without saying a word…

That night, after filming was completed, Xu Xin once again found her way into the director’s room. After a few moments of affection, Xu Xin asked the director, “Can I get a bit more time in front of the cameras? Even if it’s just a few extra seconds…”

The director furrowed his brows, ready to reject her, but Xu Xin used her usual method to make it impossible for a man to reject her in bed.

In the end, the director gave up and agreed.

Because, he had indeed had many women in the past, but none of them pleased him as much as Xu Xin.

Meanwhile, Tangning was in her room video chatting to Mo Ting on the phone. The couple had only been separated for a few days, but they always seemed to have endless things to talk about.

Mo Ting had never been a talkative person. But, when it came to keeping his wife company, especially after they hadn’t seen each other for a few days, he actually had so much to say that Tangning could barely get a word in.

“Mr. Mo, I know that you miss me, but please take good care of our babies.”

“But I want to take care of you more,” Mo Ting said seductively. “Has anything happened on set?”

“Nope, everything’s fine,” Tangning replied with a nod. To prevent Mo Ting from seeing her injuries, she deliberately wore a jacket, “I will be home soon. After that, I will keep you and the babies company forever.”

“I’ll be waiting,” Mo Ting understood the extra meaning to Tangning’s words; she had deliberately added the word ‘forever’. “But…’Survivor’ will not be the end to your acting career.”

“Has Guo Guo been having a fever?” Tangning changed the subject.

“Yes, but only slightly. You need to trust Lu Guangli,” Mo Ting replied.


“Yes?” Mo Ting’s voice was charming.

“I want to hug you.”

“But…I want to have you…” Mo Ting said as he looked at Tangning with burning passion. “This won’t do. I’m going to come rest with you tomorrow.”

“Is that necessary?” Tangning laughed, “I’ll be home very soon…”

This time, Mo Ting did not respond. He simply stared at Tangning for a while. However, he didn’t want to delay her resting time. But, in the end, he was set on his decision: he had to go see Tangning! So, after coaxing the babies to sleep, he gave Xia Yuling a phone call and asked the two mothers to take care of the kids.

“Where are you planning to go so late at night?” Xia Yuling asked. “Did something happen to Xiao Ning?”

“She’s fine. I simply want to see her,” Mo Ting said before he stepped out the front door.

Driving to the shooting location took roughly 5 hours. That meant, by the time Mo Ting arrived, the sun would perhaps be already up. But, when it came to Tangning, Mo Ting didn’t mind.

So, while Tangning was sleeping, her phone suddenly rang. Tangning looked at the time. It was only 4am. Thinking that something must have happened to her kids, she quickly sat up and picked up the phone. But, all she heard was Mo Ting’s deep attractive voice, “Open the door.”

Tangning was in disbelief as she walked over to open the door. Before she could react to the tall handsome man standing in the doorway, Mo Ting directly pushed her into the room and pressed her against the wall.

“You’re already the father of two kids, how could you be so impulsive?” Tangning couldn’t help but sigh.

“I only have three hours…” Mo Ting did not want to waste time on talking as he immediately jumped into ‘action’!

In the past, there were a lot of things that were impossible…

But, after being with Tangning, he no longer made conclusions so easily.

After an intense round of love-making, Tangning fell asleep. Mo Ting originally wanted to sneak out and leave, but Tangning grabbed onto his hand in her sleep and whenever he moved, she would wake up.

Of course, no matter how oblivious he was, it was impossible not to notice the injuries on her arms. However, he did not want to bother Tangning about it at this time.

“Sleep a little longer.”

“Let me walk you out,” Tangning shook her head as she got out of bed. To prevent unnecessary troubles, she decided not to notify the crew of Mo Ting’s visit. So she was relatively cautious as she walked him out. But, the thing that surprised her was, a moment after Mo Ting left, she noticed​ Xu Xin sneaking out of the director’s room at the end of the corridor.

The two women’s eyes met…

They both had complex expressions on their faces.

But, neither women said anything as they returned to their rooms.

The next day, just before filming started, Xu Xin approached Tangning while Lin Qian wasn’t around, “I never thought that Ning Jie would sneak around behind President Mo’s back.”

“So, you were actually coming out of the director’s room this morning?” Tangning asked.

“I hope that Ning Jie can help me keep this a secret. It’s because I like the director’s powerful presence. Of course, in return, I will also help you keep your secret.”

Tangning let out a gentle laugh without saying anything.

This Xu Xin appeared like she had found someone that was the same as her…

Assuming that Tangning agreed, Xu Xin turned around and left. At this time, Lin Qian spotted Xu Xin leaving and asked Tangning, “Was she trying to ask you to teach her again?”

Tangning shook her head as she explained what she saw that morning.

“So, Xu Xin is sleeping with the director and she thinks that you are having an affair?” Lin Qian held her forehead, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

“Uh huh.”

“That’s not good…This Xu Xin sure can’t be underestimated. This could mean that she’d pose a threat towards you for the rest of the film.”

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