Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 850 - Will Tangning Succeed?

Chapter 850: Will Tangning Succeed?

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News that Xia Hanmo signed on with Superstar Media quickly spread across the entire industry.

Plenty of people couldn’t understand why Tangning was trying to clean up a pile of sh*t. It wasn’t that they viewed Xia Hanmo that badly, but her reputation was much too bad. If someone wanted to post her bad points onto social media, even 9 images wouldn’t be enough to summarize it all. Wasn’t Tangning walking into a dead end?

“Is Tangning getting too proud after making two artists famous? How dare she get involved with Xia Hanmo?”

“I must praise her courage…Xia Hanmo is like a cancer. The only reason she is still famous is because people enjoy criticizing her. Yet, Tangning took her in like she’s some kind of precious treasure.”

“If Tangning is able to clean up even Xia Hanmo, then I really need to reconsider my values and bow down to her.”

The public were confused by Tangning’s actions. In fact, some people even complained that there was something wrong with her brain.

However, at this time, a piece of humiliating news began to circulate about A Thousand Pictures Media.

The boss of the agency fired Xia Hanmo’s previous manager because she had used her own artist to make extra money on the side. In response, the manager revealed her affair with President Lin to his wife, causing the wife to kick President Lin out of the agency. At the moment, the trio were practically revealing each other’s embarrassing secrets every hour.

Of course, as the argument between the three began to escalate, news of how the manager sold information to the paparazzi about her artist was exposed.

Needless to say, the artist that was sold out…was Xia Hanmo.

But, one slap wasn’t loud enough. Without the boss of A Thousand Pictures Media supporting her, how would the manager be brave enough to do that?

Most amusing of all, Xia Hanmo did not need to do a thing, because President Lin’s wife ended up taking the couple to court and the trio tore each other apart in the most embarrassing way. It wasn’t hard to guess the outcome.

The mistress manager and President Lin were left with nothing; it was non-negotiable.

On top of that, the wife hired someone to give them a beating.

Originally, Superstar Media could have hyped up the fact that Xia Hanmo was a victim, that she had nothing to do with all her previous scandals and that her manager had betrayed her. But, Superstar Media didn’t do a thing and Xia Hanmo didn’t step out to complain.

She simply left A Thousand Picture Media all on her own without causing any arguments or searching for trouble.

What exactly did Tangning have planned?

Her plan was actually very simple.

Later that night at Hyatt Regency.

After giving the two rascals a bath, Tangning dropped into Mo Ting’s study room and looked through the posts that Xia Hanmo had made on social media, including articles and thoughts about traveling. Only when she posted things like this did she receive less abuse.

As a celebrity whose every breath was practically a mistake, Xia Hanmo’s first step was to reduce her appearances in front of the public.

Tangning remained in the study room for a while contemplating a problem. If she asked Xia Hanmo to completely leave the industry, she would be cutting off her income, even though she still needed money for her brother’s hospital fees. However, she couldn’t let Xia Hanmo continue acting because it would not help her image at all. After all, it didn’t matter whether she was capable or not, the slandering would not stop.

After coming out of the bathroom and seeing Tangning still in the study room, Mo Ting pushed open the door and walked inside.

“What are you thinking about? You look so focused.”

“I have a bold idea, but I have never done something like this before, so I’m not sure about the risks,” Tangning said as she lifted her head. “Xia Hanmo is too special…”

“You can’t ignore your own health while worrying about your artist. It’s already past 11pm, it’s time to go to sleep,” Mo Ting said with his arms crossed.

“Help me analyze my idea.”

“OK…but I will only discuss it in bed,” Mo Ting said as he raised an eyebrow.

Tangning pondered for a couple of seconds, but she did not move. It was not until Mo Ting waved his hand at her, did she give up and walk over to his side.

No matter how smart she appeared to the public and how much of a legend she was, in front of Mo Ting, she would always be the one that needed guidance. Because she knew there weren’t many people in the world that were like her husband, who had complete control over everything and the ability to handle anything like a king.

Apart from feelings of love, Tangning also worshipped Mo Ting. She worshipped him like others would worship a hero…

“Tell me what your idea is…”

Because Xia Hanmo did not complain in front of the public, the industry disliked her a little less. However, it didn’t mean that her image was completely clean again.

Of course, Tangning did not expect Xia Hanmo’s image to be saved so easily. But, with guidance from Mo Ting the night before, Tangning developed a comprehensive understanding of her own vision. So, when Mo Ting told her that her idea was feasible, her courage went up a few levels.

The next day, Tangning met with Xia Hanmo at her office. She then handed some information she found the night before to Xia Hanmo, “You’ve got plenty of fans, so it’s a shame to give up on them. Plus, you need to maintain a high income. So, I’ve planned out a very special path for you.”

“What is ir?”

“I read a lot of your posts, including the travel diary that you shared. I feel like this is your strength. So, following on, you will be using the agency’s money to go on vacation. Afterwards, I want you to share your experience on social media. I want you to appear differently in front of everyone.”

“It sounds like you want me to be an online influencer,” Xia Hanmo replied.

“You’re right…” Tangning smiled. “This is the most worthy path for you to follow because you can’t appear in front of the public, but your knowledge can.”

“It’s not important to the public whether your scandals are true or false because you are a magnet for slandering. So, you need to change the way you live your life. You need to use something sophisticated to enhance your value. You need to use your current status to tell everyone that, no matter how much you get slandered, you will focus on living a healthy life…”

“The public will find themselves agreeing with your values. But, either way, I honestly think that your travel diary is very entertaining and well-written.

“Do you want to give it a try?” Tangning asked.

She could now travel, write and maintain a high level of attention. Most importantly, she had the opportunity to change the way the public viewed her.

This was much too tempting for Xia Hanmo.

“But, I need to warn you first, there is no precedent of this in the industry. At least, when it comes to someone like you who’s been slandered unexpectedly, they are still in the slandering stage. So, you need to prepare yourself.”

“I understand,” Xia Hanmo replied.

“Don’t rush into trusting me, I’m not confident with the odds yet.” Tangning wanted to see a result from Xia Hanmo, because she didn’t know what her idea would do to Xia Hanmo.

Especially when it came to the public’s reaction. This was the first time that Tangning didn’t know what to expect.

But, the thing that Mo Ting supported the most about Tangning was the fact that Superstar Media were extremely accepting and allowed the existence of all kinds of artists.

And Xia Hanmo was the best example…

But, was Tangning going to succeed? What would the public think about her change?

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