Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 900 - A Huge Face Slap

Chapter 900: A Huge Face Slap

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Meanwhile, Zhou Qing secretly started on the set of another program and quickly signed a contract. However, he had one condition: he wanted Xia Hanmo to be his hosting partner.

So, the other party happily accepted.

Although the Station Manager’s son wasn’t thinking straight, he still had his father to back him up. To be able to get to his position and dismiss Zhou Qing so easily, the Station Manager definitely had his own capabilities and methods.

So, the old man personally planned out the publicity for his son’s program. As a result, in the newest series of promotional trailers, the Station Manager fed on the feeble minds of students and invited a famous young idol actress and actor and put a lot of effort into the editing.

Soon, ‘The Big Adventure’ gained back a lot of popularity. After all, even if the fans didn’t like the program, they still wanted to support their idols.

The old man was going to prove that ‘The Big Adventure’ could still produce legendary results even without Zhou Qing.

But, another problem that he was worried about was that Zhou Qing didn’t appear to hinder anyone at the station, but he actually posed a huge threat.

Tangning saw the results produced by the Station Manager and acknowledged that he was a worthy opponent. At least, he was much better than his brainless son.

But, what the old man was doing was practically killing the goose that lay the golden eggs.

Zhou Qing was a sentimental person. At least, over the years that he spent at the television station, he had no other thoughts but to produce a good program. However, the Station Manager was too paranoid and couldn’t stand that Zhou Qing was receiving more and more respect. So, he decided to hand the program over to his lacklustre son.

But, whether his son would live up to the role would depend on the first round of ratings.

It wasn’t too bad the way that things turned out…

Meanwhile, a talk show on another television channel was currently the biggest competitor for ‘The Big Adventure’. This show was called ‘I Have Big News For You’. Every episode focused on a hot topic and there were plenty of opinions as well as involvement from celebrities. But, because of Zhou Qing, the show had been suppressed for a long time.

So, some people began to wonder if ‘The Big Adventure’ would hold its dominance without Zhou Qing around.

The answer would be revealed after the newest episode. But, according to the statistics, the ratings for ‘The Big Adventure’ still needed to be a little higher.

Although the show couldn’t compare to when Zhou Qing was around, ‘The Big Adventure’ still had its advantages​.

Unfortunately, Tangning had no intention of letting them have their way.

‘I Have Big News For You’ invited a mystery guest halfway through every show to present everyone with a topic of discussion. So, during prime time, all the viewers that were watching ‘The Big Adventure’ ended up changing channels.

Because, the guest that had arrived on the show, was none other than Zhou Qing!

The audience went crazy! Zhou Qing had actually joined the enemy.

For some reason, the audience was pleased to see this.

This time, ‘I Have Big News For You’ ended up receiving its highest ever viewership rating – surpassing ‘The Big Adventure’!

Because of this, the internet also went crazy.

“WTF, this is so shocking! Zhou Qing went directly to the enemy camp!”

“This is a huge face slap. Zhou Qing is black-bellied to the max! Even I was shocked.”

“Zhou Qing used numbers to teach ‘The Big Adventure’ a lesson.”

“F*ck, I give full points to this counterattack.”

In the end, the Station Manager’s son lost miserably.

The next day, news of the ratings spread throughout Beijing and it was revealed that Zhou Qing had signed on with the enemy of ‘The Big Adventure’.

After the old Station Manager saw the ratings for the latest episode of ‘The Big Adventure’, he let out a deep sigh; he was too careless to have trusted his useless son.

Now that Zhou Qing had gone to work for the enemy, it was like they had given wings to a tiger. If Zhou Qing decided to host more than one program at a time, then not only ‘The Big Adventure’, but every other variety show would have no chance of survival.

He had lost his gamble…

In response, the Station Manager’s son did not want to admit defeat. So, he ended up using the fact that Zhou Qing had debuted longer than him as an excuse.

“Lucky I didn’t offend him too badly.”

“Pa, you’re worrying too much. Whenever something experiences a change, it will definitely go through an adjustment stage. Weren’t you prepared for this?” the young man scoffed. “You’re such a coward to be scared by something so little.”

But, Zhou Qing held onto his winning streak by accepting a position on a new program called, “Late Night 8pm”. It was a show where he’d partake in hilarious missions with guest celebrities at 8pm.

Xia Hanmo did not expect Zhou Qing to progress so quickly.

After reading all the news, Xia Hanmo felt like she had fallen asleep and woken up to a completely different world.

Soon after, she received a phone call from Zhou Qing, “Come out. I’m taking you to sign a contract.”


“Are you not willing to be my hosting partner?”

At that moment, Xia Hanmo finally realized that Tangning and Zhou Qing planned the whole thing and that everything was playing out of the palm of their hands. Of course, even though this was the case, the host of ‘I Have Big News For You’ still ended up inviting Zhou Qing to dinner.

After all, Zhou Qing helped make him famous, even though it meant that he’d be destroying his own creation.

At this time, Tangning finally revealed the reason why Xia Hanmo hit the Station Manager’s son.

“Over the years, Zhou Qing worked hard to make ‘The Big Adventure’ into what it is today. But, a particular television station decided to get rid of its savior and replace him with a relative. So, Zhou Qing was directly eliminated.”

“As everyone is aware, Hanmo is an impulsive person. So, as soon as she discovered how the production treated its loyal employee, she couldn’t help but stick up for him. Therefore, we ended up with the photos that the Station Manager’s son released.”

“Since Zhou Qing and Hanmo have a teacher-student relationship, I decided to help them. I hope they cooperate well in their new program together.”

It wasn’t the first time that Tangning had stepped out to speak the truth, so the public weren’t surprised by her approach.

Plus, the public acknowledged her words because they felt that she was trustworthy.

As a result, Xia Hanmo and Zhou Qing received plenty of support from fans.

“The new program hasn’t even started filming yet and Xia Hanmo is already being contacted by advertisers,” Lin Qian said as she handed the advertising briefs to Tangning. “Should we accept them?”

“It’s not the time for her to take on advertising deals. She should be placing all her focus on filming this new program.”

Tangning said this because she always considered the long term for her artists.

“Understood,” Lin Qian nodded.

“By the way, how’s things going with you and your military man?” Tangning asked after she finished dealing with business.

“Why are you suddenly asking about me?” Lin Qian’s face flushed red. “You should be more worried about how President Mo is doing on set.”

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